CHAPTER 1: Sakura

Sakura's POV:

I walked towards a clearing. I sat by a river and said.

"I loved him with all my heart. He doesn't understand how much I love him, and he never will. I won't say it anymore. I'm tired of the rejections. My heart breaks when he rejects me. It breaks even more to learn my love will never reach him. He has closed his heart from everyone...even from me. He had sealed his real self inside a cage with no key. I thought that by giving him my love, it would help ease the pain he feels. I know that he will never love me, but still I wait for him. Maybe in time he will learn how to love, learn to open up. I don't care if I see him with someone else. I don't care if that someone else is beside him. His happiness to give is my happiness to keep, but his love to give, will never be mine to have, now all I can do is weep. I gave him everything, but he rejected every one of them. Now I have finally decided. I would forget him. Forget everything that happened between us. Our relationship as friends, the friendship I've longed to have and now that I have, but if friends are all we can be...then I don't want it anymore. Tomorrow, Tomorrow I will start over. I will forget him...totally. Mother please guide me forget this pain...I will start over...