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Looking At Things In A New Perspective

Two Months Ago

"Hey! There's Miyuki! Let's go say hi!" Netto said as he, Laika, and Enzan were passing. "We don't have time, Hikari." Laika snapped. "But pleaasee? I'll make it fast!" He whined. Enzan just snorted. He knew that when Netto was determined, there was no getting out of it. He smirked in a slight sadistic glee at seeing the stubborn brunette torture someone other then him. The two argued for a few more minutes until Laika gave in with a growl and a 'Whatever'. With a small cheer, he dragged the two over towards the Star Gazer's shop. Upon entering, Miyuki appeared almost instantly with a slightly errie smile. "Hello, Netto, Enzan, Laika. I've been expecting you." She said in her mysterious voice. Netto smiled. "Hello, Miyuki. We were just passing and I wondered if you could tell me if something might happen soon."

"Hmmm..." Miyuki stared down at her crystal ball before the turned and walked back into the back room, and Netto followed. Enzan and Laika exchanged looks for a moment before walking after the brunette. Netto took a seat in the chair at the table opposite of Miyuki. "Hmmm..." Her eyes opened, looking rather glossy-like. "Ah. Something will happen. In two month's time, you three will have an out of body experiance that will change your views of things." She said quietly.

Enzan and Laika exchanged looks and snorted. They both thought it was a waste of time and didn't believe a word of it. Netto, however, listened and took what she said into mind. "I see a hawk, a sign of danger. Something will happen during this time, a sacrifice will be made." Her eyes drifted towards the two teenagers standing in the door. "Things will change, and new bonds will form. A test of mind, strength, and will shall be upon you all. Boundaries will be stretched thin, and lines between things will blur."

The mood had changed from heavy back to light in an instant and Miyuki's eyes closed then snapped open, now clear. It was as if she had awoken from a dream. She stood up, looking weary. "You must go now. Or you will be late." Was all she said. Netto stood up and smiled, thanking the Star Gazer and turned, walking out of the room with Laika and Enzan following. "What a waste of time." Laika muttered. Enzan said nothing, though he silently agreed. Netto smiled brightly. Miyuki's words had slightly worried him, even bothered, maybe. But for the moment, he wouldn't worry about it. She had said two months, so there was still time left until then.

Present Time
"Netto-kun!" Rockman said from his PET. "Huh? What?" He said, looking sleepily up from his Math book. It had been two months and he had forgotten all about Miyuki's prediction. Things had been hectic and busy. With school and his NetSavior duties, his world was practically chaos. "Netto-kun, perhaps you should go to bed. You can finish it on the way to school tomorrow." Rock suggested. Netto yawned loudly, stretching his arms out. "Okay," He agreed. Standing up, he changed into his pajamas and crawled into his bed, flicked the lights out and lied there for a few moments. "I wonder how Laika is." He said sleepily.

Rock blinked. "Why?" He asked. Netto shrugged and he rolled onto his side. "It's been a while since we've seen or heard from him. I do worry about him, you know. Just like I worry about Enzan." He mumbled sleepily. "Yeah and if you keep worrying, at this rate you'll be gray before you even graduate college!" He said teasingly. Netto let out a tired snort. "Who knows... But I can't help it. They're my friends and even though I know they can take care of themselves, it doesn't change the fact I care. I'll worry about them as long as I care." He said. "Aww, isn't that cute!" Rock squealed. Netto's face turned slightly pink "Shut up." He muttered.

Rock laughed good naturedly. "Well, goodnight, Netto-kun." Netto yawned. "Goodnight, Rockman." He muttered, rolling over onto his other side. Rock watched and smiled lightly. In a few moments, light snoring was heard, signifying the boy was asleep. "Things never change." He said quietly, before going into sleep mode, shutting all of his systems off except his monitoring one.

Outside, a star glinted from out of nowhere, and the sight of a comet flickered for a brief instant.


"You summoned me?"

"Yes, I believe it is time..."

"You mean-"


"I see... So I have your permission for the experiment?"

"Yes. You may begin Test One and we shall see how well our subjects handle it."

"As you wish."

