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Harry Potter didn't know why he wanted to go to boarding school. He stood in front of his formidable freshmen dorm feeling like a speck of dust next to the towering brick building.

"Hurry up, Harry, and bring your stuff in!"

Oh, right, that's why.

He sighed and proceeded to drag his large suitcase toward the dorm. At least at this school none of the students would know who he was. Most grownups, upon seeing his name, then ask him if he is the Harry Potter. As in the Harry Potter that survived the bomb in Lily and James Potter's house when he was only a one-year-old boy. Harry was sick of those questions.

He eventually got his giant bag up the stairs to his second floor room without any help at all. It wasn't as though he expected his aunt and uncle to help him out, even though they did want to leave as soon as possible. This was why Harry wanted to leave. Although at the moment, he was worried that maybe coming to this place was worse than living with the meanest aunt and uncle imaginable.

There was a sign on his door. "Harry" it read. He looked at the door next to his. "Ronald". Across from him were "Dean" and "Seamus", and "Neville" was at the end of the hall. Harry rubbed his eyes and yawned before unlocking the door with a key he had just received a few minutes earlier at his mailbox and shoving the bag into his room.

The room was simple, only containing a desk, chair, bed, and bureau. Harry started to unpack. A few minutes later, he could hear loud voices in the hall. The second person to arrive had now done so.

"Oh, Arthur, would you just be quiet and help your son?"

"Molly, I am trying to but you are somewhat in my way."

There was a grunt and the sound of something large and heavy being dropped on the floor.

"Ron, would you come around over here, please?" the second voice asked in a voice that suggested that they were trying very hard to remain calm.

"I can't," said a third voice.

"Why not?"

"You put the bag on my foot."

"Oh, for goodness sake," the first voice said irritably.

There was another grunt and the sound of a dragging duffel bag and someone tripping.

Harry was extremely curious as to what was going on outside, but he continued unpacking without poking his head out the door. Several minutes later, a head did appear in his doorway, though.

"Hello," it said. It was attached to a round woman's body. She entered the room and held out her hand. "Molly Weasley. My son Ron is moving in next door."

"Harry," Harry responded quietly.

Molly Weasley half disappeared out the door to call to her son. He entered the room. He was a tall, redheaded boy covered in freckles with a rather large nose.

"Ron, this is Harry. He'll be living next door to you." Mrs. Weasley had an oddly sweet sounding voice.

Harry and Ron shook hands.

Harry couldn't help but think this whole situation was just a bit strange.


Time for bonding activities, Hermione Granger thought unhappily to herself. Oh, joy. She wanted to puke. She would rather be puking than doing bonding activities. She was sitting in the grass in a big field surrounded by streets and buildings on a day that was way too hot. She was sitting in the circle with five other freshmen and two seniors, one of which was her "senior buddy". All eight of them were in the same "cluster", or grouping of dorms. Hermione's cluster was called Gryffindor. The name alone freaked her out.

How fun.

"Okay, so what we're going to do is all go around in a circle saying our name, where we're from, and something we do," her "senior buddy" said. She was tall with dark hair and a permanent smile spread across her chipper face. "So, I'll start and I'll say that my name is Katie Bell, I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and I play soccer." She finished with a giggle and turned her head to the person sitting next to her, a pretty girl with big eyes and light brown hair.

"I'm, um, I'm Lavender Brown, and I'm from South Carolina," she began in her slight southern accent. "And… Um… I dance!"

Next up was a girl with deep skin and pulled back, jet black hair. "My name is Parvati Patil, I'm from San Francisco, California, and I take French," she said easily.

Next was Hermione's turn. "I'm Hermione Granger," she started quietly, "and I'm from Boulder, Colorado, and I… take Spanish…" That was the only think she was continuing on from what she had done at home. At home, she hadn't played any sports, she didn't do any extracurriculars; there was nothing much for her to say about herself.

Next up was another senior buddy. She seemed to be pretty good friends with Katie. "I'm Alicia Spinnet," she said, showing off her white teeth and tugging slightly on her light brown ponytail, "I'm from New York City, and I play soccer also."

The next girl had dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes. She had an almost evil demeanor about her. "I'm Domino Armstrong, I'm from Dallas, Texas, and I like theater." She shot a strange look at Hermione after finishing her sentence. Hermione shook inwardly.

