Dear Readers,

It is in my sincere apologies for not updating any of my stories for months (or years). For I have lost interest in writing many of the stories I posted; during the past year, I have been doing a lot of thinking and I came to one conclusion. I am leaving this account, though, do not fear, I will still be around, in my new account: Lynette Meyer.

During the past year, I have battled teenage depression, insomnia and a mild case of tourettes. I was given virtually no time to update my stories because of the stress high school having placed on me. This year, I will be doing my School Certificate – for those who do not know what that is, it is like OWLS in Harry Potter.

I have lost interest in many of my stories – mainly Soul Tamers; I was rereading them last night and noticed the decline in passion as the chapters went on. I was embarrassed to read my previous stories and to dwell on how childish my stories had seemed. I had seemed so immature and illiterate and could not bear to touch the stories again. Though, I am satisfied with Embrassez Moi and will continue to publish it in my new account. I may or may not post Soul Tamers in my new account, but it would be heavily edited (or even with a new title). I will continue Izulde Academy but it will be very heavily edited (as I am very disappointed in myself at the magic) and it will be under a new title (though I do not know what to call it yet). I may continue Rediscovering Our Memories and will post an edited version of Missing You Always in my new account.

For those who waited months for my stories, I will definitely be more active, more passionate, more professional in my new account as I am abandoning Wishinstahhz. There are things in this account that sadden me, I confess, there were things in that account of which I had lied about, and the somewhat unoriginal storylines of my story. Even my username resembles someone else's, but mostly I lied about being two people in this account when all along, I was alone. I first entered the world of fanfiction under the guise of a guy and later added a female counterpart, when all along, I was just plain Lynette Meyer.

With me leaving this account, I am leaving behind my childish ambitions and releasing myself from the guilt and pain I went through during the past 3 years.

In the past three years, this account had went through many changes, many usernames, from Akito Minamoto to Dark Magician Sage, Dark Magician & Holy Mage, Gamemaster & Wishinstahhz, and finally to Wishinstahhz.

As I reflect on my past, I think of all the lies I told, the happy face I tried to put up, the false façade I created and how fake I became. But I must clarify that I will be entirely honest in my new account.

The concepts of ideas in my summary for my future stories may or may not be used in the future remains a decision I am making. I now find my original ideas stupid and childish. Any concept of my characters that I make up makes me cringe from the mary-sueness in my stories. A perfect, cold-hearted bitch, who falls in love with a loving, blond rockstar who seems to understand her in EVERY way. I cringed at how I made them inhuman, I made them as perfect as I could when normal human beings should have many flaws, I made them smart, beautiful, athletic, talented when in reality, not many people could do things they can.

In the past year, I have done a lot of thinking. I changed, I began to know the hardships of life, it have made me bitter (or realistic), therefore, my writing will be under a new genre, they will not be superhero-like anymore. I have been brought back down to reality by spending some time on Gaia, where I was surrounded by literate, sarcastic people, who I have learnt off of.

As my last request in this account, please do not think I am running away, I am letting myself go and striving for what's best for me. Please come to my new account in read the MORE polished ideas of Lynette Meyer – this account will be left alone, whether the stories stay or not depends on the admins.

Yours Sincerely,

Lynette Meyer