Ijuuin Enzan's Home Office

"Enzan-sama, it's 00:00, don't you think it is time you stopped working?" Blues said from his PET. Pausing, Enzan looked up from his paperwork, a small frown on his face. "I wanted to get this paperwork done. I don't have much more." He said. Blues gave him a brief annoyed look. "You said that the last time and stayed up 'til 03:00." He informed dryly. A slightly embarassed look crossed the prodigy's face before it faded. "Well that had really needed to get done..." He excused. "Yeah, whatever you say, Enzan-sama. But I do think you should head to bed soon." The red-clad Navi said.

Enzan smirked. "I will. I promise. Give me twenty minutes and I'll stop." He said. Blues rolled his eyes behind his visor. "I'll be timing you. Now hurry up." He muttered. With another smirk, the dual-haired teen went back to working.


"Time's up, Enzan-sama." The teen looked up, yawning slightly. "Already?" He asked. Blues snorted. "Yes, Enzan-sama. Now go to bed." He commanded. Brief annoyance flickered on the boy's face before he rolled his eyes. "Yes, mother." He said sarcastically. "Sometimes I wonder if you're Netto." He mumbled as he picked up his PET and walked out of the office, turning the lights off and walking down the hall and up the stairs to his room. A got a brief chuckle from his Navi. And it was true, Netto was almost like a mother-hen, and Blues was hardly any better.

Setting the PET down in its charger, Enzan swiftly changed into his pajamas and climed into his bed. "...Huh?" Blinking tiredly, Enzan looked down at his hand. The mark on it was still there, bright and as bold as ever. "Enzan-sama?" Blues questioned. Enzan looked up and blinked again. "I could have sworn I saw the crest flicker..." He said. Blues sighed slightly. "Go to sleep, Enzan-sama. You're tired, it was probably because you're mind isn't focused enough." He said. Enzan looked a little satisfied and nodded. "You're right. Goodnight, Blues." He said, before he shut off the lights and laid down.

"Goodnight, Enzan-sama..."

Laika's Dorm
"Laika-san... It's morning, you should have been in bed hours ago! What if a mission came up?" His Navi demanded. Searchman was slightly livid. His operator had been very off today. Having nearly forgotten him, and then nearly late for reporting in, and then refusing to do anything except work, it was already 07:00 in the morning! "Yes, Searchman, I know." Came the reply. "I was wanting to get this done." He continued. More annoyance seeped in and Searchman rolled his eyes. "You'd think you were Netto by the way you've been handling the day." He said sarcastically. Icy blue eyes darted over to him to cast a brief glare, before reverting back to the screen infront of him.

"I'm the one to blame for this, I don't make excuses for my actions. I've been off lately and I am trying to make up for it." Laika said, sighing as he turned the computer off and stood up. Picking up the PET, he made back for his room and rolled his eyes at his Navi's sigh. "I'm going to bed now, are you satisfied now?" He said sarcastically. "No." Came the blunt reply. Blinking slightly, Laika snorted. "Figures as much." He said quietly, before he climbed in bed, not bothering to change or anything. "I knew you'd be tired if you stayed up this late! You're going to miss briefing!" He said. "Send the General an email telling him circumstances changed and having excessive work that had to be immediately tended to, I must miss the briefing and ask him to mail me the information." He mumbled tiredly.

"Looks like you have everything planned." The army-type Navi said with light sarcasm. He didn't get a reply though, as the Aqua-haired teen had fallen asleep almost instantly. Blinking briefly, Searchman.EXE sighed. Life with his operator was hectic, if not downright chaos. But, he wouldn't change it. So, doing as his NetOp asked, he sent the email to the General, before sighing once more and going into sleep mode.

Next Day - Netto's House



"Netto-kun, get up!"

'Who's voice is that...?'

"Netto-kun, you're going to be late and you have to finish your work!"

'That isn't my Navi's voice...'

"Gomen nasai, Netto-kun..."



Brown eyes snapped open almost immediately, blinking repeatedly. He now had a splitting headache. He was irritated and was about to yell at the person who woke him up, but he stopped...

This wasn't his room.

" I?" He said quietly. "What was that, Netto-kun?" A voice said from behind him. Rolling over and sitting up, he saw the cause of his headache. "R-Rockman?" He said, almost in disbelief. "Yes, Netto-kun?" The blue Navi blinked at him. "Why am I here, why am I in Netto's room and why are you calling me Netto?" The brunette asked. Rockman looked rather confused before he got a stern face. "Don't play games, Netto-kun. You're going to be late for school!"