"I'm California Garcia-Robinson from Phoenix, Arizona," came the next girl extremely loudly. She was wearing a long, flowered skirt and her long blonde hair had strategically placed braids spread around it. She was your stereotypical hippie weirdo. "I like to sing."

And finally it was the last girl's turn. She wasn't overly peppy or really frightening, she just looked genuinely happy to be here. A feeling Hermione wished she could feel. "I'm Rachel Hirsch," she said, "I'm from Sacramento, California, and I run cross country."

Hermione was just about ready to fall over and die.


It was only the first night and already Draco Malfoy had something to complain about; a bedtime.

"This is absurd," he said, grumbling to his newly made friends, Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini. "Why on earth do we have bedtimes? I mean honestly!"

The other two nodded in agreement. This was the way Draco liked it; people under his command.

"At home I wouldn't be going to bed until two in the morning!" he cried. "Not eleven-o-clock! That's ridiculous!"

Theo and Blaise nodded robotically again.

"My parents were right for once," Draco continued, now pacing around his dorm room. "I shouldn't have gone to a school with such a retarded name." He stopped mid-stride. "If I were at any of the other schools that I had applied to, there wouldn't be all these ridiculous rules!"

"Actually," Theo pointed out, "this school has some of the fewest rules of any boarding school in the country."

Draco stared at him. So did Blaise.

"Well," Draco said finally, "that's fucking dumb."

Theo shrugged looked somewhat uncomfortable.

"Where are you from again?" Blaise asked.

"Knoxville, Tennessee," Theo answered. "Where are you guys from?"

"New York City," was Draco's response.

"Beverly Hills, California," came from Blaise.

Theo looked even more uncomfortable.

As long as he listened to Draco he would have no problem here. At least that's what Draco was thinking to himself…


The next day was another day just spilling with bonding activities. After eating breakfast with their senior buddies, groups were assigned to each other and went into a forest behind a girls' dorm to do more activities. Hermione, Parvati, and Lavender combined groups with Harry, Ron, and Neville, and Draco, Theo, and Blaise. Their first activity was to try and get everyone over a wall, only having three people on the ledge on the top of the wall at once. This was nobody's idea of fun. Nobody's.

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?" Ron asked the group as the nine's senior buddies looked on.

"How about we just have two people push a really tall person who can get up there easily to the top and then people just pull and push from there," Draco said quickly, clearly wanting to get this over with.

"Okay. So who's pushing and who's going up first?" Ron asked, looking out into the group.

No one volunteered.

Draco sighed dramatically. "Fine; Blaise and I will push Ron up to the top first, since he's the tallest," Draco announced. "How does that sound?"

Harry turned to Hermione as she surveyed the scene.

"I'm Harry," he said, holding out his hand to shake. She seemed just as lost and nervous as he was.

"Hermione," she said, taking his hand. "Where are you from?"

"Boston," he answered. He had a somewhat prominent accent. "You?"

"Colorado," she answered.

"What dorm are you in?" Harry questioned.

"Uh… Thomas Jefferson," she said, as though the name was somewhat difficult for her to say.

Harry nodded. "I'm in Kennedy."

"Oh, so we're both in… Gryffindor…" Gryffindor was harder for her to say than Thomas Jefferson.

"Yup," Harry responded, turning to face the scene of Ron dangling from the wall and Draco standing angrily below him as Blaise tried to help push the redhead up. "…Good ole Gryffindor…" he said quietly.


A/N: Okay, I have a lot of explaining to do. I had to make up dorms because everyone can't be in the same dorm… I'm trying to make this somewhat like a realistic American boarding school. Also, I had to make up some characters as well, especially since we don't know, for example, any other Gryffindor girls in Hermione's year besides her, Parvati and Lavender. And I would like to point out that there is a girl at the school I am currently attending named Domino, so I'm not just copying the stupid new Keira Knightley movie by making a character named Domino. People are actually named Domino. Apparently. And sorry for any OOC-ness. I'll try to abolish it in the future, but for now, this is what's happening! Please review! Future chapters will be longer! Oh, and if you can suggest a better title, please do so! Because the current one… kind of is in need of changing… (this was an extremely long Author's Note…)