Could you.

If you hat to choose out of the two most important people in you life in a split second what would you do. Would you know ho to save first would you no how. Could you reach down and gab that person and look the other in the aye and tell them that there goner be ok knowing that they know that you know it's a lie and then still have the strength to pull one of them up as you hold on to them making shore they can't see you watch the other fall. Knowing that life will never be the same again. Then could you live the rest of yore life wondering whether you could have saved them both. Then when the time comes are you ready to see that person again and Ask did I make the right decision. Are you ready for the lips that press against yours and whisper yes You let ore daughter live and have a life as you did with me Then could you whisper back I love you sow much Kim.