Blinking again. "I don't have school." He said. "Yes you do, don't try to get out of it, Netto-kun!" The Navi scolded. "But I'm not Netto!" He cried. The Navi sighed. "Don't do this, Netto-kun..." "But I'm not Hikari, I'm Enzan!" He said. Raising a brow, the Navi laughed. "I know you were thinking about him last night, Netto-kun, but that's just mean to try and act like him, too!" He said. Blinking, the teen stood up, and marching towards the bathroom. He'd prove the Navi was wrong and that he was Enzan. But upon entering and looking in the mirror...

He saw Netto's face instead.

He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came and he just stood there, mouth open, looking rather stupid. "..." Rockman popped up in the Bathroom computer. "Hurry up, Netto-kun! You're going to be late for school." Then he caught sight of the gaping teenager. "...Why are you staring like that?" He questioned. "It can't be..." Enzan murmured. "What can't be?" Rock said. It seemed to snap the teen out of his stupor and he burst out. "This! Me! I don't look like me! I look like Hikari! And I'm here in his house, with you as my Navi, and to make things worse, I don't know why!" He cried, running a hand through his now brown hair almost frantically - a sign of how nervous or stressed he was. The little Navi didn't know what to say. Netto was acting so different, it was scary. "Netto-kun," He said softly. "I'm not Netto!" He cried.

So many thoughts were going through his head it made his headache ten times worse. He was on overload and was about to snap. He had just gone to bed... He walked calmly - too calmly for Rockman's liking - to the bedroom and looked at the clock. 7:00 A.M. He had just gone to bed a few hours ago! He rubbed his temples. No wonder he had a headache. "Netto-kun..." The Navi said hesitantly. With a sigh, Enzan decided it was best just to humor the Navi and try and act like Hikari for the time being. He'd go visit his body later and see if they knew anything.

"Netto-kun... You'd better hurry if you want to make it to school." Rockman said tentatively. Enzan nodded slightly. "Thank you, Rock." He murmured slightly. The Navi's eyes lit up, at seeing some kind of recognition in the boy. Changing quickly, Enzan grabbed the books on the desk, shoved them in the backpack, grabbed Rock's PET, Netto's skates, and ran downstairs, barely running by the kitchen before a hand pulled him back. "Don't even think of going out without breakfast again, Netto!" Haruka's voice said from behind him.

"Hik-" He started to say, but quickly righted himself, "Mama, I have to go to school, I'll be late." He said. With a smile, Haruka gave him a large muffin and pulled him into a hug. Enzan was surprised, eyes widened as he slightly hugged back, not used to the motherly attention. "Now, get going or else you'll be late." She said softly, before turning and walking back into the kitchen. Enzan stared for a moment. "Netto-kun!" Rock said. snapping back to attention, Enzan nodded and ran out the door, somehow managed to get the skates to his shoes while doing so and skated off towards Netto's school, barely taking time to eat the muffin Haruka gave him.



Enzan slowed down briefly to see Meiru up ahead. Stopping infront of her he tried his best to smile. "Hey, Meiru-chan." He cringed on the inside at the suffix and false cheeriness in his voice. Meiru seemed to sense it and frowned slightly. "What's wrong? You seem...different; today." She said concernedly. Enzan felt like saying he was, but refrained, forcing his smile wider. "I'm fine, Meiru-chan, just tired, I guess. Went to bed kind of late." He said. She frowned at him. "I told you to quit doing that!" She chided as she began riding off on her scooter. Enzan followed her, skating leisurely beside her, shrugging half-heartedly. "Well, I was trying to get work done, but somone told me to go to bed." He muttered, completely forgetting he wasn't in his own body.

"Hey!" Rockman cried indignantly, slightly startling Enzan. "You were asleep on your math book. Drooling, might I add." He informed. Enzan felt himself blushing a little at the thought. Meiru laughed. "That sounds about right." She said, "Some things never change." Enzan frowned. He didn't like stupid people, nor did he like people to be naive, but Netto was an exception, and considering he currently was Netto... He groaned inwardly. "What does that mean?" He cried cluelessly. The red-head just laughed and shook her head. "Nothing, Netto, nothing." She said. Upon having Dekao join them and mostly converse with Meiru, it allowed the teen time to think the situation over better.

Though it was no help.

Same Day - Enzan's House



"Enzan-sama. It's seven. It's time to get up. You have a meeting in an hour."

