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Later Wednesday night Olivia was stirring pasta on the stove when she heard the scream come from down the hall.

"Oh now what?" She thought with a sigh.

She walked over to her step son's room to find him holding his little sister upside-down buy her ankles.

"What happened?" She asked dryly, folding her arms in fornt of her chest.

"Liv she took my football and drew a happy face on it while I was in the bathroom!" Dickie told her.

"Bella, why did you do that? You know you're not allowed in here." Olivia scolded.

"You said that I couldn't come in her when Dickie isn't home. He's home now!" She protested, still being held by her ankles.

"Do not be fresh young lady or you can look forward to spending the rest of the night in your room." Olivia scolded. "Ah, Rick, could you please putyour sisterdown before she throws up." She added.

Dickie placed his sister back on the floor.

"Now Isabelle, I want you to apologize to your brother, and then you can come with me into the kitchen, and wash his football." She ruled.

Isabelle pouted, but walked over to her brother and huffed, "Sorry." She took the football from him and stomped into the kitchen.

"Thanks Liv." Dickie said.

"Don't thank me until we're sure that marker comes off." Olivia smiled as she returned to her pasta.

Isabelle cleaned off the ball, and was sent to her room until dinner. Olivia was filling plates with pasta when Elliot got home.

"Hey sweetie." He said as he hugged her from behind and kissed her lightly on the neck. "How was your day off?"

"Good. I had lunch with Jill, got some new cloths, got groceries, cleaned a little, oh, and broke up about 5 different fights between all three of the kids." Olivia relayed to him.

Elliot just laughed. He could never get over how much she loved beinga mother t oall five of his kids, even though it usually meant added agravation on her part.

"Dinner!" She called.

AsElliot set the plates on the table she continued her conversation.

"I think I may need a vacation form my vacation." She smiled.

"Well, I'm sure I'll be able to find a way to help you relax tonight." He whispered, rubbing his wife's shoulders,just as the kids were coming to the table.

"Oooh, I look forward to it." Olivia smiled, pulling away to join her family for dinner.

"Oh, good news." Elliot smiled. "Stanley pled out. He took 25 years in exchange for the names of his other hit men. Turns out he's been on the prowl for the perfect mother for a while now." He to took his seat at the dinner table, and poured some juice for Isabelle who wasn't yet at the table. "BELLA!" He called, switching gears for a moment. "Dinner is now!"

Olivia stopped what she was doing, and froze for a moment.

"Are you sure?" She asked, when Elliot was done calling thir absent child.

"Congrats babe." He smiled.

"What are we congratulating?" Elizabeth asked, as she sprinkled cheese on her dinner.

"The guy who abducted Liv is goin to jail." Elliot answered quickly before Isabelle could come in. She hadn't been told about what had happened to her mother.

"Good job Dad." Dickie smiled. "Let's eat!"

After dinner was over and the dished were washed Olivia gave Isabelle a bath, and put her to bed.

By 11 o'clock everyone in the apartment was in their beds.

"You doin okay?" Elliot asked as he made his way into his and Olivia's bed.

"Yes, why do you keep asking me that?" She asked. She was sitting Indian style in the center of the bed. Elliot sat behind her, and pulled her close to his chest.

"A lot has happened these past few weeks. I mean, first the baby, then Stanley. Just making sure you're aright." Elliot said, rubbing Olivia's arms.

"I promise you, I'm okay. I know that I still have so much to be thankful for." She said, turning to face him in the bed. "I have you, and Isabelle, and Maureen, Kathleen, Rick, and Lizzie. I have all my friends." She smiled.

Elliot kissed her gently, and Olivia wasn't ready to let go.

She pulled him down on top of her.

"Why detective, aren't we frisky tonight." Elliot smiled.

"Does that bother you?" Olivia asked.

"Not one bit." Elliot smiled again.

"I love you." She whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I love you too." Elliot said back.

Olivia knew that he meant what he said. He didn't have to tell her, she could just feel all the love he had for her. He showed her every day. She could feel it in his embrace, and in his kisses.

As she made love to him she knew that their bond ran deeper than just the physical.

Lying in his protective arms that night Olivia knew that she had lost a lot, but what she was blessed to keep was so much more than she could have asked for. She had a beautiful daughter, loving husband, and four amazing step children.

She couldn't help but smile as she snuggled closer to Elliot, and drifted into a peaceful sleep. It took an immense loss for her to understand just how blessed she really was, and now she could be thankful for it.

Whatever happened, she knew that she would always have Elliot's strong arms to hold her at night, and his loving kisses to wake her each morning. She would have Isabelle's squeaky voice to tell him that she loved her and her step children's affection to let her know they wanted her as their step mother. Her co-workers and friends would always have her back, and support her in the decisions she made.

As long as she had all that, she knew that noting else in the world mattered. She was truly the most blessed woman in the word. And for that she was thankful.

That night she fell asleep without a care in the world. Tonight it was just her and Elliot, lying together as one, embraced in each other's love.


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