Breaking up

James Potter was sitting in the common room reading a book on Quidditch techniques but he wasn't concentrating on it, he had his arms around his girlfriend Lily Evans. For over two years he had adored Lily but she hadn't wanted anything to do with him, she had thought he was an arrogant prick, but over the summer he had matured a lot, and 3 weeks ago Lily had told him she had feelings for him.

James had now completely abandoned trying to read the book, now he was just looking at Lily. She was reading some sort of charms book. He took in every detail of her, her gorgeous emerald eyes, her long dark eyelashes, how her red wavy hair was tucked behind her delicate ear. Suddenly Lily felt his eyes on her and looked up at him.

"What cha doin?" she asked playfully

"Just looking at the most beautiful girl in world"

Lily sat up and started to look around.

"Really where is she?"

James laughed and pulled her back in close to him, "You silly as well you know, you're just fishing for compliments"

"I am not" said Lily, "although if you did want to flatter me I guess it would be rude of me to stop you"

"Well I could tell you that you have the most incredible eyes and that you're the smartest, prettiest girl I've ever seen, but I'm not going to cause I don't want you to get a big head" said James

"awwwww spoilsport" said Lily as she snuggled her head in closer to James' chest and continued to read her book.

Ten minutes later Lily closed her book and started to get up,

"Hey where are you going?" asked James

"I need to go to the library to get a book for potions tomorrow"

"aww do you have to? Just stay here" moaned James

"I wish I could but if I don't get this book I won't know what to do tomorrow in potions and since you're my partner and you haven't read it either we'd both be lost"

"Fine go get it and I'll read it with you" said James reluctantly

"Really you're actually volunteering to do extra work" said Lily slightly surprised.

"If it meant I could spend an extra hour with you, I'd do everyone's homework"

Lily laughed and said, "Well before I can go, you need to let go of me"

James looked down and noticed his arms was still round her waist preventing her from getting up. He released her.

"Don't be too long. I'll keep my lap warm for you"

"You better" laughed Lily

James watched as Lily got up and left the room and then he got up and left the room and then he got one of the chairs at one of the tables.

As he did Bella McLaggen, who had fancied James for months whispered to her friend.

"Right that's Lily gone, it's time to make my move"

Lily was looking through the rows of books, singing to herself. 'I can't ever remember being this happy, James has grown up so much' thought Lily 'I've totally fallen in love with him, I miss him right now, even though I just left him a minute ago. I'm gonna tell him I love him when I get back' and then she rushed back to the common room to see James.

When she entered the common room, she gasped she saw Bella on James lap with her fingers running through James' hair.

James spotted Lily and then he realised what she would think and he jumped up and walked over to her. She couldn't move she was rooted to the spot.

"Lily, it's not what it looks like. Let me explain" pleaded James, who was looking into Lily's eyes and saw hurt quickly be replaced by anger.

"Don't bother I should have known you could never stick to one girl" said Lily coldly "Once and asshole, always an asshole"

"Lily no it's not true, I only want to be with you please believe me"

Lily just shook her head and then walked up to her dormitory, all James could do was watch helplessly. When she had disappeared from view, James sank into the nearest chair and put his head in his hands.

A few minutes later James' best friend Sirius Black went over to him.

"You idiot. You obsess over her for 2 years and when you finally get her, you cheat on her, and not even discreetly" said Sirius

"I didn't cheat" said James miserably

"That's not how it looked mate"

"I know"

"What happened?"

"I was waiting for Lily to come back and then Bella came up to ask me for help with transfiguration and the next thing I know she is on my lap and telling me I should do something different with my hair and then Lily …"

"Oh mate you should have known, Bella's been after you for ages"

"I didn't think and now I've lost Lily she's never gonna speak to me again" said James.

Sirius seeing how devastated James was, tried to cheer him up.

"Oh well Bella's pretty fit and news will soon get out that you're back on the market, you'll be fighting the girls off with a stick."

"You don't get it I don't want any other girl" said James and then he whispered, "Sirius I love her"

"Oh shit, seriously"

James nodded his head miserably "I'm goin to bed"