Young Love

By: Hakai

genre: romance, humor… if you know me, I always have humor ; at least a little XD
warnings: mild spoilers, and mild implied shounen-ai, you've been warned
Beta-tester: none… so forgive any typos...
disclaimer: I, Hakai, don't own these characters. Beware bad writing skills!

btw, if you hate the pairing, please no flames. I can like what I like and you can like what you like… besides… I support almost every pairing possible in Bleach ; There's so many characters, that's why. l0l

A/N: first bleach fic… haven't even written fanfiction in… ages oO. Forgive me. But I feel the need to pay tribute to my fandom(s) Oh, and by the way, I don't remember what they all addressed each other as, so I've kind of made it up as I went along


It wasn't uncommon for Renji to spot Matsumoto Rangiku drinking sake in the lounge. It wasn't even unusual to see her drinking bottleafter bottle of the warm liquid. However, Renji reflected, it was exceptionally rare to see the vice-captain practically "drowning herself" in sake. Honestly, the man had always thought of his colleague as a happy, carefree person.

"Everythin' alright?" Abarai Renji dared to ask as he took a seat next to the already flushed Matsumoto.

"Renji-kun!" Matsumoto slurred with an obvious fake cheer to her voice. "Everything's alright."

"If y'insist…" the shinigami said getting up to leave the poor blond alone.

"Except--!" Matsumoto began, grabbing onto Renji's sleeve and forcing the man to sit back down. "Except for stupid captains!" She said practically spitting out the last word.

"Huh? Did Hitsugaya-taichou have ya work late or somethin'?" Abarai asked confusedly, because really, it was usually the kid who ended up doing most of the work.

"That stupid guy can't seem to remember me!" She whined. "My birthday's coming up and I wanted to…to do something with him. But he's just soo busy that I can't tell him anything!" Matsumoto ranted downing yet another bottle of sake.

Ah, thought Renji. She must be talkin' about Icimaru… I guess she has a right to be upset then… "Cheer up!" Renji declared pouring himself a cup of sake from one of her bottles. "I know exactly how y'feel!"

"You do…?" She asked slumping over the table.

"Yeah! Byakuya-taichou's the same way." Renji explained taking a slow sip. He stuck out his tongue. He'd never really cared for the taste of sake much. "Whenever I finally build up the courage t'say anythin' to him he's always busy."

"You and… Byakuya-taichou?"

Renji coughed and altered his voice slightly. "Not now, Abarai, I'm busy… If you'll excuse me, Abarai, I need to angst over my dead wife and then proceed to wash my hair for the fourth time today, then I need to have my nails done, and…"

Matsumoto couldn't help but laugh. It was the most interesting cross between Byakuya and a high school girl she'd over heard. Not to mention the first!

Everyone in the lounge didn't seem to notice the two guffawing vice-captains. Honestly, it wasn't that odd a site. Abarai and Matsumoto practically rolling on the floor with laughter was an every day thing. Now, if it had been Aizen trying to hold in his innards in fear that they would escape him along with the next series of breathless laughter then yes, maybe the ought to worry. But as it were, it was just another day.

"Thanks Renji," Matsumoto said wiping a tear from her eye. "You really cheered me up."

"No prob." He replied with a wide grin. "But I really think y'should confess to him as soon as possible. It'd be better for the both of you."

"Yeah, I think I will." She said getting up. "Good luck too, Renji."

"Yeah…" Renji blushed glancing around the now empty lounge.

"You had better make you confession to Byakuya-taichou too," Rangiku said with her hand on the sliding door. "...if I tell Hitsugaya-taichou."

"Yeah…" He sighed and scratched the back of his neck before it finally clicked. "Wait… WHO? Rangiku…!" He called out too late. She was alreadygone.

"Heh" Abarai couldn't help but chuckle as he lay back down with his hands clasped behind his head. "I s'pose I shouldn't assume anythin'anymore…"


A/N: So what d'you think? Anyway, I like RenjixRukia better then with Byakuya, but this served a better purpose, doncha think? ;

could be a one-shot or a multi-chapter… I'm thinking about it, in the meantime, tell me your thoughts on this... XD