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Anywho, this is Eclipse, a story I gave mention to at the end of Fate's Decision. I hope everyone likes it!

Chapter 1

It is said that in the deepest parts of the Rekai (Spirit World) a great demon resides, a demon so powerful that even King Yemma himself holds some fear towards it. Truth be told, this demon is female.

She was once feared with such intensity that people in her time called her a god, but, as always, gods have their rivals. A powerful clan known as Deathriem reigned with an iron fist and was feared long before the female demon came to be known. The leader, a demon known as Dialgo, was also called a god because of his awesome power and ability to scare even the great King Yemma.

The female demon was known to the world as Eclipse, a name everyone shivered at upon hearing. Even in these modern days, three thousand years after her time, demons know her name and what she was capable of.

Eclipse was known for her killing sprees and ruthless attacks on the Deathriem clan. Before her 'demise' she had severely crippled the clan and had King Yemma not interfered she would have most likely destroyed it altogether, however on one fateful day she was captured, but not without a heavy price.

Five hundred men were killed on the day of her capture, all at her hands. People such as the spirit detectives, several members of the renowned Shinobi sect and top ranking officers in King Yemma's army were just a few that fell. Only a handful of men survived the day to tell the tale, one that haunted their dreams until their very demise.

It was believed by many that after her capture she was sent to forever dwell in Limbo, a place where everyday pain would course through her body viciously. But not all rumors are true.

In reality King Yemma found it safer to have her locked away in the deepest parts of the Rekai where she would forever lay dormant. He felt that if he sent her to Limbo she could very well escape and cause problems once again because of her immense strength, which he found impossible to remove from her body. It is for that same reason that he could not simply destroy her soul, but this was due to it being protected by some unknown source, much like the body it resided in.

If demons had thought that sneaking into King Yemma's vault had been difficult then they would have been in for an immense surprise had they tried to sneak into the lower regions of the Rekai. Security was a hundred times stronger on the lower levels then on the upper ones. Not even the craft Kurama, a fox demon who once took great pleasure in cracking codes and stealing treasures that were greatly protected, would have made it within five levels of it.

Down in these lower regions light was given off by torches alone and traps lay everywhere. The only ones who could walk down there without activating them were King Yemma, his son Koenma and a select few high ranking officers and scientist.

The most security rested on the lowest level where countless halls were, but only one of which led to a large room. The door to the room was made of a thick, virtually unbreakable, metal with many security codes attached. Beyond it was a lab as long as a soccer field and a towering ceiling. Machines lined the walls and in the center, on a platform, lay a large tube with a greenish liquid with it. It was here that Eclipse lay dormant for what was to be all eternity.

Never had anyone, beyond the few allowed down there, been told where the powerful demon girl was. Not even the Spirit Detective that followed her capture knew where she was held, or if her soul still existed.

For millennia's the secret had been held and for millennia's security had never been breached. In fact it never will be.

From the outside anyway.


Men in white lab coats silently worked at large computer panels with silver, green, black, red and blue buttons. Some buttons held ancient characters long forgotten to everyone but the scientists and King Yemma, some had English characters on them and others had nothing as the years of use had worn them off.

Monitors glowed blue and green, flooding the dimly lit room with more artificial light. Black words littered the screens in languages both used in modern times and times now lost to history. Data tables scrolled past slowly occasionally, displaying odd numbers and statistics.

In the very center of the room, sitting atop a platform, was a large cylindrical container. The glass was a clean and looked freshly polished, but it barely shined due the lack of light. Within the container flowed a watery green substance with occasional bubbles floating up from the bottom, but it was because of the figure within it that it was important.

This figure was of a young looking girl with fair skin and silver hair that had once glistened in the sun. She wore no cloths, but her body did not catch the attention of any of the scientists. Her arms revealed that she had once been physically strong without giving her the look of an amazon. Her legs easily proved she had once been very agile and her toned stomach silently told of years of vigorous training.

