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Ever since James and Lily's 1st year at Hogwarts they've hated each other. Now it's their 7th year and after an terrible quidditch accident,James loses his memory. He forgets everything. Including Lily Evans. . .

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Chapter 1-It's Always Lily Evans' Fault


"POTTER SHOOTS AND. . .SCORES! YES! THAT'S ANOTHER 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!" Remus yelled,commentating a quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

It was late November and snowing. The quidditch pitch was full with the fans though.

James Potter,a Gryffindor 7th year/Head Boy,grinned and waved to the crowd of adoring fans.

He winked at some 6th year Ravenclaws. They smiled and waved to him. He waved back.

James then turned his attention to the Gryffindor section. That's where the cheers were loudest. There was Remus,one of his best friends and fellow Marauders. Next to him was Peter Pettigrew,also one of his best friends and fellow Marauders.

A few rows down was the 7th year girls. Alice Johnson and-Hestia Jones? She was a Ravenclaw 7th year. He shrugged. Hestia was close friends with Emmeline,Alice,and. . .her. That's probably why she was seating there.

James look to the next to Hestia. His eyes narrowed and he gripped his broomstick tighter. There she was. She was so annoying. Always getting him in trouble. Always tattling on him like a bloody 4-year-old. It was always her fault.

She was the exact opposite of him. She was the Perfect Head Girl(Yes,she was his head partner,argh). He was the Perfect Troublemaker. She did 5 rolls of parchment essays. He did 1/2 roll of parchment essays. She was always on time for class. He was always fashionably late. She was a teacher's pet. He was a teacher's nightmare.

Sure she was popular and even he grudgingly admitted she was pretty. She had many friends,kind to everyone(except him),very talented with magic,tutored younger students,had a fair share of admirers. . .the list goes on. A shorter way to describe her:The Perfect Student Model.

James glared at her. She wasn't watching him,looking rather in the opposite direction,cheering for one of the other Gryffindor chasers,Emmeline Vance. She never cheered for him. Of course he never wanted her cheering for him.

Wondering who she is?

Lily Evans,of course.

James Potter ha-no. He didn't hate anyone. Not really. He just really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really disliked Lily Evans.

The feelings were mutual of course and he doubted they'd ever change.

James was knocked out of his thoughts as he heard shouts from Sirius Black,his best friend and fellow Marauder. "JAMES,LOOK OUT!"

James turned to his right,where Sirius was pointing. His eyes widened as he saw a bludger speeding towards him. He didn't have time to move before the bludger hit him right in the head. James flew off his broom and fell. . .and fell. . .and fell. . .and fell. . .Crunch.

'Stupid Evans. It's always her fault. If she hadn't of distracted me-Whoa. . .it's getting dark. Since when has it been dark?' Those were James last thoughts before everything became dark and he was lost in unconciousness.


"He looks very pale." A worried voice said.

"I don't see why he would. He only fell over 100 feet." Another voice said sarcastically.

James groaned and tried to sit up.

"James! Er,don't move. Madame Pomfrey said don't move. So. Don't. Move." A voice said panicking.

"Oh calm down,Sirius." A new voice said.

James slowly opened his eyes and blinked rapidly. Everything was blurry.

"Here,Mate." Someone said,handing him a pair of glasses.

James quickly put them on and sat up,holding his head from the throbbing pain he was feeling.

"How are you feeling?" Someone asked.

James looked up and slowly examined his surrounding. There were three boys sitting around him with anxious faces. There were also lots of flower,cards with 'Get well soon!',and chocolate.

"Ok,I guess. My head hurts like I just fell over 100 feet though."

The one closest to him with black hair and grey eyes chuckled,"You did fall over 100 feet."

"I did?" James asked confused. He didn't remember that. Actually he didn't remember anything about anything.

"Yeah,don't your remember?" The one next to the boy with black hair said

The black haired boy spoke,"You were glaring at Evans and not paying attention. So you didn't notice a bludger heading straight for you. I swear that girl is going to be your death."

James furrowed his brow,"Evans? Who's Evans?"

The three boys sat with their mouths open,staring at James.

"You don't-"

"Mr.Potter,your awake! Wonderful,wonderful! Mr.Black can you go inform the Headmaster and Professor Mcgongall,please?" A plump short women asked.

"Right." The black hair boys said standing up,sending James a quizzical look before walking out of the-wait. Where was he?

It look like some kind of hospital. There was many beds and bottles of gross looking liquids in them. No doubt they were medicine of some sort. Also everything was white,except the walls and floor which were stone.


"Mr.Potter? That's my name? Potter?" James asked quickly.

Madame Pomfrey frowned and looked at James funny,"Why of course Dear Boy,James Potter. Don't you remember?"

James shook his head,"Where am I?"

