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The only reason why a select group of Slytherin freshman boys ever went to breakfast was because it was on the way to their first period Art class. Otherwise, they wouldn't go. The freshman boys taking Music didn't, as it was completely out of the way from the Music class.

But Blaise dragged Draco along – much to his extreme dismay, might I add – just so he could continue babbling on about his adventures from the previous night.

So that is how Blaise, Draco, Theo, Crabbe, and Goyle all made up a table that morning at breakfast.

"So then I just got sick of it. I just started making out with her. I mean, what's the point in waiting forever if neither of us is going to make the move? I had to just do it."

"You're a brave soul," Draco responded sarcastically, patting his friend on the shoulder roughly. "Now, can I go to class?"

"Draco, you still have fifteen minutes," Blaise retorted. "Do you really need all that time?"

"Well I'd rather show up early to Music than listen to you give the hundredth redition of your Veruca escapades," Draco replied, standing up and pushing his chair back with a loud sqeak that seemed to echo through the quiet Dining Hall.

"Did I hear my name?" the girl waltzed over to the boys in her barely there white cotton skirt and long, beige tank-top. Most of the boys – very much including Blaise – were ogling at her goodies, but Draco had more important things on his mind than trashy hoes that flaunted their junk too often.

"Yeah, and it wasn't in good regards," Draco said, turning and leaving as quickly as he could.

She easily took his seat. "What's his problem?" It was almost as though Veruca had lost her entire seductive and secretive demeanor just because she had made out with Blaise. Now she had reduced herself to just being a total sexpot.

When no one responded, Goyle thought it his civic duty to do so. "He's probably jealous because Blaise –"

The boy in question interrupted the oaf. "Shut up, you idiot."

"Why is he jealous of Blaise?" Veruca prodded.

"No reason," Blaise answered coolly. "Goyle is just misinterpereting Draco's manners."

Veruca looked dubious. "Maybe girls at your old school were total airheads, but we all got into Hogwarts so clearly I'm not." She continued to stare at Blaise as he acted like he didn't get the hint. She then edged her chair closer to the boy's. "Could he possibly be jealous of some action that the two of us got last night that he most likely did not?"

Blaise uncontrollably turned a deep shade of red. "I'm going to head off to Art a little early today and finish up my painting… thing…" He hurriedly got up out of his seat and left the Dining Hall.

Veruca just sat and smirked to herself.


Hermione found herself sitting next to Adrian Pucey again that Monday. He leaned over and started to talk to her. He seemed to be making a habit of this.

"I didn't see you in Dippet on Friday," he said.

She shrugged, getting slightly nervous.

"You really should check it out some time; it's fun," he said.

She let out a small whimper and started copying down the notes from the board for the second time.

There was silence for a minute.

"Listen," Adrian started up again.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Hermione shouted at him in her brain. He was really making her nervous.

"You seem like a really nice girl," he continued. "And you're great at math. So I was wondering if you could maybe… help me out a bit?"

She threw her hand into the air.

"Hermione?" said Ms. McGonagall.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" she squeaked.


She darted out of her chair and out of the classroom.


The week dragged on. Blaise continued to be afraid of Veruca in some sense. It wasn't necessarily that he was afraid of her. More like he was just greatly intimidated and confused by her completely changed actions. She still had a bitchy personality, but suddenly she had become a sex bitch rather than a flat out bitch-bitch.

Hermione sat right in between Cho Chang and Angelina Johnson for the rest of the week. She was trying her hardest to avoid Adrian. He was scaring the crap out of her, to put it simply.

They all awoke to a beautifully dreary day that Thursday with rain pouring down in buckets and the air was uncomfortably sticky. Walking around campus was similar to walking through an endless, sugary waterfall. In some sense.

Ron and Harry would have liked nothing more than to not be experiencing a double Spanish with the hideous and psychotic Ms. Trelawney. She wasn't even a drop hispanic, so why was she teaching them, anyway?

"So get in your groups and rehearse the dialogue," the beaded woman commanded in an airy voice. "I'll be back in a minute to see your performances!"

"So what are we doing?" Ron asked annoyingly, turning to Harry who was sitting next to him and who he assumed was his partner.

"Reading this dialogue from Destinos with our partners so we can perform it for the class when Ms. Trelawney gets back," Harry said. "But I'm not your partner. Lavender is."

