Well, I finally decided to take up writing this story again! Yay! –trails off as crickets chirp- Bah. I've re-edited some parts, cleaned up others and even put chapters together so they're nice and long for your reading pleasure! Without further adieu, I proudly present to you the revised edition of Stranded!

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Something was wrong. The small spacecraft had shuddered violently like some sort of giant animal, almost like something had sideswiped the ship. Normally, such a ship of this size, small as it was, could take a blow and still retain normal status, but whatever had hit the ship had damaged something critical as the system readings now told him. Agitated clicking emerged from the solidly built figure that had emerged from the doorway, appearing from the air almost like magic. Nearly inaudible footsteps echoed around the empty space as he stalked over to the controls, but he had failed to take into account the fact that the ship was threatening to destabilize. Making a tortured squealing noise, the ship suddenly bucked and tilted alarmingly to one side, sending the startled warrior sprawling, a grunt emitting from him as the wind was momentarily knocked out of him.

With a growled oath, the Yautja fought the ship's frenzied movements had staggered to his bare feet, clawed hands reaching out to grasp the pilot's chair in an attempt to steady himself. Using his height to his advantage, Bti Jfl leaned over the leather bound chair, muscle bound arms reaching across so his thick digits could type frantically across the computer interface. Harsh intelligible language, unrecognized by anyone except his kind, yammered back a response. By the reaction of the male, the answer hadn't been a good one. Mandibles clacking against each other in aggravation, Bti Jfl muttered some unrepeatable words under his breath, hands balling up into fists.

Like the ship was mocking him, it plunged once again, but this time, the Yautja had been prepared for it and simply grabbed at the back of the chair, maintaining his balance. Balefully glaring at the computer, he sighed mentally before seating himself in the amply sized chair. Gods, how he hated electronic mumbo jumbo! Talons clicking as they hit against the smooth metal surface, he fought against the ship's own mechanics, and failed rather miserably. Finally loosing his temper, he lashed out with a meaty fist, and was immediately rewarded with a shower of sparks spraying from severed wires. In an almost gleeful way, the lighting went out, plunging him into pitch darkness save for the occasional spark. Not really noticing the darkness that prevailed in the ship, for his vision was based on heat signatures, the male sighed with self-disgust.

Ruefully regretting the fact that he ad foolishly lot his temper and possibly ended his own life, he cautiously tapped on the face of the computer, managing to control his relieved sigh as the computer spluttered back to life despite having a large hole in the upper parts of its wiring. Sending a silent thanks to the Goddess for watching over him, he ran a status check, and was dismayed to find the condition of the ship had sunk beyond 50.

Resisting the urge to simply stick his wrist blades in something, Bti Jfl let an explosive curse blast from his inhuman throat as the ship's system stubbornly refused to respond to his typed commands. Emotionless mask moving back and forth as he stared at the damage he had caused when he had lashed out earlier, he gave himself another mental kick, all the while berating himself. You stupid pauk-de fool! You should not have lost your temper like that! As to vertify his unspoken statement, the ship groaned and shuddered violently again, nearly unbalancing the towering figure before he remembered the chair located behind him. Hissing the male slumped back into the chair, thick arms moving upwards to rest across his chest. Indeed the image was one of a child pouting because he hadn't gotten his way. Mandibles arranging themselves into the human equality if a frown, he peered at the partially shattered board and couldn't quite resist slamming a fist down on it again. The results were…unexpected.

A shower of sparks flew up from the exposed wiring to land on his unprotected arm. Owing to his cold blooded nature and the thickness of hisskin, he normally could shake off such a small thing like fire sparks, even relish the heat if he was cold, but this was not the average shower of sparks. Superheated by the nature and structure of the wires to a blistering 300 degrees Fahrenheit, they darted upwards, sizzling upon contact with the cool skin. Hooded eyes snapping wide open with surprise, he unleashed a tremendous roar of pain that reverberated throughout the small ship. Bti Jfl, acting on the instincts of a warrior born and bred, clenched his fist and twisted it in such a way that the wrist gauntlet was deployed. With a distinctive 'SNIKT' twin ki'cti'pa shot out of their sheaths and plunged into the unprotected machinery even as Bti Jfl realized what he had just done. Before he had a chance to react, the ship did a 360 spin that left him stretched out on the floor and scrabbling desperately to regain his feet. As it was some living thing in the throes of a horrible seizure, the spacecraft made a hideous screech and jerked drunkenly to one side. The hapless Yautja was too astonished to react in time, and his frame made a dull "thud" as he banged into the unyielding wall.

Stifling a groan as his muscles screamed at him in protest for the abuse he was lavishing upon them Bti Jfl managed to struggle to his feet just as the gravity unit decided to die. Instantly, the metal mask covering his domed head was introduced to the ceiling in a rather unpleasant manner, and he dazedly stared at the Buirs that were winging their way around his vision. Struggling to keep the looming darkness at bay, he didn't notice as a certain blue planet slowly moved into view in front of the opaque shield board. Before he finally succumbed to the beckoning darkness that promised rest and pleasant dreams, the last thing he saw was the computer faintly flickering with jumbled words, the particular words, "Umbri hin quinti in felring jhuts" jumping out at him before all went dark.

Rough human translations:

Pauk-de- fking

Ki'cti'pa- wrist blades

Buirs- bat-like winged mammals that live on the Yuatja world

Umbri hin quinti in felring jhuts- Faisia (Earth) contact in ¾ of a rotation (5 hours)

Bti Jfl means Big One