A scientist looked back to the tube as a purplish liquid was released into it from the jets on the bottom. The fluid was administered once a month to make sure that the state of hibernation upon the female was kept, but that was not the only fluid to be administered as there were others that got put in periodically to do an assortment of things.

A moment passed before the scientist turned back to the computer before him and looked at the he statistics scrolling upwards on the screen. His face was passive as he read over the data, not at all intrigued by it since he had seen it hundreds of times before, but protocol demanded he read it every time.

After the data had passed by the scientist began typing up the log required of him upon altering or inserting anything within the tube. The only sounds heard throughout the room were light taps of his fingers of the keys, the soft humming of the computers and the almost silent foot steps of his fellow scientists.

Satisfied that the log was had been written with enough detail the scientist turned his back to the computer with the intention to take his leave from the room. His long shift was finally over.

Unfortunately, before he could make a step away from the machine it began to make a wild noise, as if it was thinking far too hard. The scientist whipped around, his eyes scanning the data being sent over the monitor.

Suddenly there was a blaring obnoxious siren and the screen turned from blue to a red. One ominous word flashed in black letters across it: Awakening.


A toddler looking boy sat at his desk looking over paperwork. This toddler was more than he appeared, he was around seven hundred years old but when he was in the Rekai he always took the form of a very young child. When he was in the Makai or Ningenkai (Demon and Human World) however he took the form of a teenager.

This toddlers name was Koenma, prince of the Rekai. In his mouth lay his pacifier, a typical sight for the prince, no matter what form he chose to take.

"Why is it that after every assignment I give Yusuke I get a mountain of paperwork?" Koenma complained.

Yusuke was currently the Spirit Detective that worked for the Rekai. He was given missions to keep the human world safe from demons that had either found their way into the Ningenkai or were threatening it from within the Makai.

A teenage boy garbed in a green uniform with sleeked back black hair and brown eyes took that moment to walk in.

"Speak of the devil," Koenma said to himself. "Hello Yusuke, what can I help you with?"

Yusuke shrugged, "I just wanted to know if you're planning to throw anything on us or if we really have a vacation this time."

Koenma looked at the stack of papers on his desk, "I think for now it's safe to say that you're on vacation. I have to try and get through all this paperwork," the last part came out with a groan.

Yusuke chuckled, "Fine by me. I'll be-" he was cut off as a blaring siren like alarm being emitted throughout the room. In fact it was sounding throughout the entire palace and it even leaked for miles outside of it.

"What's going on?" Yusuke yelled over the noise.

Koenma threw down his signature stamp and turned on the monitor in the front of the room with the remote control. A blue creature with a white horn atop his head and a bit of blond hair appeared on the screen. "What's going on George?"

"I don't know Koenma sir," George answered back, "No one's broken into the vault."

"Are you sure?" Koenma asked.

George nodded, "I was passing by there when the alarm went off. No one's in there."

"Than what could it be," Koenma asked.

"Could something have broken into the palace?" Yusuke asked, ready to fight at the drop of a dime.

Koenma used his remote to change channels, each showing different regions of the Rekai palace. "I don't –" he stopped as one channel showed men running around frantically.

Koenma looked at the screen, "But that's-" his pacifier dropped out of his mouth onto the desk with a loud 'thud.'

"Koenma?" Yusuke questioned, not understanding want was the big problem.

"What's going on down there!" Koenma yelled.

A person clothed in a white lab coat and black goggles came up to the screen, "Something going wrong sir! This hasn't happened since she was first put down here!"

Yusuke looked at the screen in confusion, but before he could say anything Koenma yelled, "What do you mean!"

"Her soul's becoming active!" The man yelled.

"How?" Koenma screamed.

"We don't know sir! We usually get signs of this before it happens, but this time we got nothing!"

"Put her down! Now!"

"We're trying sir! We're putting in countless many chemicals to try and remedy this problem!"

There was a scream of fright from behind the scientist, "The glass is cracking!"

"PUT HER DOWN RIGHT NOW!" Koenma yelled with such intensity that even Yusuke was became frightened.

Koenma frightened Yusuke O.o So what's going to happen down there?

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