The past. The summer before senior year.

The Fission Instuatute of Higher Learning stood tall amongst the low leaffy trees. A birght beacon that drew even brighter students into it's welcomeing arms. Very little marbel could be seen as most of it's sides gleamed with the rising sun, in thanks mostly to the sheer glass windows. It resembeled more of a skyscraper then a place of learning... Not that that was of any importance at this time.

For it was the first day of school. Or rather, the first day of a spechial school of learning for people that were just a tad abuve the rest. But only a tad. Or a hair, or even a smidgen.

But only just.

And so Kenneth, or as he prefeared Ken, was there. Soly because of a fluke. His grades were terrable. He never did his homework. He was a social outcast and hated in at least 5 diffrent school systems. H trubelmaker by nature and shyer then a shadow at high noon. There was no justifiable reasion for him to be there. That is, if you over looked his amazing test scores, the bain of his exsistance.

So here he was, at the threshold of quite possably the worst day of his life. He had already droped his books twice, lost his pen no less then five times, and was it mentioned that he was never sent a schedual? He hadn't even entered the building and he was already wishing for the day to be over. Alas he knew that his wish couldn't be granted, even if it could the fairy offering the wish would brobably be sadistic and make the day last longer.

But let us not be cynical, for that was Ken's job and he does a far better job at it then we ever could.

"Window cleaners must make a killing..." He mumbeled as he slowly slouched his way into the building. He was late. not purposly, but he doughted that it hardly mattered. As he passed thru the large doors he glanced around to see if anyone was there. He needed to find the princables office. For a legitamate reasion, and not because he was in truble. For once.

Finding no one, he looked around for a school map. Finding none, as the student's must be so smart that they need not the tools of man, he desided to parouse the halls untill he found someone to help him. He ended up on the fith floor faceing the other side of the building. Aperntly it was in a box-ish shape with a few suspended walkways passing thru the center. Very intresting but not what he needed.

Thirty minuets later he found a map, in the princables office. Things were starting to look up.

Dealing with the ofice personla had been less then exstrodanary. They gave him the same 'you are lower then scum and shouldn't be here' look and promptly scooted him out of the office. He had gotten each of their names and was going to see if he could cause them some trubel later. Preferably in the leagel sence.

Apon getting his scedual and a copy of the school map, he was escorted to his first class. Which was already in session.

"Class, it seems we have a late antendee. This is Kenneth Larner." The teacher, a Professor Bagden says as he roughly shoves Ken forward by the shoulder, letting go only after Ken brushes his hand off his shoulder. "Kenneth here seems to think that he can get away with missing the test you are all dillagently working on. But as he shall see, he is sorrly mistaken."

Ken is then escorted by the professor to a seat near the back but with a window to his left.

"This will be you seat. Here is your test. You may use a pen or pensil, I sugest pensil. Sit down and finish it before the class ends. You will then put it on my desk." The class sniggers at this. Because unlike the rest of the primp and proper class, Ken was dress in a gothic grunge style. But he was used to this sort of treatment. So sitting down, he took out a pen. The teacher merly gave him the 'look' and walked back to the head of the class. Clicking his pen, he began to jot down his answers.

It didn't take him long, only 30 minets, before he had finished it. With another deft click of his pen, he organizes the test papers and then slowly walked to the head of the class.

"Mm? Yes? What is it?" Bagden says as he looks up. "Oh it's you. What? Is the test too hard? Or do you think you need more time? Well what is it?" Ken hands him the test.

"I'm finished." Bagden just looks at him, almost as if he had spoken another language.

"I'm sorry?"

"I'm finished." Ken says again before turning around and heading back to his seat. Fully aware that most of the class had taken a brief glance at him. They were probably chalking him off as the biggest mistake the school had yet to make. Not realy careing about what everyone else thought of him, he tried to shrug off the look the last student was giveing him.

The kid, guy, was sitting next to him. the only one in the class to actuly take the time to watch him walk back to his seat, sit down, take out the second part of the Hitchhikers Guid trillogy and start reading it. Ken was only just a little creeped out by that. The guy didn't stop untill Ken glanced over at him from over the top of his book. Ken hadn't taken a good look at him when he had entered.

But he was now.

At a quick glance the guy was your typical cookie cuter high school jock. The type that only dated the prettiest and most popular of the cheerleaders. Close cut, well groomed brown hair. A 'posh' dark green sweater vest. A perficatly ironed collered white shirt under neath. He pprobably had it ironed it that morning. Hell, you could still see the creeses from the iron in his kahki pants. Even his shoes were... Dingdy white nike cross trainers?

Turning a little to get a closser look at the guy, Ken knowticed that he wasn't quite as cut out as he had first thought. His hair had a slite spike to it, with frosted tips. A chain wallet with a very short chain. One of thoughs silver metal ball chains around his neak and realy nice brown eyes, that you could get lost in.

Ken blinked.

Realizing that he had been caught blatently staring, ken blinked again before he jerked his attention back to his book. He heard the guy softly chuckle under his breath as Ken leand forward enugh that his long hair fell into his face. Hiding his embaressment from the world.

This was going to be intresting, of all the places to sit Ken had been stuck with his opposit. Considering that he had even dressed as close to normal as he could, that was saying alot.

Like the other guy, Ken had on a sweater vest with the coller of the white pressed under shirt sticking out. Unlike him, his sweater was almost knea lenth and black. He had a dark grey tie on. His black dress pants were very baggy, to the point that they covered his black steeltoed boots. His wallet also had a chain, two in fact, and they were set up to make one short loop and on long one. A spiked writ band on his left wrist and a few cheep black rubber bangels on his right. All of this topped of with his past shoulder lenth hair hanging loose. covering not only his face and hiding his grey eyes, but also hiding his pirced ears.

Yup, polar opposits. Ken thought as he played with his toung ring. As he was idely wondering how long it would take him to get kicked out of the school, a small pice of paper nonchalantly landed in his book and slid down into his lap. Not being one to pass up curiosity, Ken opened the note and began to read the smooth cursive.


Welcome to the most boring part of your life.

Lunch is at 12:30-2:00 for everyone. You can eat anyware

on the school grounds. If you tie your hair back in a loose

ponytail you wont get harrased by the local brown nosers.

Not to mention it will show off your eyes.

Btw, I'm John."

As Ken brush some of his hair behind one ear as he smirked lightly. Maby this place wouldn't be so bad after all.


AN: ok, this is the best char orgin i can come up with. and i happen to realy like it. yes, there will probably be more to it at a later point. but for now I'm going to bask in the feeling of actuly steeing out and finishing this in short order. much thanks to LT and Cy for their curiosity. this will eventualy blend in with my crak story of doom. hey, i guess i found my little melding point for that story and the one that comes before this one.

it would go like this:

orgin story for the guys. tentavly caled 'chance encounters'

this one, it needs a title.

then the bigger one, tentivly called 'a beging or sorts'

i'm thinking i need better titles. x.X

a real short break down of the older Ken...

name: Kenneth Aaron Larner

age cannon : 24

hight: 6' 6"

build: that of a very lean backetball player.

peircings: ears one in each. one 12 gauge and the other 2 gauge with a see thru plug. also toung, nipples, possably others.

eyes: steel Grey

hair: dark brown

hybred: great white, dolphin yet un identified, minor clidsdale.

birthday: oct 31

major: forensic science

ocupation: Body pericest

Pro's: Sings, plays guitar, inteligant, studies martial arts, has manners, is curtious, Egel Scout.

Cons: is a smart ass. stubron, loner. is a tramp, but not a slut. well, not that he admits to.