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The horizon was a bright pink, and the world was covered in a hazy mist as dawn approached. Jet stood on a small hill rising up out of the forest, the wind waving back his shaggy hair to reveal an indigo colored bruise on his forehead. He held himself rigidly, a large bag under his right eye as his left was covered by the strip of cloth he had tied on to hold his head wound shut.

Jet's hand rested on the dagger strapped on his belt as he looked back at the land he had traveled in the night, a dark tower the size of a toy in the distance. A smirk played around his lips. It quickly died as he turned his gaze northward, his keen eye sight barely making out a flying bison's shadowy form.

Just like him, the Avatar had escaped.

Jet ground his teeth together. Why was he the one who always lost whenever he came face-to-face with the Avatar and his friends? Rage vibrated his being as the white blotch finally faded out of sight.

He didn't care if he had to send out every assassin in the Earth Kingdom; he would make them pay, even if he couldn't do it himself! Yes, that was what he would do. The smirk returned to Jet's battered face. As soon as he got back to his freedom fighters he could rest and carry out his plan to try and assassin the Avatar and his companions.

Jet winced as his throbbing head ache worsened, feeling like a sledge hammer was being slammed in between his eyes and behind his head; to make it even worse it was accompanied by the throbbing of his back.

Trying to ignore the pain, Jet's eyes roved back to the Fire Nation tower he had escaped. By now, Lazar would have a party riding out after him and the Avatar.

Jet shaded his eyes when suddenly the sun burst over the horizon, bright rays shining down at the earth, blinding in all its glory.

Jet grinned, taking it as a sign. He, too, would rise over his enemy and be victorious. He would rise from the ashes and prove everyone wrong!

Still grinning maliciously, Jet turned away from the sunrise and disappeared into the forest.


The first thing Aang was aware of was the smell of pine trees and the cool night wind blowing on his face.

Wondering where he was, Aang tried to open his eye lids; but they felt weighted down by bricks and after three minutes he just gave up, instead listening to see where he was. His entire body felt weighted down, like he had a ton of rocks on top of him.

The next thing he was aware of was the soft pop and crackle of a fire. Feeling panicked that he couldn't see what was going on Aang struggled to open his eyes, the only part of his body that would to some extent respond to his mind.

His paranoia increased when he heard the sound of a knife being sharpened and he struggled to remember what had happened to him.

He remembered everything clearly up until when he saw Jet attack Katara. Then, everything was a fast paced blur that his muddled mind couldn't penetrate. Aang was jolted out of his thoughts when his head was lifted up and cool water poured down his throat.

If he was captured, what was he doing out in the middle of a forest with someone caring for him?

Finally Aang was able to open his eyes, although he only managed to open them a crack. Katara's concerned face was bent over him, water hovering at her finger tips.

She gasped when she saw that his eyes were open and the water left her control, splashing onto Aang's tunic. He didn't notice as her ice blue eyes grew wide and she stared at him wordlessly.

Wasn't she happy to see him? Aang wondered as the Water Tribe girl continued to stare at him, her face blank even though her eyes turned a darker blue.

"Hey Katara," Aang croaked, his voice slightly harsh from being unused.

Her face broke out into a beautiful smile and she bent down and grabbed him in a bear hug. Aang couldn't help but groan at the painful hug even though he was enjoying it. Much to his dissatisfaction Katara immediately pulled away, a look of regret on her face.

"Sorry Aang," She said, a thread of guilt working its way into her voice. Suddenly the sound of weapon sharpening ceased and footsteps made their way over to where Aang lay on the forest ground, covered with a blanket by the small camp fire.

Sokka's face appeared over Katara's shoulder, all of the wounds on his face gone thanks to Katara.

"Hey, you're awake!" Sokka exclaimed, a hint of relief in his navy blue eyes.

"How long was I asleep?" Aang managed to say, trying to sit up and failing miserably.

"Six days," Katara said quietly, gently pushing him back to the ground. Aang's mouth would have dropped open if the muscles in his face didn't feel like they were frozen in place.

"Katara thought you were never going to wake up," Sokka said matter-of-factly as Katara blushed, "I told her to shut up and stop worrying but she wouldn't listen to me." Sokka added, shooting Katara an 'I-told-you-so' look.

Katara made a face at Sokka before turning back to Aang, who was listening to Sokka with a gleam in his eyes.

"How do you feel?" Katara asked him, turning her back to Sokka and effectively changing the subject.

Aang would have shrugged if he could. "I feel like I was hit by a ton of rocks."

Sokka grunted, walking away from Aang and resumed sharpening his knife from across the fire, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like: "that's probably the understatement of the year" under his breath.