'What...? That voice...'

"Enzan-sama, get up now."

'Okay... That definitely isn't my Navi. And why...'

Blue eyes opened to look anooyed and confused. Sitting up and blinking stupidly, it took a few moments to notice their surroundings. 'This isn't my room!' He thought as he looked around, eyes scanning the room. It looked oddly familiar, and yet he couldn't put his finger on it... "Enzan-sama." Came the very annoyed voice. Turning his head, he saw a sight he would rather not have. "Blues!" He said in high surprise. "Yes, me. Who did you think it was? Santa Claus?" The Navi snapped sarcastically.

Blinking rather stupidly, he turned his head again. 'So... I'm in Ijuuin's house.' He thought. "Enzan-sama, you have a meeting in an hour, you have to get ready. Your father is expecting you for breakfast at IPC to discuss things with you." The Navi said crossly. "I'm not Ijuuin." He muttered. "What?" Blues looked slightly confused, though it was hard to tell with his visor. But the way his voise lost it's hard edge seemed to clue it enough.

"I'm not Ijuuin. I don't know why I'm here, or even how I got here." He said. Blues' brow arched behind his visor and he sighed. "You're being rather childish today, Enzan." He said lowly. "Because I'm not Ijuuin. I'm Laika, I was in Sharro when I went to bed! And I remember falling asleep telling Searchman to send a letter to the General!" He said annoyedly. Blues looked at the human, that was supposedly his NetOp. Sure it looked like him, but the way the person held themself and acted was something unlike Enzan. Plus, he couldn't feel that tight knit bond with this person. His eyes narrowed slightly. He was suspicious, and even if he said he was Laika, it proved nothing.

"So why are you in Enzan's body, Laika?" He hissed, deciding to humor the person. Laika sighed, running a hand through his hair, noting how different it felt. "I don't know, I wish I did though. It would possibly be a hell of a lot easier than just suddenly waking up to find yourself not in your room, with a Navi not of your own trying to wake you up, only to find you're stuck in your partner's body." He said dryly. Blues sighed warily. Perhaps it wasn't Enzan, but at times the teen looked and even acted like it could be. The only difference was the aura the teen carried and the slightly more lukewarm attitude he had. He wasn't quite ready to believe he was Laika, but he knew he wasn't his Enzan-sama.

Finally, Blues sighed again, a bit annoyedly. "Well, since you're not Enzan-sama, and you probably don't know where he is, or even who's body he's in, this is going to be trouble. Enzan-sama has a meeting with his Father before the Conference, and if this fails, then the funding for the newest PET that's being developed will be dropped. I assume Ijuuin-sama was going to arrange for Enzan to assist the company in their bug problem to help 'seal the deal', I suppose." He said dryly. Laika looked a little surprised. "You believe I'm Laika?" He asked.

Blues frowned. "No. But you have proven you're not Enzan-sama. You do act alot like Enzan, but..." He tried to find words to describe his next sentence. "You don't exactly feel like him. I've been with Enzan his whole life almost, I could tell Enzan apart from anyone blindfolded. And you don't have that feeling about you." He said. Laika arched a brow. "Fair enough. Hikari-hakase has said that bonds form between a NetOp and Navi, and he did a test on Hikari and Rockman, and he said the cause of their high sync rate was because of their bond, he said Crossfusion also helped form a connection, because you had to become one, so I assume it strengthens a bond when you've crossfused." He mused.

Blues arched a brow, behind his visor, thinking it over. He had only heard two people be as explanitive like that besides Enzan. And that was Hikari-hakase and Laika. "Maybe," He finally said. Laika stared at the Navi for a moment. "Being Ijuuin won't be too hard, so fill me in on what this conference is about, why his father wants to see him, and anything else you can tell me about this and what he has scheduled." Getting up off of the bed, he stretched for a moment. "This," He said, staring out the window at the light coming in. "Is definitely going to be a long day..." He murmured to himself, before he began to fish out Enzan's wardrobe - with some assistance of Blues - before he began changing, with Blues beginning to explain to him what the meeting was for.

Once changed and had done everything he could that was 'Ijuuin-like', he headed out of Enzan's room, downstairs, and out the door, only to be rushed into a limo. Laika frowned annoyedly. Of course, Blues was used to having Enzan in a bad mood before meetings, so he ignored him and continued explaining to him anything and everything he could that would help him. The Navi had a headache, and it didn't seem like it would end soon. 'This is going to take a while to get used to...' He thought mentally.

