Chapter One--- And That's All

I didn't understand it. I've always been told, "Do what your heart tells you. Don't just go with the flow. Be brave enough to be different. You'll be better for it." But I wasn't better for it. Or maybe I just didn't think I was. I did exactlywhat my father had told me.I was brave enough to be different. But it didn't feel like bravery, it felt like scorn. As if everyone hated me for being me.

"Look, there goes that weirdo...he's so creepy!" I half-heartedly glared at the girl before continuing on. I was used to those comments. Still stung a bit though. I just don't get why I can't be different. What's so bad

"There goes the Ice Princess...wonder if he found anyone who can thaw him out yet." The boy gave his friends a suggestive grin and I heaved a sigh. Another day and that's all.

Sometimes I wish I could be normal. Have friends like normal people. A normal life. But then I slap myself and thank god that I've got what I got, got the friend I do and that I'm even alive. It's not so bad being myself...but...does it have to be so bad?

"Squall." The rough voice startled me from my head. I give her a small, small smile and she nods in approval.

"Assignment?Partners?" I nodded. Fujin was my best friend. The only one who haseveraccepted me for who I am from the start and never had a problem with me being me. Maybe it was because she was just as "weird" as I am. She could be pretty, if she didn't look so different. But I think that's what makes her beautiful. The absolute rarity in her features.

"Sure. When have we not been partners?" Fujin thought about this and went back to her drawing. We've never not been partners.

"Class? We've have two new students. Seifer Almasy and Quistis Trepe." Ms. Mintis gestured to the two blonde's and I eyed them critically. They seemed normal enough, just like everyone else. Typical popular looks with that glimmer of wealth. But who was I to cast judgement?

"Have a seat right...let's see...hmm..there's seats on either side of Fujin and Squall." The two of us looked up in unison and then back down. I knew that the rest of class was giving them pitying looks. As if to say, "You poor kids. You're going to catch their disease and be outcasts just like them."

Whatever. Fujin traded a glance with me and I shrugged. No, I wasn't going to bother trying to befriend them. It was pointless.

"Hey..." The blonde guy smiled a bit at me and I just stared at him like he was crazy.

"...Hi..." He laughed a bit and turned his attention up to the teacher. I liked his eyes. They were a bright, proud green but if you looked just enough, they were kind.

Maybe he wouldn't be so bad. What was his name again? I was going to ask when that...girl...waltzed her way up to him, that fake smile plastered all over her face.

"Hiya! I'm Rinoa, but you can call me Rin. You want me to show you around?" She giggled a bit, a sound that never ceased to annoy me beyond reason. Seifer seemed to enjoy it.

"Sure, thanks." She giggled and went back to her desk, swaying her hips in a really funky way, trying to be sexy and (in my opinion anyways) failing miserably. So I guesshe wasn't different after all.

"Squall." Fujin poked me. I raised a brow and she held up her drawing. It was a picture of Rinoa's head exploding. I laughed.


The class looked at me and I just looked back down at my own empty sketch pad. Damn.

"What's so funny?" Seifer asked, oblivious to the looks I was getting. I shook my head and didn't answer.

"Ok. Well."

"Class? May I have you attention? I've changed my mind. I will be deciding your groups." Fujin and I stared at each other. I prayed to anyone that would listen that Fujin and I would be together. Lady Luck apparently didn't like me much either. Surprise, surprise.

"Squall, Rinoa and Selphie." My life is over. Then again, it never really started so I guess I'm no worse off then I was when I woke up this morning. Fujin snickered at me.

"Fujin uh...oh! How about Fujin, Seifer and Irvine?" I grinned smugly at her. Irvine hit on anything that breathed. I didn't really care about Seifer.

"Fujin huh? Cool name." Fujin raised a brow at Seiferand went back to her drawing, ignoring the two completely.

"She doesn't talk much does she?" Seifer asked me. Why was he still talking to me? Didn't make much sense to me.

"...Not really." Seifer shrugged and looked at what my friend was drawing at the moment and nodded approvingly.

"Come on Seifer, don't hang out with them. It's just not right." Rinoa whisked him away. Well, at least it was quiet. I watched him from the corner of my eye, laughing easily with Rinoa though he played nervously with the thick wrist bands he sported, glancing down at them, a far off look in his eyes for a moment.


--- Fujin Pov-- (-+-)

I was kind of interested in learning about Seifer. He seemed well enough. I mean, he talked to us didn't he? That was a good sign. But then, Rinoa would be sure to tell him something like Squall and I belonged to some cult that sacraficed rabbits on Easter or something.

Ok, just because we nailed a stuffed bunny to a cross one Easter and put it in the front lawn of the church... it was stuffed I remind you. Some people can't take a joke.

I felt goose bumps along my sking and I rubbed my arms, my fingers brushing over a few small reminders of last night. Of how human I was. I decided to ignore it.

"Hey..Fujin? Whose...Zell?" I nearly laughed. I pointed to the tattoed blonde asleep in the back.Quistis groaned.

"I always get stuck with the lazy ones. Just great." I decided to help her out. Call it the season. Whatever. Ms. Minits agreed to put Quistis in my group and put Irivne and Zell in one. Suckers.

"Seifer! I'm in your group." Seifer grinned at her and turned back to his conversation with Rinoa. Whore.

"That's really good." I looked at Quistis to find her hovering over my picture. It was some sort of dragon or something. Hell if I know, I just draw. I never plan anything, least of all my art.

"Thanks." And that was all.

---Seifer-- (+)

Good god, did the idiot never shut up! I wasn't even listening any more. Bitch didn't have anything good to say about anyone but herself. Self centered little priss. I hated those kinds of people.

The ones who could never see past money and looks and what kind of connections you had. Hell, she couldn't even see I was the last person she wanted to be talking to. I was the last person I wanted her to be talking to.

Damn, I was infintely preferring the company of that Squall guy and his quiet albino girlfriend. At least what they said was important and to the point. That's all.

"Listen, I gotta go."


"Away." I walked back to Quistis, barely registering her telling me she was in my group with Fujin. Great.

Quistis was my foster sister. I was hoping herparents would adopt me. Quistis was great, a bit bossy, but sweet as honey. It was better then nowhere. Sometimes she would tell me not to wish so hard to live with her, but I could never understand why.

Her father was great, had some money too and best of all, it seemed he wanted me around. I had a history of...' bad behavior' but that didn't seem to bother him. Alan spent alot of time with me and didn't really ever get mad.

"Seifer!" A boot met my shin and I swore, glaring down at Fujin.

"Pay attention!" She snapped and proceed to tell us, rather choppily, that we would be doing our history presentation at Squall's house later on today. Hey, great.

Maybe it would give me a chance to talk to him. He seemed so quiet and sad. I hated to see that look on anyone's face. I just...I don't know. It seemed to remind me that no matter how well my life was going, someone else's was about to crash and burn.

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