Young Love

By: Hakai

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"Don't cry, Hinamori." Hitsugaya said a little more harshly then he had intended.

"B-but… but…" Momo stuttered out unable to hold back the heavy flow of tears any longer. It just wasn't fair. It wasn't!

Hitsugaya sighed as he began to wipe away his friend's tears with his sleeve. "Please don't cry." He said again, this time much gentler.

"B-but--" Hinamori stammered. "Why did you have to pull this on my now?"

"You asked." He informed her bluntly glad that no passerby had borne witness to Momo's tears. He would have instantly been labeled as the culprit, though it was half true.

"I-I did." she choked out. "But…I wasn't expecting you to decline me." Why now. After Aizen's betrayal her only comfort had been in the reassurance that her childhood friend would always be there for her. The truth was the truth.

"I'm honestly sorry that I can't care for you the way you want me too." Hitsugaya explained again as he crossed his arms into his sleeves. "Truth be told, I had a small crush on you when we were younger. But that was well before we became Shinigamis."

"First Aizen…a-and then you!" Momo cried on the verge of another breakdown. "Why doesn't anyone care about me…?"

Tentatively Hitsugaya wrapped his arms around the older girl. "Momo-chan…you'll always be my best friend. If you ever need anything, I'm here." He reassured her as her tears began to reside and turn into small hiccups. "I don't want anyone to hurt you. Ever." He said pulling away from the embrace. "So I'm really sorry that I did…"

Hinamori shook her head. "No. I was being selfish. I just thought that Shiro-chan's feelings would always stay the same. But you've matured. And I'm proud of you." She said smiling.

"Er…thanks…I guess." Toushiro blushing a little.

She giggled. Sometimes, the child-prodigy was a child after all. "Shiro-chan, if you don't mind my asking. Who is it you have… feelings for now..?"

This time his whole face became red and Hinamori couldn't help but laugh to herself. But the blush was gone in an instant and Hitsugaya's lips widened into a smirk. "If you know me so well, Hinamori, you should know."

"That's not fair!"

He snorted. "Well, if that's all, I'll be heading back to 10th division. There's paper work to be done. Take care!" He called back before quickly flitting away.

"Always so eager to do your paper work, Shiro-chan. One begins to wonder if that is the only interest in 10th division that keeps you in the office so often." Hinamori giggled dismissing her own musings as she cheerily made to find a couple more childhood friends from her school days.


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