Author's Notes: This fic was started in the Humor category, but I had to change it from Humor to General because of the way it developed. It's not a sophisticated fic and English is NOT my first language so don't take the fic too seriously! Remember it started as Humor and I won't rewrite to make it more serious. LOL Thank you for understanding.

An AU 7th year in Hogwarts fic

Boy Gone Girl

Chapter 1

A Strange 'Failed' Jinx

It was the first day of September. The skies were cloudy forboding rain in the afternoon and Harry Potter had just entered the Hogwarts Express. He sat beside Neville Longbottom, who had Luna Lovegood sitting on his other side. Soon Ginny Weasley joined them, and Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger said 'hello' to the small group before leaving toward the Prefects' compartment. It was going to be Harry's 7th year at Hogwarts and The Boy Who Lived wanted to experience a normal year before he had to face Voldemort at last. He wondered if he would have to face the Dark Lord during the school year or if it was going to be after graduating Hogwarts. All those thoughts kept dangling in his head while listening to the murmurs of Neville and Ginny in conversation, and the sound of pages turning in The Quibbler's edition Luna was reading.

Harry was very quiet and he was enjoying just listening to the sounds around him. The nice witch with the food trolley had already come by and he had bought sweets for everyone. Suddenly Ginny spoke to him: "Harry, how was your summer? You've been awfully quiet!"

Thoughts of the Dursleys invaded his mind. They had ignored him, which had been nice, but on July 31 Aunt Petunia had actually baked him a cake. He couldn't believe it until she confessed why she had done it. After bringing him breakfast to his room that morning and being so nice to him that day along with Dudley and Vernon, she had showed him the beautiful cake she had baked for him and had suddenly blurted in a nervous tone: "Well, it is your seventeenth birthday after all and we hope that you won't turn us into anything, sweetie." Harry had thought he was in some sort of alternate dimension that day until Aunt Petunia's words had brought obvious realization to his brain. They knew that at seventeen Harry was allowed to do magic so now they were even more afraid of him. That was the reason they were being so nice, but even if it was all hypocritical Harry had preferred it that way. He had just murmured a 'thank you' and had promised not to turn them into toads. If it had been some years earlier he would have enjoyed their fear, but he didn't even feel like laughing when he had made his promise.

"It was alright, Ginny. My aunt even baked me a birthday cake for the first time in both her life and mine... and probably the last." He chuckled when he thought of it.

Ginny stared at him incredulously and asked: "She baked you a cake? Why all of a sudden?"

Neville was interested too and Luna had stopped reading The Quibbler and was expectantly waiting for Harry to continue talking. "Well, I turned seventeen. My relatives were afraid of being turned into toads as the underage magic ban had been lifted."

"I would have turned them into cockroaches for a while. It would have been fun." Luna had lifted her dreamy gaze as if she were imagining turning people into cockroaches for real. Then she added, boring her eyes into Harry's: "Kidding."

Ginny started to giggle and Neville was also laughing like a nut case, but Harry just raised an eyebrow at Luna's joke. The picture of Luna actually making a joke was too much for him.

An interruption came all of a sudden as Ginny and Neville laughed and Luna had returned to her reading. Draco Malfoy had arrived to their compartment with his eternal companions, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle behind him. His wand was ready in his hand and Harry reacted by pulling his own wand from his jeans, but the seconds it took Harry to pull out his wand were enough for Malfoy to murmur an incantation and point his wand at Harry, an evil smirk forming on his lips. Purple smoke came out of Draco's wand and surrounded Harry, making the green-eyed teen sneeze, but no more than that. Malfoy gave Harry a bow and left with his buddies, just like that.

Neville had a worried look on his eyes. He could see the purple smoke dissipating as it entered Harry's skin pores, mouth, and nostrils. Harry panted after the smoke had totally disappeared, he then stood up checking himself and could see nothing different in his body. "Harry, what did he do? Did he jinx you?"

Harry didn't know what to reply. He was still standing when Luna and Ginny also stood and started to look him over. Luna even started to poke him around his belly and then on his back. "Luna, stop that! You're tickling me!" Luna stopped her poking and kept exploring Harry's body wih her eyes. She shook her head and returned to her seat, grabbing her magazine to continue reading. Ginny gave Harry a curious look, thought for a while, and then also returned to her seat while Harry occupied his place in the compartment too.

"I guess Malfoy is losing power. His spell didn't do anything." Ginny spoke still getting glimpses of Harry.

"Maybe he just wanted to scare you, Harry. He wanted to make you think he had jinxed you." Longbottom still looked very nervous also checking if Harry was missing a limb or had some part of the body mutated.

Harry thought about Neville's words, but Malfoy just trying to give him a scare didn't make any sense. "I don't know. Maybe I should get checked by a professor as soon as we get to Hogwarts..."

Just then Ron and Hermione arrived at the compartment and sat with them. Within minutes they were talking about how their summers had gone and Malfoy's failed jinx was forgotten.


At Hogwarts Harry listened to the Sorting Hat's song that still advised students to unite like it had done since 5th year, watched the sorting of new students, and listened to the usual warnings Dumbledore gave about the forest grounds and more prohibitions on joke items that were going to be listed in Filch's office. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, a man who could be in his late twenties, was introduced, but Harry didn't even care about who the new teacher was. He only caught that the wizard's name was Ralphus McDowell.

