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Doing the Right Thing

By: Sarah Shima

Epilogue 4:

Slade Wilson walked haughtily into a disguised compound in Jump City. Once passing through the warehouse outer-structure he was greeted by his right-hand man Wintergreen. The elderly gentleman smiled congenially at Slade, though his eyes revealed his surprise and relief.

"Slade, you have returned safely," he said.

"Not without considerable trouble though," Slade explained. "Change of orders Wintergreen, I want to pack up this facility and move out. We're leaving Jump City."

"But sir, what of the machine? Did you succeed in retrieving the chemicals in order for it to work?" Wintergreen questioned.

"I almost did a week ago. However, on my way here I took the liberty of snatching them from that sorry excuse for a lab," Slade laughed, proffering the box of vials from his belt and handing them to Wintergreen.

"Excellent! Now it will be fully functional."

"Wintergreen… I already told you, we're packing up this place and leaving," Slade said harshly.

"We cannot just leave the machine out; all those months of work…" Wintergreen shook his head, remembering Slade's insistence that the machine be finished quickly and efficiently. It was not like him to suddenly change plans in this manner.

"No… I want you to see to it that it is secured before we leave." Slade walked past Wintergreen and further into the complex. The older man followed him as he made towards a giant, cylindrical device which looked all-too familiar to Slade now.

"So you won't be using this to rid yourself of those Titans pests then?" Wintergreen questioned.

Slade walked up the device, putting a hand against it and remembering with a slight smile the conversation in the other Jump City.

"What exactly were you doing in that lab Slade? What were you stealing?" Robin asked.

"I was stealing chemicals, the same ones that run the machine we activated."

He then turned back to Wintergreen, a twisted grinon his usually stoic face.

"Not yet."

Epilogue 5:

Rubble lay untouched in what had been seen by some as a vacant lot, and others as an underground base full of unimaginable terrors. The grand explosion and subsequent implosion had rocked the neighboring areas, but most were too frightened by the appearance of various known members of the League of Assassins to go near the place.

Inquisitiveness could get a person killed.

That was why no one saw the burst of brilliantly red flame that rose from beneath the debris, accompanied by an unearthly and horrifying scream of true agony and madness. The ground shook, reverberating in a set rhythm familiar to it, and the flames danced for a few moments longer before settling down into their natural home.

The dust came to rest once more, as if nothing had happened at all. But something had.

Suddenly a hand shot up through the rock and stone, disturbing the debris and casting them aside. The fingers flexed and stretched as they finally reached air, and then began working on unearthing the body they were connected to.

He had risen again.

The End

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