Phantom of the Produce Deparment

Phantom/Erik: Orange (badly deformed)

Christine: Apple

Raoul: Mango

Music of the Fruit

Night time and you're really starving

Lots of fruits you are craving

Apples or bananas?

Oranges or grapes?

Anyway you follow suit

There is the music of the fruit

Slowly, gently

The refridgerator door will open

Grasp it, sense it

One piece or ten?

Open up the tin

Look inside to see what's in

No matter the smell

The music of the fruit is a warning bell

Let your mind start a journey to the sink

Leave all thoughts of the food you ate before

Let you soul let you eat what you want to eat

Only then can you eat the music of the fruit

You alone can make my produce

Help me make the music of the fruit

The Phantom of the Produce


Underneath the counter

Behind the shelf

He's with me in the queue

He's everywhere

And do I taste again?

For now I know

The Phantom of the Produce is everywhere I go


Eat with me once again

Our stange snack

My hunger over you

Grows stronger yet

And though you run from me

To throw up

The Phantom of the Produce has you wrapped up


Those who have tasted your food

Draw back and retch

I am the peel you wear

It's them I scare

Your peel and my sheen

In one combined

The Phantom of the Produce has me now wrapped up

He's there, the Phantom of the Produce!