Hey there people! Well I know this is a bit different than my usual fics with me and my friends but stick with me here! So I do not own Danny Phantom but the OCs are mine and my friends' so ha I win!


Full summary: When Danny gets a new pen pal from a small township outside of Philadelphia, will the strange girl help him realize and admit his feelings for a certain goth girl we all know and love?

Parings: Danny/ Sam and possibly Tucker/OC

Chapter one

The first letters

Hey Danny,

Hey what's up? Well uh, Ryoko Denton est mihi… sorry! I just got done my horrible Latin homework so don't mind me! But anyway well here look over my answers and send back your own alright? Okay enjoy!

Name: hold on (checks underwear) R-Y-O-K-O D-E-N-T-O-N… oh yeah Ryoko Denton!

Nick name: Lillee and Elphaba do not I will repeat DO NOT CALL ME EITHER OR THOSE NAMES!

Age: immortal! (insert evil laughed here) but my human standards it would be around 14

B-Day: March 23 the best day of the year by far!

Friends: Sasami Tsukino, Dita Chiba, Sadeko Times and Ayeka Elric

Family: Mom (Mira) and Dad (John) with a sister (Skye) and brother (Draco)

School: Cheltenham High

Grade: 9th (tear tear)

Music: LINKIN PARK! Oh and Broadway

Favorite movies: well I am obsessed with Tim Burton so 'Nightmare before Christmas', 'Edward Scissor-hands' 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' and all that jazz (starts to sing song from Chicago)

Pets: a white German Shepard puppy named 'Inuyasha'

Favorite show: ANIME!

Favorite food: CHOCOLATE!

Least favorite food: Red meat (poor cows!)

Favorite alcoholic drink: "Vodka" "Vodka? When do you drink vodka?" "When ever" "Do you drink a lot?" "Tons" no I'm just kidding… damn now I really want to watch that movie! Thank you oh so much Danny!

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Dr. Pepper! (if you can't tell I just had some!)

Least favorite drink: Pineapple juice (EWW nasty crap)

Uh… that's all I can think of… so talk to you later

The very hyper dog hanyou,


"Okay…" Sam and Tucker said looking at their friend's computer screen.

"Where did you get a pen pal?" Sam asked sitting next to Danny to reread some of the letter "On a website for people who believe in ghost." Danny said laughing slightly as he copy and pasted the questions onto a new e mail to send his answers back to Ryoko. "What is a dog hanyou anyway?" Tucker asked before reading what Danny was typing.

Dear Lillee,

HA HA yes I just called you Lillee! So anyway can I just ask you now… are you always like that? So to answer your questions enjoy…

Name: Danny Fenton unlike you I don't have to check my underwear

Nick name: none, unless you count the ones I'm called at school

Age: 14

Friends: Sam Manson and Tucker Foley

Family: my parents and an older sister named Jazz

School: Casper High

Grade: 9th

Music: anything really, I never got what was so great about Broadway though sorry,

Favorite movies: well I like horror movies.

Pets: none, but what kind of a name is Inuyasha?

Favorite show: none,

Favorite food: gonna have to agree with you on that one

Least favorite food: Tofu, my friend Sam once got me to try it… (fake barfing noises)

Favorite alcoholic drink: uhh… okay none

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: regular soda, Coke-a-cola

Least favorite drink: once again gonna have to agree.

So anyway it seems like we have some things in common. So why were you in that 'Ghost R Real' chat thing for anyway… you didn't mention anything about them. But then again that would be a weird conversation "Hey I like hanging around with dead people's spirits!" but anyway talk to you later Elphaba (ha ha I would love to see what you could do to me!)


Danny Fenton

P.S: Me and Tucker want to know what a dog hanyou is!

Ryoko sat in her computer room before hearing the 'You got mail!' sound go off. "Thank you Sir Callahan!" she yelled before two of her friends Sasami and Dita came into the room looking for her. "Ryoko, are we going to Go-Karts or what?" Sasami asked being inpatient. "Hold on, let me check my mail" Ryoko said clicking on the mail box icon.

"Who is 'Halfa1267'?" Dita asked leaning over Ryoko's shoulder

"He's my new pen pal… Danny Fenton." Ryoko said clicking on the letter and opening it so her friends could read it as well. "He called me Lillee!" Ryoko yelled looking at the first line of the page and continued to read down, gasping at certain moments where she was either truly offended or just couldn't believe he wrote that. "I'm going to hurt this boy!" Ryoko yelled before Sasami and Dita pulled her wheeled chair away from the computer "Go-Karts!" they both yelled as Ryoko pouted.

"Fine, you guys are mean!" Ryoko went back to her computer and saved the letter before going out of her house with her friends to the local Go-Karts place.

Well I think that will be it for chapter one, I don't know how long or short this fic will be because I just started to write it when I was stuck baby sitting my nephew and had nothing better to do. So enjoy and don't forget to review and flames will be used to keep my computer room warm.