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"Denver took off her shoes and steped into the water with her."-Toni Morrison's Beloved

Raphael staggered back to the lair dirty and bruised. He had just gotten out of a fight with one of the local gangs. But this fight wasn't fair, it was the two he had come across against twelve other big thugs. Raph hated losing.

"Hey, bro what's wrong?" Mike asked as he stumbled into the couch. He was so beat up that he fell over the couch.

"Oh My GOD! Raph, hey, you're gonna be ok, just hang in there." Mikey panicked as he tried to help his brother. "Uh, GUYS!" He yelled, trying to attract his other brother's attention, "GUYS!"

"What is it Mikey?" Donatello questioned from his room.

"You break the microwave again?" Leo joked, not looking up from what he was doing.

"Guys this isn't funny! Raph doesn't normally pass out like this does he?"

"What?" The two other turtles question as they rush over.

"What happened?" Leo asked as he tries to fan his brother back to life.

"I don't know, he just came in, bumped into the couch, and passed out."

When Raph came to he had his whole family standing over him. He was glad to be lying on his back having his sensei talk to him.

"What has happened my son?" Splinter asked.

"I guess I have to explain it to you guys, huh?" Raph was barely able to get out.

"So, they saw you?" Leo said

"Yes, they saw me." Raphael had a crushed look on his face. After they had revived him back to life he told them about Angela and Drake. They were a very close brother and sister who lived in a bad part of town. Drake was an informant for the cops. The gang he was informing on found out and decided to kill him. That's where Raph came in. They had met about a month before this incident. Angela was getting harassed by an opposing gang. He helped her, in the process she saw him. Somehow she wasn't scared. And that was good, because he had gotten hurt in that incident as well. He suggested that he could just go over to Casy's house untill he got some rest, and she told him that she knew Casey since she was a young child. That won Raph over. They got to know each other and eventually he was introduced to Drake.

"Why did you not tell of this before, Raphael?" Splinter asked.

"Because I knew you guys would be freaked out that someone knew about us. At first I was scared too but they're both really nice. Well, Drake was a nice person. Angela is nice too. She's just extremely stubborn. Drake used to joke that we both shared a brain, we were so alike."

"If Drake was shot and killed why didn't she come back down here with you?" Donatello asked. "Do they know about us?"

"Yes, she knows about you guys. But she refused to leave his side. Someone called the cops, when I heard the sirens I split. The rest of the gang ran off too."

"Aren't you worried about her?" Mikey asked.

"Of COURSE I'm worried about her," Raphael blurted out, "She can't take this; he was all she had. When I saw them together I was reminded of us. I know they would love each other no matter what."

"How old is she?" Master Splinter asked.

"Fifteen just like us. Drake was nineteen. He was taken care of her all by himself since he was seventeen. They came from a troubled home. So he was watchin' after her since before that, but that's how long they've been on their own. She even runs her own web thing, she can live on her own. I'm not so sure she wants to though."

"Why don't we go see for ourselves how she is," Leo suggested.

"Lets wait just a little while," Raph suggested,"she just lost her brother."

Two weeks later...
"Are you sure you wanna meet the guys?" Raph asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Angela assured him.

"OK. I'll call them and April and tell them we're coming over," Raph pulled out his shell cell. "The guys are at the junkyard training. Master Splinter let me take time off today to come and see you." And all it took was two hours of personal training time with him. Raph thought, I'm sore all over, but it was worth it.

"Thank you." Angela looked at the ground.

"For what?" Raphael asked, worried that he had accidentally said something out loud.

"I know training is important to you. Thank you for taking time out of time out of it to spend time with me. You didn't have to, you know. You come over here often enough as it is."

"I know, but me coming over here before, I always got distracted by Casey. He has a date tonight, right?" She nodded, " I want to spend some time with just you. Training isn't as important as you are, Angie."

There was a moment of silence as they looked into each other's eyes. Angie started blushing, Raphael looked down. Then there was a thump at the window. They both jumped and looked at the source of the sound outside of the window; an orange mask stared back at them, waving with a silly grin on his face.

"Mikey! Jesus! You scared me half to death," Raph started yelling at him when he opened the door to let him in. "What are you doin' here? I told you to meet at April's."

"I know, but April called us, she has a date tonight, she wouldn't say with who. The guys are on their way, I raced them here and won by a mile!" Mikey was talking extremely fast and was jumping up and down.

"Are you on a sugar rush?" Angie asked.

"No," Raph said, "He's always like this. Wait, April has a date?"

"Yeah. Hey, where's Casey?" Mikey asked, looking out the window for his other brothers.

"He has a date tonight."

"Really?" Donatello and Leonardo asked suspiciously as they came leisurly came in.

"It's not all that odd is it?" Angela asked, "People go out on dates in New York every night. Just because they're both out doesn't mean they're together."

"You haven't known them as long as we have." Mikey said, "To us this is extremely suspicious."

"Well, no, she's right you guys," Don said, climbing in, "They could be across town from each other for all we know."

"Yeah, yeah." The others mumbled

"You're Angela, right?" Leo extended his arm out to greet her. She took his hand, thinking she was in for a big handshake but he brought it up to his beak and kissed it. There was an enraged look on Raph's face that no one seemed to notice. They were all enthralled with Angela.

"Hey Raph, you didn't tell us she was pretty." Donatello said said, looking straight at the blushing girl.

"Yeah, I'd use a pick up line if I wasn't a turtle." Mike said.

"Leave her alone." Raph said.

"How do you like living at Casey's?" Leo asked.

"It's kinda cool, I've never been in an apartment as nice as his."

Nice, she thinks his place is nice, that's sad, Raph thought as he looked around at Casey's apartment. It had chipping paint, torn up worn out carpeting, and there was a chip in the counters in the kitchen, which was half a foot from the living room where they were standing.

Two hours and three large cheese pizzas later the boys headed out the door.

"Hey, don't forget to e-mail me that new program idea," Donnie called to Angela, then he said to Raph, "I had no idea she liked computers so much. Who knew that a drop-out with a GED could be so smart."

"Excuse me," Raph said, "Have you ever been to school?"

"Oh, no…Good point, sorry."

"You guys go on ahead," Raph told everyone, "I'll catch up a little later."

"OK, don't stay out too late Raph, we have early training tomorrow with Master Splinter, don't forget."

"I wont. Don't worry, 'Mr. 'fearless-leader'," Raph called out as his brothers walk down the street in a row. As his brothers walk down the street, he turns to her.

"Angie, thank you so much for letting us come over here."

"Oh, it was no problem. I haven't had so much entertainment in a long time," She flopped down on the couch.

"How ya doin'? Holdin' up ok?" She nodded, sitting up. "I know it's hard. You know I'm here for you, you can tell me anything. And Casey is here too. He wont let anything happen to you."

"I'm just so scared," He sat down next to her and she put her head on his shoulder while he put his arm around her, "What if they find out where I am? What if they come after me? I don't want to be here if they come after me, they might hurt Casey too."

"That's not going to happen, the police have a few of them behind bars. After you spoke at their trail, I don't think that they are getting out any time soon."

"You don't understand, they have people on the outside who could kill me, not everyone was picked up."

"Don't worry about it," Raph sighed. "I'll keep you safe, don't worry."