Lily makes up her mind

James was sitting in potions, looking miserable, Lily hadn't gone to breakfast and now she was late for potions.

'It's obvious she regrets what happened, now I've lost her for good'

He heard someone come into the dungeon, he turned round expecting to see Professor Slughorn but it was Lily, he jumped up not knowing what to expect. Was she going to slap him, yell at him or ignore him?

Lily walked up to James and put her hands on the back of his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

A few minutes later they grudgingly pulled apart aware that the entire class were watching them.

"Did you all get a good look" said Lily to everyone the she said directly to Bella, "what about you? Did you get a good look?"

When Bella didn't respond Lily continued, "if you ever go near him again, I'll do more than throw you down a flight of stairs"

Just then Professor Slughorn came in and started the lesson. As Professor Slughorn was writing instructions on the board, James whispered to Lily.

"Pssst, what made you change your mind?"

"Sirius he made me realise that I had to make up my mind once and for all"

"Oh so..."

"I'm sorry about how I acted last night I was just so afraid"

"Afraid of what? Me?"

"No, the way I feel about you I love you so much I just couldn't bear to lose you"

James forgetting where he was leaned in and kissed Lily.

"Mr Potter, Ms Evans, do you think you could drag yourselves away from one another long enough to copy down these notes" said Professor Slughorn

James and Lily pulled away from each other.

"I suppose so, but only because it's you" grinned James

"Honestly I expect this sort of behaviour from you Mr Potter but Miss Evans I expect better from you" said Professor Slughorn

"Sorry, sir" said Lily blushing.