A/N: A short drabble involving Sakura and Kakashi. One-shot.

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:"Maybe Someday":

Sakura leaned against the doorjamb as she watched her teacher sleep. It had been three years since she had become Kakashi's student. Naruto and Sasuke had left for an assignment, so she and Kakashi were all alone.

She smiled at the thoughts those words could bring up. All alone… she thought. Her yes took on a dreamy cast as Kakashi shifted in his sleep. His mask and headband, which he wore almost all the time, lay on the bedside table, next to a stack of the romance novels he liked so much.

"Kakashi…" she whispered, the words shifting through the air like a breeze.

"Yes, Sakura?"

She jumped, before laughing at her own foolishness. Of course an elite ninja would know the moment someone came into their room.

Kakashi sat up on the bed, spiky silver hair ruffled even more form sleep. His eyes, both the normal one and the shirai, watched her. "Did you need something, Sakura?"

Ignoring the little flutter her heart gave- Yes, I need you.- she shook her head. "No… I just couldn't sleep." Sakura couldn't help her eyes tracing the lines of his face. Usually covered by his mask and headband, he had a very handsome face. Dressed in only a pair of loose pants, she could also see that he had a very handsome body, lean and muscled from years of rigorous training. Sakura blushed as she saw his eyes notice where she was looking.

"You should try and get some rest. You will need your strength tomorrow." He said in that smooth, quiet voice of his. "Unless there is something on your mind?"

Yes, you. Always you.

She shook her head, pink hair falling into her eyes.

"No, nothing… I think I'll try and sleep. Good night."

"Goodnight, Sakura."

As she left the room, she spared one glance back. Kakashi had lain back down, the moonlight glowing on his skin and hair. How I wish I could tell you. But it's not the time.

"Maybe someday…" she whispered as she slid into her own bed, heart aching to be sliding into a different one, with a different person beside her.

Maybe someday…

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