Ron's jaw dropped. "What! I'm partners with Lavender?" he asked incredulously. "No! You can't let this happen."

Harry shrugged and turned to Seamus, who was sitting on the other side of him.

"Ron?" Lavender said, tapping on his arm. "Ron, we have to practice."

He turned to face her and let out a weak smile before dully rehearsing the script. He looked up at her as she carefully recited her lines, her southern accent becoming even more prominent as she spoke Spanish. Lavender was undoubtedly a very pretty girl—blonde, petite, and the accent helped somewhat. But she did edge just slightly into the territory of annoying. Well, very annoying.

"¿Dónde está mi hermano Raquel?" Ron said, reading slowly from his script.

Lavender giggled. She had a nice giggle. What?

"It's hermana, not hermano," she explained, smiling broadly.

"What?" Ron said, taking a word from his thoughts.

"Hermano means brother, and Raquel is obviously not his brother." She pursed her lips and then pointed to his script. "Besides, it says hermana, anyway."

"Oh," Ron said. "Right…"


After her double Math, Hermione was done with classes for the day. She headed to the Dining Hall and poked her head inside the room where most of the girls in her dorm ate. She immediately laid eyes on Lavender and Parvati sitting with Ron, Harry, Dean, and Seamus. Her first thought was that she did not want to participate in lunch with that flirtatious group. But she knew that her parents would just get annoyed and tell her that she wasn't trying to make friends. So she told herself that she'd sit with them for this one lunch and never have to do it again. She took a deep breath and joined the short cafeteria line. She grabbed a tray and some silverware and started dragging her tray along the metal bars that ran around where the food was served. As she moved along the line, picking up a hamburger and a large helping of French fries on the way, she heard the familiar clanking of someone dropping their tray next to hers. She looked up automatically and her heart skipped a beat as she lay her eyes on Adrian Pucey and his close friend who was also in their math class, Miles Bletchley.

She continued along the lunch line, not realizing that she was moving just a few paces slower. She automatically assumed that Adrian was going to say something to her. He was right behind her as she filled up two plastic cups with water. She looked at him, they made eye contact, she braced herself for an obnoxious remark, but he didn't speak. He looked back at Miles and continued their conversation.

She couldn't help but feel slightly offended as she pulled her tray out of the line and went to join the girls on her hall at their table. She mentally shook herself, however, and told herself she was being ridiculous. She really was; why would Adrian Pucey say anything to her in the lunchline? He may harass her incessantly during math class, but he was probably just satisfying his boredom by bothering an innocent freshman.

She found the table and took a seat at the end, next to Parvati.

"Hi," she said timidly.

"Hi, Hermione," Parvati and Lavender greeted.

The boys barely acknowledged her presence.

"But can you believe he said that?" Lavender said excitedly, continuing her conversation with the boys.

"God, what an idiot," Dean voiced.

"Yeah, really, who says stuff like that?" added Ron.

"And then she was being all defensive afterwards," said Parvati. "Like, defending everything he did."

"Who is this?" Hermione questioned.

"It's like, okay you're definitely in to him," said Lavender.

"Well, if she did that, I don't think she could make it anymore obvious," said Seamus.

Lavender and Parvati laughed.

"Who are you talking about?" Hermione repeated.

Parvati turned to her and rolled her eyes—not necessarily in a way to put down Hermione, more so to emphasize that the story wasn't of any importance. "No one." She waved her hand dismissively and swirled a French fry around in a pool of ketchup before popping it into her mouth. She licked her fingers before continuing. "It's not important."

Lavender then nudged Parvati in the arm. "Should we ask?" she said to Parvati in a giggly whisper.

Parvati laughed. "Yes!"

Lavender turned to face Harry who was sitting across the table. "Are you on the soccer team with Adrian Pucey?" she asked in a hushed voice, leaning forward.

"Yeah, why?" was Harry's response.

Parvati and Lavender squealed to each other. "He's so hot," they said in unison.

"He's in my math class," Hermione said, edging into the group.

Parvati glanced back at her but didn't say anything.

"You guys like him?" Harry asked.

The girls sighed.

"He's so hot," said Lavender, leaning back and clutching her heart.

I then noticed that Adrian was sitting only a few tables away, easily within earshot of the conversation. I voiced this to the girls. They didn't seem to care. I quickly finished my meal and left the table. No one said a word to me.


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