Chapter Eight---Kiss and Control

The teens hiding in Fujn's room listened. It was mostly quiet. They had no idea what horrors were taking place outside that door and they were afraid to find out. So they waited,prayed and waited some more. All the group really knew was that they needed help. Now.

But how?


Fujin opened her eyes very carefully, her ears ringing and her entire body on fire. She frowned, struggling to breath. It was then she realized what was going on. He was on her again. Touching her again. Raping her again. She thought of struggling but thought better of it. He was stronger then she was. He wasn't hurting her mother. That's what mattered right now.

His lips stung her skin, as soft as they were and his hands might as well have been branding irons for all they burned their mark into her. She could feel a hardness pressing into her thight as he continued his exploitation of her body. A hardness that would be sated in her. Again.

Tears rolled down her face, ignored by the man above her as he forced his lips to hers, forced his tongue inside her mouth. Made her kiss him back. Fingers worked quickly at her shirt, tossing it aside before sliding around her back, unclasping her bra. Shame ate away at Fujin as he touched her, took his mouth from hers and moved down slowly, licking and sucking in ways that were not meant for a father and daughter. In ways that forced her body to enjoy it while her mind reeled in agnoy of what he did to her. Of what her body liked.

A slicked trail was left down her stomach as he reached the waistline of her panties. Crimson eyes smiled at her. Large hands held her hips firmly in place and the older man knew she knew better then to protest, knew better then to make any noise. And he knew she would let him fuck her again. So long as he didn't hurt Akira, he could have Fujin.

"Tell me you want it, Fujin." Vincent slid her underwear down slowly, felt her tense under him. She looked away, ashamed and breathing heavily. Her body wanted it, her mind hated it. Her body would win. He grabbed her throat and kissed her.

"Tell me you want it." Fujin swallowed hard, closing her eyes so she didn't have to see him.

"...I..I want it."

"Good girl." Rought fingers were thrust into her, making her back arch, pushing his weight up with her as he pumped his hand against her, meeting the thrust of her hips. The sounds of her sobs were ignored.

His hands fumbled for the button to his jeans as he released himself from the confines of denim and replaced his fingers with something much larger. She bit back a whimper. He only enjoyed it that much more. Because when she did, he only got hotter, made her do other things.

Things that were so much worse then what was happening now.


Seifer could hear the moans of the man in the living room and Quistis covered her mouth in disgust. Squall noticed the open window for the first time. The open, screenless window. Fujin had often come to his house late at night, no explanation, only a yawn and slept on the floor. Now he knew how and why.

"Stay here. Just...I'll be back. I'm getting help." Squall, with the help of Seifer, was out the window and on the ground without a single sound. The only problem was the fact that he had to pass the living room window to get to the main street.

Getting down on his stomach, he crawled. Slowly, quietly. Praying that he wasn't caught, praying that Fujin could hold on.

And praying that bastard got the chair.

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