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Summary: Sequal to "Lost". Olivia needs Elliot's help now more than ever.

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Elliot and Olivia are still married. It has been four years since Isabelle was born. She is in preschool. Elizabeth and Dickie are 17 and seniors in High School. Maureen is engaged, and Kathleen is in college.

"Green shirt heading south on Blvd. Street." Fin said into his radio.

He and Munch were sitting in their car outside of a little Italian restaurant. The squad had been trailing a serial rapist for the past few days. Elliot and Olivia were waiting in their car around the block.

"Copy that." Elliot answered. "He's headin our way." Elliot said, turning his head to Olivia. "You feelin alright?" He asked switching gears, when he noticed how pale Olivia looked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Olivia answered with a meek smile. "Isabelle had me up all night. Every time she moved, she kicked me." She laughed. "I told Dickie not to let her play that zombie video game."

"I got him." Elliot said over Olivia. He caught sight of the perp. He and Olivia casually got out of the car and shadowed him.

The two quietly followed him down the block. Olivia took his side of the street, and Elliot walked on the other side.

It wasn't long before the perp (Michael Billings) made them for cops. Elliot and Olivia knew they were caught by the way his face contorted, and how the color drained from it. They had developed the skill to anticipate perps, and broke into a sprint just as he did.

Elliot bolted across the street in a diagonal path to try to cut Billings off, but he made a sharp turn down an alley way. Fortunately, Olivia was hot on his trail. She turned into the alley right on Billing's heels.

"Stop, Police!" She yelled. Billings was just out of her reach, but she wasn't about to let him get away. Olivia lunged at the perp, the way she had seen both Elliot and Fin do many times before. She was surprised that even under her light weight she was able to bring the perp down.

Billing's legs got caught in Olivia's and he went down, hard. Unfortunately Olivia wasn't able to completely restrain him. He swung at Olivia and made contact with her stomach. She let out a light moan just as Elliot rounded the corner. She grabbed her stomach as she stumbled back.

Elliot took the opportunity to cuff Billings, and read him his rights. Fin jogged up and took him to the waiting squad car.

"You okay?" Fin asked Olivia who was supporting herself against the brick wall of the alley.

Billings had knocked the wind out of her, so all she could dowas nod her head.

"What about you?" He asked Elliot, who had his hands on his knees, and was fighting to catch his breath.

"I'm fine." He said through deep breathing.

Elliot's breathing soon returned to normal and he was ready to get back to the cars.

"Let's get outta here." He said to Olivia as he lead the way back out to the street.

"You sure you're okay?" He added, noticing that Olivia no longer seemed pale, but was now an eerie shade of gray.

"Yeah, I'm…" Olivia began. "Ahhh" She cringed, gripping her stomach as pain shot through her body. She had to reach for Elliot's arm to stop herself from collapsing.

"Liv!" He said urgently gripping his wife around the waist to steady her. "What's wrong?"

"I, I don't know." She said through clenched teeth.

"Cap, call a bus!" Elliot called from the alley.

"I don't need an ambul…" Olivia began to protest as another shock wave of pain screeched through her body. "Ahhh" She moaned in pain again.

"Come on, we're getting you help." Elliot said as he picked Olivia up in his arms. Olivia was in too much pain to protest.

He carried her to a car, and sat her carefully into the back seat as they waited for the ambulance.

"What happened?" Fin asked with concern flooding his voce.

"I don't know, he just punched me. I've been punched before." Olivia answered, still cradling her throbbing abdomen. "But something is definitely not right."

The ambulance arrived in record time. They always seemed to hurry when a call came in saying a cop was hurt. They loaded a now very weak Olivia into the back, and sped away with Elliot in tow.

Once they arrived at the hospital the shooting pains were coming every few minutes. "God, I haven't been in this much pain since I gave birth!" Olivia smiled, trying to lighten the situation.

"Well, we'll figure out what's causing all this pain, and then we can treat it." An ER doctor smiled as he walked over to her stretcher.

"So, what happened?" He asked as the paramedics put Olivia onto an ER cot.

"Some dirt bag hit her in the stomach." Elliot answered for her.

"Have you ever been hit before?" The doctor asked, trying to assess the situation.

"Plenty of times." Olivia answered. It was becoming hard for her to catch her breath.

"Has this ever happened to you before?" The doctor asked.

"No… never." Olivia answered, her face growing white.

"Okay, we're gonna get you in a hospital gown, I need to make sure you don't have any internal bleeding." The doctor said to Olivia in a calm tone. "Mr…" The doctor began, turning to Elliot.

"Stabler." Elliot answered.

"Mr. Stabler, I'm gonna need you to wait over there so we have room to work." The doctor instructed.

Elliot begrudgingly stepped out of the doctor's way, but refused to leave the room. The doctor walked over to a side cabinet to get a pair of gloves, while a nurse pulled the bed curtain closed to help Olivia change into a hospital gown.

"Doctor!" The nurse called suddenly, sticking her head out of the curtain. "You better get in here!"

The hairs on the back of Elliot's neck immediately stood up. He knew something was wrong by the urgency in the nurse's voice.

The doctor rushed into the curtain, followed by Elliot. Both were taken aback by what they discovered.

Olivia lay unconscious in the hospital bed with a pool of blood around her legs.

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