Hi! I'm back!! To the misfortune of everyone here @ fanfiction.net . I was really busy. As in netball. I had to go to the Capricornia Trials 1000km away and spend half my 'holiday' playing GK and GD. Mostly GD. Does anyone else play netball?

Okay, I've been a very bad Destiny Fox and have been very slack. I have to make up for that now, don't I? Well, here's a short wierdish one.

~The Potential Bad Luck of Glassdoors~

The Meowth's tail swayed gracefully from side to side. It's head lay low, surrounded by the smell of dew on frosty grass. His target : the mouse mouse, Pikachu. It was just sitting there, waiting

His back kept at a perfect 180 degree angle (...umm...a straight line?) with his feline ears.

A furry belly scraped the green grass lightly, making it ever so slightly damp. Brown back feet tiptoed through the field. Biege paws crept vertically parallel (those last two words don't make sense, do they?) to a pair of shoulder blades protruding from his back in soft mounds of creamy fur.

He was a mere two feet away from his victim. His eyes kept focused on the electric mouse. It was just waiting there for Team Rocket to swipe it. Perfect!

"Da cunning Meowth," the feline said to himself, "sneaks up on da rat, uncanny is da helpless victim."

He suddenly became airborne, sailing through the air. His malevolent claws ready to strike. "Surrender!"

Suddenly, he felt a transperant solid object holding him back. His belly pressed up against the wall. The Pikachu sat inches away, still holding it's smug pose.

"Meowth knew it!" he mumbled against the barrier, "dat Pikachu *does* have supanatural powers..."


James picked up the cardboard cut-out of Pikachu and carried it over to where Jessie sat in an armchair, reading a lengthy novel called, '101 Ways to Swipe Pokémon.'

"You know, Jess," James said, studying the mouse's happy expression oddly, "these will make perfect decorations for that surprise birthday party."

Jessie nodded, tilting the book forward to see the cut-out. "Yeah, that's why I bought them." Before going back to reading that book, she noticed Meowth. "Hey, James. Does Meowth want to come inside and help decorate?"

James looked down at the feline pressed up against the glassdoor, unconscience, miniscule Pikachu floating around his head in a circular motion. "Yeah, I'd better let him in."

Weird, huh? I have another short one about Mareep tucked away somewhere. You wanna read it?