I'd like to say the our first kiss was

Passionate , moving

A warm embrace filled with adoration

As the sun set behind us

What a lovely fantasy that had been...

Hell, I'd even be happy if the kiss had been intentional

Awkward but purposeful

A meeting of lips so delicate and naïve

Arms loosely linked , fingers entwined.

I'd like to say that our first kiss

Enchanting , mesmerizing

Or bashful and subdued

…that could work.

Anything but the stumbling of my feet

As I tripped over Beast Boys game controller

Anything but crunch I heard as I landed on the boy wonder

And our lips smashed together

Anything but the "oops sorry" afterwards

(Cue the incessantness blushing

And embarrassed psycho babble )

I'd like to say that our first kiss was really

A first kiss.

…..I like to dream

AN : and i'd like to say that i spent alot of time and effort on that one shot but then i'd be lying , So behold the 2 minuit one shot i thought of while in a dayquill induced stupor .