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Enzan's Mansion

Enzan thought once again that the day would not go by fast enough. But when he finally got out, he was more than happy. He was ecstatic. He thought he would fall asleep almost. It was more worse than some of his press conferences he had attended. Slipping on his skates, he bladed his way over to his house, going in to find Laika sitting in one of the dens, sipping on tea and lazily kicked back on the couch, reading over a report. He found it very surprising to see his own body so lax and unresponsive; he was usually tense and always moving in some way. But obviously, this wasn't the case with Laika.

He arched a brow, "Comfy?" He asked teasingly. Startled, Laika looked up at him quickly, setting his Tea down and put the report next to it, he smirked. "Maybe," He answered. Seeing Blues in one of the monitors near by, he aimed Rock's PET at it and plugged him in before wandering over to stand in front of the other, grinning down at him. "You look so weird, being all relaxed like that." He said amusedly. Blues snorted, "I said the same thing."

Laika shrugged, smirking. "I needed a break, can you blame me?" He shot back. Enzan smirked. "Yes," He replied. He only received a mild glare from the other and he laughed. "You look comfortable." He said once again, eyeing how unresponsive the other was. "I am." He replied.


"Yes, why?"

Enzan couldn't stop the grin that erupted on his face and he promptly half sat, half laid himself down on the other, smirking triumphantly at the others startled squeak. "What the hell?" Laika said, eyes wide, a pink flush forming on his face. "What?" He said innocently. "I said you looked comfy..." Laika glared at him. "You snake." Enzan smirked. "Yep," He agreed.

"Get off."

"I don't want to. You are comfy, I think I'll stay like this for a while."

Laika's eyes widened at those words. 'He can't be serious!' He thought mentally. Enzan grinned. "Call it payback for embarrassing me yesterday." There were laughs and slight chuckles coming from Rock and Blues, who watched the whole scene play out. "Netto-kun, you shouldn't tease Enzan-kun like that." Rock said. "Yes, don't tease Enzan-kun like that." Laika echoed. Enzan rolled his eyes. "I'll do what I want!" He said loudly. With a startled cry, Enzan found himself on the floor, slight pain shooting up his tailbone. "Itai!" He cried.

Laika smirked smugly. "You deserved it."

"I did not!" Enzan's glare was indignant.

Laika rolled his eyes. "Did so, now stop arguing and being childish."

"Am not! ...Meanie head." Enzan pouted childishly, blinking his wide eyes in a hurt fashion, hoping to do the 'kitty eyes' that Netto could some how do.

Laika smirked at the other boy's try to pull off the look that only one person could ever manage to do. "That won't work on me, you know." He stood up and snorted, bringing a hand up to his hair and flicked it out of his face, looking rather prissy. "I've seen it enough to not fall for it."

Enzan had stopped trying to do the look and his jaw dropped when he saw Laika do a motion he hadn't done in at least a year. He couldn't help but gape openly. 'Did he just... Oh my god, he did!' Laika turned and looked down at the other, brow arched curiously. "What?" He asked.

Enzan stood up and shook his head to clear himself, but he still couldn't find his voice. "..." The dual haired teen blinked amusedly at the other's expression, although he didn't know why he was like that. "I haven't seen you do that since at least a year, Enzan-sama." Blues commented. Rock was giggling behind Blues, as if trying to hide the fact that he was.

Laika looked confused. "Do what?" Enzan recovered slightly. "You flipped your hair! You haven't done that for a long time." He said. Laika blinked. "Really?" Enzan nodded. "You used to do it all the time when we first met. I thought you were some stuck up snob, always thinking you were better than everyone else. You acted so...prissy! I hated it! Actually, I don't even remember the last time you did that. That's why it surprised me."

Laika looked rather amused. 'Learning something new about Ijuuin every hour it seems...' He smirked. "Well, you can't deny that it makes me look incredibly sexy," He commented playfully, winking before he turned and walked away down the hall towards Enzan's office.

Enzan was stunned, and in disbelief. He couldn't believe the other did that! His face was heating up and he sputtered, blinking rapidly to process what had just happened. 'I'm beginning to see why Netto thinks I was annoying... I have to agree with him!' He thought. He heard Rock's muffled laughter and Blues' light chuckle and turned, glaring. "It's not funny!" He cried.

"I never said it was, Netto-san." Blues said, amused smirk still there. He glared. "Oh go bug someone else will you? Go find the WWW Navi's and bug them!" He said, before turning and following after his body, hearing Rock and Blues link out as he did.

He sauntered down the hall to the office and glared at the back of Laika's head. "It's not going to do you any good to glare at me, you know. You may as well stop." The teen said, looking back at him. Enzan glared more and hmphed. "Well I feel better about it." He muttered as he walked around to hop up on top of his desk and cross his arms huffily. "The look doesn't fit your body, though. You're not in your usual form, now are you? You're acting very out of character for Netto." He reminded, beginning to type on the computer.

Enzan huffed. "So? Blues and Rock are gone so I can do whatever I want!"

Laika shrugged, rolling his eyes. "Have it your way, then."

