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Chapter 5

Koenma shouted orders over the intercom that encircled the entire palace. Orders varied between groups, but when it came down to it all they were a forewarning of what was making its way up to them. Teams skilled with trap making were told to go down several levels and do what they did best. Though they knew their work would do little to stop the great demon from reaching the surface they hoped it would slow her down, perhaps long enough for a messenger to make it to Koenma's father and back.

Those who would be of little use during the endeavor were told to either leave or to go to areas specially made for occasions such as these- when the palace was in danger. It was uncertain if such rooms would be safe from Eclipse's rampage when she made it up to them but it was worth a try if it could save lives.

The Spirit Detective stood uneasily by Koenma's desk, eyes trained onto the screen where different groups were shown running about doing what they were told. Part of him wished to help, but the other part told him there was nothing he could do. He was a skilled fighter, not a tactician like his friend Kurama or as knowledgeable with setting traps as those within the palace were, but, if what Koenma said was true, even his fighting abilities would prove useless when Eclipse surfaced.

Clenching his fists tightly he cursed under his breath. He had never felt so useless in his life. He had always thrown himself into a battle, even if the odds were against him, but this time it would only result in a quick death on his part, no question about it.

"Koenma," Yusuke decided to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind, "what are the chances of us getting out of this alive?"

The spirit prince sighed, but did not look at the teenage boy next to him. "Slim to none."


The unmistakable sound of metal sliding across stone echoed within the scarcely lit halls belonging to the lower corridors of the Rekai palace. It was the effect of yet another trap going off, but, like all the ones prior to it, it did little more than hinder the great demon for a few short moments.

When the first trap had gone off it had startled Eclipse without a doubt, but it had not caused her any form of an injury. The trap would have seemed simplistic to those untaught in such things, however Eclipse was not one of these people. She had dealt with traps for countless decades and was not about to fall to any of these.

The trap had sprayed an unseen but highly toxic gas into the air, something that would have gone undetected by most, and shot poison coated needles in the hundreds down the course of the hall.

Taken off guard she had nearly breathed in the toxic air- nearly being the key word- but something in her mind had sparked and instinct took over before her body betrayed her. She had darted down the hall at neck breaking speeds, using her spirit energy to encircle her body and deflect the needles as if they were nothing more than leaves idly falling from a tree during the autumn months.

After that occurrence she was on full alert. In her mind she knew that with one trap came others and if they were to prevent unwanted company from making its way down to the lab there were bound to be many more to come.

Her thoughts were as correct as ever, for each hallway had at least one trap, the norm being three and she had yet to leave the lowest level. None of this bothered her though, in fact it rather flattered her. King Yama had thought it necessary to have a vast number of deadly traps surrounding his prisoner, so why shouldn't she be? It wasn't everyday a demon got such special treatment.

Pulling on the lab coat to keep it from sliding off her shoulders she could not help but frown. At this precise moment in her life she wanted nothing more than to get out of these accursed dungeons and acquire some real clothing. Now modesty had never been one of her many traits but that did not mean she cared much for walking around in only a coat, a dead man's bloody lab coat to be precise.

With a sigh she flicker her wrist, an action that caused sending yet another trap, this one consisting of a large boulder attached to several strong chains, flying into the wall several feet away. Apparently the great king of the Rekai had never thought she would escape because the traps were getting to be excessively boring as she went, not troublesome as they would have seemed to those lesser demons trying to sneak down here.

Sighing again she placed her hands into the coat's pockets, causing it to part and only stay close to her body as it became loosely caught by her breasts. Her mind paid this no heed and instead it wandered back to what seemed like only yesterday.

Lock her down. This one is going dormant for the rest of eternity.

"Hn" she half laughed to herself. 'Eternity must have come and gone already.'

The soft padding of her feet suddenly came to a stop. Looking around her she found herself looking at an intersection with four paths other than her own diverting off of it. 'How troublesome,' she rolled her eyes. This was fifth intersection of its kind she had come across and it wouldn't be the last if she kept up the way she was going.