Aang looked at Katara's face as well as he could in the dim lighting, frowning as he tried to remember. When he couldn't his frown deepened, and Katara just sat beside him staring up at the stars blankly.

"Katara…" Aang began slowly. Katara glanced down at him.

"Yes Aang?"

Aang chose his words carefully. "What….what exactly happened after Sokka and I found you in the prison cell with Jet?"

"You mean you can't remember?" Katara asked, alarm on her face.

"No," Aang answered miserably. "Its just one big blur."

The sound of sharpening paused again and a long silence ensued, and even the crickets in the grass were quiet.

"Well then," Katara said softly, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence. "I suppose you want to know what happened."

Aang didn't even need to answer, as it was apparent that he did as he stared expectantly at Katara's troubled face. So with a sigh, Katara told Aang everything that happened at the tower, with Sokka putting in his two cents every now and then.

"So where are we now?" Aang asked when Katara had finished, looking around the wooded area he was in with interest.

"We're on the outer edges of the Miya forest right now," Sokka answered for her as he leisurely ate a pear. "Soon we'll be at the northern Earth Kingdom Mountains."

Aang's eyes suddenly lit up at Sokka's words, an excited grin covering his face.

"That's where the Northern Air Temple is!" He sputtered in excitement, pulling himself up on his elbow. "Did you guys know that there are story tellers in the villages at the bottom of the mountains? We have to go see them!" Aang babbled, waving his hand around to underline his words.

Katara laughed like she hadn't done since her capture and laid her hand on Aang's shoulder.

"Sure, Aang, we can go see the story tellers," Katara said. "But...if we want to reach the Northern Water Tribe as soon as we can, we probably shouldn't stop at the Air Temple," She added gently, hoping Aang wouldn't get angry.

The air bender looked disappointed, but he agreed nevertheless.

"Great, now that's that all settled, can we get have something to eat?" Sokka said lazily as he leaned against the back of a tree, his knife lying at his side along with the stone he was using to sharpen it.

Katara rolled her eyes as Aang chuckled, lying back down against his blankets. Katara stood up from her spot by Aang and quickly threw Sokka a papaya, aiming for his head as the Water Tribe boy stared into the woods.

Aang couldn't resist laughing at Katara's dumbfounded expression as Sokka caught the fruit effortlessly, shooting the girl a scornful glance before he started eating it.


The next day was spent quietly as Aang recuperated a little more, stretching out his muscles and practicing his air bending for a couple minutes throughout the day. Sokka was out foraging as Katara bent over the campfire and made a weak broth with the little herbs she could find.

Aang was sitting by her, Momo riding on a ball of air as he sent it whizzing around the campsite, sometimes flying right over Katara's head and making her braid whip around.

Suddenly the Water Tribe girl stopped what she was doing and sat down by the air bender.

"Aang," She started, looking at the boy so gravely that he stopped what he was doing and stared at her expectantly as Momo fell into his lap with a squawk.

"I want to thank you for saving me." She said simply, gratitude in her eyes.

Aang shrugged, somewhat surprised. "You don't to thank me for that Katara," He said cheerfully. "After all, what are friends for right?"

Katara smiled and surprised Aang by giving him a bear hug. "Thanks Aang," She repeated as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Aang turned a peculiar shade of red as he stuttered: "N-n-no problem Katara."

She smiled again and stood up, just as Sokka came into the clearing, holding his cheek with one hand as he grumbled about stupid scorpion bees.


That night, Aang finished tying down some bundles onto Appa's saddle as Sokka climbed aboard with a last minute bag of berries. The wind raced through the trees, sending some leaves flying overhead as Katara doused the camp fire and then climbed up Appa.

"Aang's turn," Sokka said bluntly as he pulled a blanket over his head and turned his back to Katara, cutting loose a couple meaningful fake snores.

"Its okay Katara," Aang said quickly as Katara's hand reached to untie Aang's borrowed water skin, "I feel fine." After glancing at Aang doubtfully, she shrugged. "Okay, if you're up to it," She said as she leaned against Appa's saddle. They shared a smile before Aang climbed aboard Appa's head and gripped the reins.

"Appa, yip yip," Aang said absently, his thoughts focused on a certain Water Tribe girl.

Aang's heart soared with the familiar sensation of plunging into the air as Appa brought his large tail down and sent them high into the sky, the night wind blowing into Aang's happy face.

Everything's okay, Aang thought in contentment. We saved Katara, Zuko hasn't attacked us, and soon I'll be at the North Pole.

Just as Aang thought this, the moon came out from behind her shroud of clouds and beamed down at the trio as they disappeared into the night to the adventures that awaited them.

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