Silence ensured for the next few minutes, except for the typing of Laika at the computer. Enzan was getting tired of glaring, as it was beginning to hurt his eyes. So he uncrossed his arms and huffed once more before jumping down off the desk. "When is Netto coming?" He asked. Laika shrugged. "Tomorrow at 4:20, why?" Enzan rolled his eyes. "The meeting starts at 4, that's why. I checked up on it." The dual haired teen turned to him. "So? It won't matter if we're late. We have good reason to be." Enzan sighed. "I suppose you're right, but still. It's your fault if they're mad." He said, reaching up to adjust the headband there in annoyance. "I don't know how Netto wears this damn thing all the time! It's bugging the hell out of me!"

Laika chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Why don't you ask him when you see him?" He said. Enzan laughed. "I bet you he's not having any fun at all being you right now." He said dryly. Laika arched a brow, smirking. "Probably." Enzan finally got fed up with the headband and took it off and tied it around his forearm. "I don't care what Rock says, it's bugging me to death!" He huffed as he ran a hand through his now-free hair.

Laika looked amused, before turning towards the computer, pulling up a file and began typing. Curious, and wanting to make sure Laika was not totally screwing things up, he hopped off the desk and stood behind the teen, glancing down, reading over the work. "Not bad," he commented. Laika smirked, "Blues familiarized me with your computer, and told me what to do, I've been handling everything quite well, thank you." He said. Enzan leaned in closer to see the screen better. "Hmm... You need more details right here," he said, pointing to a few paragraphs.

"And you've made a few typos here, here, and here," He pointed them out, eyes still scanning. "You drew this out too much; you need to make it short, to the point, and easy to understand. Also, don't try to explain every bug, flaw, and error, leave that to them to figure things out. Explain the major problems and how to correct them, and let them handle the minor flaws." He motioned to another column, before looking over at the teen.

Laika sighed, "Yes, Master Ijuuin." He said sarcastically. Enzan smirked. "I could get used to that," Laika whacked him lightly and snorted. "Well don't, since I don't plan on saying it ever again." Enzan laughed lightly. "Well, I can wish, you know." He said, straightening up again. The other merely rolled their eyes.

"What do you think Netto's doing?"

"Being bored out of his mind."

"Well that's a given, but anything else in particular?"

"Yeah, splurging and drowning himself in hot chocolate with marshmallows."

"Oh god."

"Yes, and just think of what that's doing to my body! ...I can't help but feel bad for Searchman, too. Since he has to put up with him."

"I hope to any gods out there he has enough patience to."

Laika glanced over at the brunette and nodded his head in agreement. "Me too."


Netto sighed for the millionth time today and promptly slammed h head down onto the desk he was sitting at, groaning in pain, but it wasn't enough to make him move. Search looked out concernedly from his place in the computer's monitor. He didn't expect Netto to last this long, but he couldn't say he wasn't entirely surprised. He got to know Netto a bit better and found that there was alot of stuff the boy kept hidden.

The boy was brilliant in his own right, and excelled in alot of things, but Netto could only take so much information into his brain and make it come back out onto paper, which was exactly what he was doing.

He was trying to finish and write some of Laika's reports. Search himself had to explain and break some of the things down into simple-minded terms for the boy, but immediately the boy caught on and started breezing through it. This lasted for the first three hours. Now it was rounding on the fifth and the boy couldn't take it anymore.

"Netto-san, maybe you should stop..." He suggested quietly. The boy heaved a very loud sigh and pushed himself back upright, running a hand through his short, aqua locks of hair. "No, not yet." He muttered. "Not until I've finished." He stood up, and stretched. "I'll be right back," He said before he exited Laika's office.

Searchman sighed, shaking his head. Netto rivaled Netto and Enzan in their stubborness when he was determined, and Netto was determined to conquer Laika's work. For someone of lower intellgence, (not that he was insulting the boy) he was taking the change rather well. And the boy proved his words about being adaptable.

The Hikari boy was creative and clever enough to come up with things, and once he got the basics in his head, hoo-boy. He could go to town in an instant. The hardest thing was trying to downsize all the words to Netto's intellegence level. That took about an hour and a half explaining everything to him. But the boy took it in once he did get it in there.

Netto returned a moment later, bringing search out of his musing. The boy held a mug, which Search though to be hot chocolate. But was surprised when Netto took a sip of the steaming, black concoction. "You're drinking coffee?" He asked with very high surprise. Netto nodded, taking another sip. "Laika's body is more used to the taste than mine, and, I need to be able to focus, so..." He left it at that and took another sip, before setting the coffee beside him.

Well, there certainly was more to Hikari Netto than Search thought.

Netto twisted his neck and it cracked a few times and then he twisted it the other way and it too cracked a few times. That took a little of the tension out of his neck and shoulders. Cracking his fingers, he picked up the discarded pen and poised it over the papers, eyes scanning for the point he left off before he got tired.

"Um... What's that one word mean again?" He questioned, holding up said paper and pointing at a word with the pen. Search gave the other a small smile, not at all annoyed at the former brunette as he thought he would be at the constant asking. It was almost like teaching a child. But not quite. Because Hikari Netto was always eager to learn more about things, even if it was the 'icky, boring paperwork' that Laika did.

"It means, "Investing in a veriety of items." in this case. Security programs, devices, and such." He explained again. Netto's eyes let up in understanding. "Oh yeah! I remember now! Thanks, Search!" He said before going back to hastily scribbling on the paper. Search's smile widened a little more.

Life with Hikari Netto in his operators body was not boring at all.


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