"The Hospital Wing." One of the two boys answered.

The smaller boy,who hadn't spoken at all looked about ready to burst into tears.

"Do you remember anything at all,Mr.Potter?" Pomfrey asked.

"Er,no. Nothing." James answered,picking up a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans,taking a green one out and poping it in his mouth. He spit it out quickly in disgust.

The bean hit the smaller boy in the forehead,"Ow. . ."


"Ok,so I'm James Potter,your Remus Lupin. Your one of my best friends and a fellow Moper-"

"Marauder. We're trouble-makers." Remus cut in.

"Right,right. We've been friends since 1st year along with. . .you,Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black the one that left a while ago. We're at Hogwarts School of. . .Witchcraft and Wizardry learning. . .

magic." James said.

"Right." Remus and Peter nodded.

"Who's Evans?" James asked. "Oh,she's-"

"Mr.Potter so good to see your up." A tall man with blue eyes and a long white beard said walking up to James' bed,along with the boy called Sirius.

"Er,yes. . .who are you?" James asked uncertainly.

Dumbledore looked at James curiously over his spectacles,then at Madame Pomfrey,"My name is Albus Dumbledore." He said shaking James' hand.

This gesture somehow seemed funny to Peter,for he started giggling madly,which turned to loud snorts. He finally stopped after Remus smacked him over the head.

"You see,Albus? He's lost his memory. I don't know if it's permenant,but I can brew up a potion for him that will bring his memory back. It will take several monthes to brew,but it will work." Madame Pomfrey said examining a large book then handing it to Professor Dumbledore.

"Alright,let's give this potion a try." Professor Dumbledore said after a few moments of silence,reading over the potion.

He turned to the Marauders,"Until then you will have to help Mr.Potter with school,and just remembering things in general. Oh,and make sure Ms. Evans speaks to Mr.Potter about his heads duties."

The Marauders nodded.

"Well,good day. . .It was a pleasure to meet you Mr.Potter." Dumbledore said amused,then walked out of the hospital wing.

"Bye,then Sir." James called.

Sirius rubbed his hands together,"Alright,let's start remembering."


"What? Really? Hahaha. That's funny. Why'd I do that?" James asked as the Marauders were laughing about a prank they did on Snape in 2nd year.

"Well,you see-" Sirius was cut off.

"James Potter,when will you stop messing up your hair and pay attention to the game!" A feminine voice said at the edge of his bed.

There were four girls standing there looking at James. Two looking politely at James. One looking impatient and bored,and one looking livid.

"Er,who are-" James tried to ask,but Sirius stopped him.

"James these are the other 7th year Gryffindors,Emmeline Vance," Sirius said pointing to the one who spoke just a second ago. She was tapping her foot,looking at him expectantly. Emmeline was average height girl with blonde hair and light blue eyes.

"Alice Johnson,"Sirius continued,pointing to one of the polite looking girls. Alice was a little on the short side,with brown hair and hazel eyes.

"And Lily Evans." Sirius finished,pointing to the impatient and bored looking girl. James bit back a laugh as he looked at her. Lily had the reddest hair he had ever seen,pretty though,and emerald colored eyes,which were also pretty. She had a scowl on her face as James meet her eyes.

"And she's in Ravenclaw,7th year,Hestia Jones." Sirius said pointing to a girl standing next to Lily with a polite look on her face. She was average height as well,with golden hair and gray eyes.

"Black why are you introducing us? No matter how unpleasant it is to have met Potter,we have met." Lily snapped. The other girls nodded.

"Er,let's go talk." Sirius said standing up,and waving the girls to follow him.

"What's with Lily?" James asked. He couldn't remember what he'd done. Well,he couldn't remember anything at all but still. . .Either he did something wrong or Lily was just a very,very sensitive girl.


"So. . .you don't remember anything? Anything at all? Emma asked.

"No." James replied.

"You don't remember quidditch stradegies?" She asked faintly.

"What's quidditch?" James asked.

Sirius and Emma gasp,"Quidditch is only the best game in the magical world!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Oh,get a grip,guys." Hestia said rolling her eyes.

"How can we get a grip when he doesn't. . .doesn't know what quidditch is! How will he play? Will he play!" Emma asked hyperventilating.

"Relax. Calm down. We'll get through this togther." Sirius fake-sobbed,pulling Emma into a hug(Emma and Sirius aren't going to have crushes on each other,neither is anyone else in the group. At least I doubt it) overdramtically.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

Remus spoke up,"The next game isn't for another month so I'm sure you guys have plenty of time to train him."

Sirius and Emma stopped fake-sobbing and pulled away from each other. "Your brilliant Remus!" They exclaimed happily.

"No. I just use common sense. Something I think you two lack most of the time." Remus said amused.


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