Much Later - 'Netto's' School
'Finally!' Enzan thought as he walked out of the building. He thought time would never pass enough for him to get out. 'Now I know why Netto hates it.' He thought sarcastically. "Netto-kun?" Rock questioned. He looked down and smiled, he made it a habit to do so for the time being. "Hm?" He ackowledged. "Where are we going? Home's the other way?" He asked. Enzan shrugged. "I wanted to pay a visit to Enzan, I did say I had been thinking about him." He said casually, recalling what Rock said earlier. It felt weird. To say his own name and for it to mean someone else. Rock nodded lightly, smiling. "Okay," The Navi agreed, seemingly fine with his explination.

Skating along, he made his way to his 'old' house. It hadn't changed, though he didn't expect it to. He went up, typed the pass easily on the gate and went in, not noticing the Navi's shocked face. "How do you know Enzan's code for the gate?" He questioned. 'Damn! How am I going to explain this one?' He racked his brain quickly, coming up with a small loophole. "You remember a month ago at the arcade I dragged Laika and Enzan to?" He questioned. The Navi nodded. "Enzan gave us both the code to get in. Since we wouldn't have to bother him all the time to unlock it for us." He said with a slight smirk at his own craftfulness. Though Rock thought the smirk was there for smugness. "I see." He said. Enzan smiled slightly, before walking into the mansion and looking around.

As expected, he saw no sign of his body, 'Or the person in it.' He thought silently. But, deciding to look where he knew his body would be. Walking down a hall, passing some of the maids and butlers, he merely smiled at them and he nodded curtly at him. Well, at least they had ackowledged his rule of respecting Netto and Laika. He walked down to the office he was in just last night and paused, listening. soft typing could be heard, light muttering and speaking could be heard, but he couldn't make it out. He opened the door and stared. He saw himself sitting at the desk, typing away, muttering curses as he did, with Blues looking highly amused - like he always did when he was annoyed at the paperwork. "Enzan," He said neutrally.

Spinning around, Laika was slightly surprised to see Netto standing there. "Hello, Netto." He greeted. What he didn't expect was for the teen to flinch, and manually force Rock into sleep mode, then be in his face, glaring. "Give me my body back." Staring dumbfounded, he blinked. "What?" He said surprisedly. "I want my body back! How did you even get in my body? All I know is that I wake up and I'm not in my room, not in my clothes, not to mention I had a different Navi wake me up, only to find out that I look, and talk like Hikari!" He said crossly. Blues looked at the commotion and looked between the two. The boy may have looked like Netto, but something told him it wasn't. And the way he held himself, and the look in his eyes that demanded answers - the same look he was used to seeing in conferences and when it came to missions was there. He could tell.

"Enzan-sama?" He questioned, looking towards the brunette. Brown eyes shifted briefly over to the PET. "Yes?" He questioned. "I knew it." Blues said with a light smile. The teenager looked slightly surprised. "How did you know it was me?" He asked. "Well, no matter if Laika's in your body right now. He may act a lot like you, but he can't be you. He didn't feel like you. You, no matter what you look like, still act like you, and it felt like you." He said. Enzan smiled widely. "That means a lot to me, Blues." He said softly, before turning to the person in his body. "So... Laika's in my body." He said. He saw himself nod.

"Yes, I'm in your body. I woke up to having Blues practically ready to explode, and then try and convince him I'm not you and that I'm myself, then I get thrown into a crash course of your life with a conference, then stuck with paperwork afterwards, I would very much like my body and life back." He said annoyedly. Enzan stared at him. "You...had the conference?" He questioned. "Yes, and it was a success." He said coolly. "Yeah, but you didn't help any when it came to fighting those viruses. I specialize in swords!" Blues hissed. Laika cast a glance at the Navi. "So I noticed." He said dryly. "But I'm not your normal operator, now am I? Searchman doesn't use Swords at all hardly, I'm not used to operating a Navi with sword abilities." He said, "Or operating another Navi at all." He added on.

Enzan sighed, another headache coming on. He thought it over. 'Wait...' "If you're in my body, and I'm in Netto's... Then that means..." Brief horror crossed their faces and Laika groaned. "Oh no..."

A scream pierced through the air.


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