Raising a brow she side stepped in time to miss being skewered by a large spike that shot out of the ground like a cannon. Taking in a deep breath she moved about with such ease and grace that it seemed almost as if she were dancing and the spikes were left to try and catch her to ask for the last dance.

Within moments she cleared the spike filled area and was not in the least surprised to see a poison tipped dagger fly centimeters from her nose and imbed itself in the opposite wall. To her all the traps were beginning to become predictable.

With a sigh she looked up at the ceiling and found it was almost lost to her view from the vale of darkness that covered the entire floor. 'How many levels does this place have?' she wondered.

Shrugging she figured she would find out soon enough. Lowering her head back to its normal level she raised her hand over her head. Sooner sounded better than later.

In seconds a ball of energy formed in her hands and the power within it whipped around her like the winds of a high class hurricane. The sheer force being emitted from it caused slash marks to form on the hard stone all around her and would have likely decapitated an unsuspecting demon, if not completely disembody one.

With the simple flick of her index and middle finger the energy ball flew from her hands and crashed through the ceiling. A secondary explosion quickly followed after it, telling her that a trap had been waiting right above her on the next level.

Debris fell from the gaping hole she had just made, but none of it hit her, instead it all fell around her as if an invisible shield had been put in place. Dust blew high into the air and all the noise from the explosion reverberated irritatingly around her.

Looking up a deep frown came to rest upon Eclipse's features and her eyes narrowed into a fierce glare. Even through the dust and small bits of debris were still falling she could tell something was not quite right. With great ease she jumped up to the level above her and found just what had troubled her.

The amount of energy she had put behind the charge had not been meager by any measure yet it had only succeeded in penetrating one level and, by the look of the ceiling, half of the next. So King Yama was smarter than she had thought. She smirked, 'if he keeps this up things might just get interesting.'

Turning her gaze downward she judged the stone beneath her feet to be around two yards thick. It was the perfect thickness for traps to be imbedded within it and it also appeared that some sort of ancient seals were placed upon it, which would explain why her energy had not gone far. Over all it was nothing she couldn't handle, but it would be cumbersome.

With shrug Eclipse formed another ball of energy within her hands, this one much more powerful than the last and casually flicked it up towards the ceiling. Before the dust and debris had a chance to settle she was making her way up through the gaping holes, using her energy to feel out when her path was cut off, which happened to be three floors up.

At the rate she was going she figured it would take a while to get to the top of the retched place.


Koenma cringed as he felt yet another rumbled beneath his feet. Whatever Eclipse was doing in the bowels of his palace could not be good. Thankfully, or perhaps regrettably, depending on ones view of the matter, there were several dozen floors between them and the lab the deadly girl had escaped from, which meant there was still time to make preparations and time for panic to continue rising.

"Yusuke," the prince murmured, causing the boy to look his way, "go home."

Startled by this the teen found himself asking, "why?"

"Because there is no need for you to be here," he looked right at the detective. "There is no need for you to die here."

"Tsh," Yusuke flicked his thumb over the tip of his nose. "I figure she'll kill me eventually anyways, so I might as well go down fighting here before she regains all her powers." He laughed in his typical 'I'm cool' way, but it did little to conceal the fear swelling within him.

Koenma forced a smile. There was no doubt that he was glad that the boy, a good friend of his, was going to stay, but he had wanted to make the option of leaving clear to him. It wouldn't have been fair any other way.

Glancing back at the screen he watched as his trap makers went about their tasks with grim faces. Their expressions matched the feeling lingering in the air and it seemed almost as if everyone in the palace had given up hope before the real terror had even arrived.

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Yusuke lifted his hand and pointed his index finger directly at Eclipse. "Move one more muscle…" he let the threat linger in the air. He wasn't sure what he would have said, but either way he doubted it would have even fazed the woman, who now gave him an amused look.