Dinner was great and Harry was happy to enjoy a great dinner again after suffering starvation due to Dudley's diets, as it had happened for the last summers. The only day he had eaten well was on his birthday, although after his birthday Aunt Petunia hadn't starved him much, but her food would never compare to Hogwarts'. That summer he had spent it completely with the Dursleys, except for the day of his Apparition examination in which he was picked up by Dumbledore himself, but he was alright with it. He wasn't going to take any childish stances against the Headmaster as the summer with the Dursleys hadn't been that bad, at least after the day he had turned seventeen.

Harry started to feel very tired. He was even almost dozing during dinner and Ron had to elbow him twice. As soon as he learned the new password for Gryffindor Tower, Crying Mandrakes, he got to the dormitory, removed all his clothes, put only his pajama pants and dropped himself on the bed, closing the curtains behind him. In seconds he had gone into deep slumber.


Soft morning light from a mildly cloudy day outside entered through the window. Harry was feeling strange and was trying to completely wake himself. He was feeling something out of place. His chest against the bed felt swollen and his hair seemed messier and longer. Had his hair grown during the night? Ron opened his curtains with a big smile on his face. "Morn..." The redhead's expression changed from happiness to horror. "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Harry?" Then he stared at Harry's confused expression. "Bloody Hell! What have you done to yourself?" At that moment Harry incorporated on the bed getting himself into a sitting position, and the sheets covering his chest dropped getting a scream out of Ron that made the other boys get out of their beds to check what was going on. Seamus and Dean were gaping in seconds and Neville fainted with a big 'thud' as he hit the floor. Ron took the sheet and covered Harry's chest. "We have to take you to Madam Pomfrey. She... She can probably heal you." Harry still gave a confused look. "Haven't you seen yourself, Harry? You have breasts and long hair! You're a girl!"

At that moment Harry looked at the chest hiding under the sheet Ron was using to cover it. Harry's girlish scream was even louder than Ron's.


In the hospital wing Harry was wearing his school robes, but the Muggle clothes underneath didn't fit at all. He had to put a rope around his waist to hold his jeans. They had been Dudley's, which already meant they were too big, but now they were even bigger. The t-shirt was so big that the neck area slided down Harry's shoulders and he kept getting his hands under his school robes to fix the sliding. Seamus, Dean, and Neville after being 'revived', along with Ron, had hidden Harry under a blanket to bring him to the hospital wing. Students had looked at the strange scene of four Gryffindor boys hiding someone under a blanket and everyone wondered what kind of jinx the hidden person had received to want to be hidden. Madam Pomfrey had placed her right hand on her heart when she saw what she had to fix. The nurse tried everything she knew on de-jinxing students that had undergone strange transformations and nothing worked. "I'm sorry dear, but we'll have to call the Headmaster. I don't know how to fix this! How did you do this to yourself?"

Harry felt the embarrassment taking all over his body. He felt his ears getting hot and suddenly he had an urge to use the loo. "I didn't do anything and I really need to pee." His voice was a female's voice, but he ignored it. Poppy smiled and escorted him to the bathroom and he entered. He opened his jeans, lowered his boxers, and screamed. Before coming to the hospital wing he had only changed his pajama pants to jeans and hadn't even noticed another change that was independent from having breasts. Madam Pomfrey entered quickly and immediately knew what was wrong. The boy was shaking and he looked at her with wide eyes. "It's... gone... It's... I... I have... a vagina..." He felt faint and Poppy held the teen that was gasping for breath. She didn't know what to say, but the transformation was flawless. Harry had been turned into a girl and she didn't know how to change him back.


Students were gathering around the hospital wing. The rumour of the student that was escorted under a blanket had reached everyone's ears and the fact of several teachers, including the Headmaster, going to the hospital wing had gotten lots of attention.

"For the last time, I didn't do this to myself! I haven't prepared any strange potions either! Like I said earlier, the only thing I can remember like magic surrounding me was a purple smoke that Malfoy shot at me yesterday! It didn't do anything at the moment except enter my body, but my only guess is that this was Malfoy's real intention behind what looked like a failed jinx!"

Dumbledore studied the boy's features that were now a girl's. He also noticed that something was missing on Harry's eyes and figured that Harry's new appearance didn't need glasses. "I've never seen anything like this before. Severus?"

The Potions master seemed to be controlling an urge to laugh, but checked the girl that was supposed to be Harry Potter. "No potions involved... Are you sure?" Harry gave him a glare that the teacher ignored. Snape closed his eyes and murmured some words, then opened them. "This is very powerful ancient dark magic." Then the Potions master gave a smirk that only Harry saw before speaking again. "There is no cure. As far as I know, this is irreversible."

"What? I cannot be a girl for the rest of my life! This is ridiculous! I cannot stay like this!" Harry was trying not to yell at the teachers, but he was desperate. How could Snape say so casually that the jinx was irreversible?

Dumbledore smiled. "It will be alright, Mr. Potter. What Professor Snape means is that a counter jinx has never been done before, but that doesn't mean that we cannot create it. I'll be working on it, but it might take some time. You'll have to be very patient. Professor Snape in the meantime will be working with potions to see if we can discover an answer through the creation of one. A potion might be the cure instead of a counter jinx. For the time being you will be moved to the girls' dormitory under the name of Larissa McGonagall. You cannot be Harry Potter in this form." Dumbledore thought to himself: 'If I had a daughter her name would have been Larissa.' The Headmaster was still smiling.

"Girls' dormitories? You just created a name for me? I am not a girl! I cannot go through this!" The teen was pleading in vain and the teachers gave him sympathetic looks.

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher interrupted. "I will be working on a counter curse too, Mr. Potter. I'm sure that my abilities will be put to good use for this." The man gave a big grin to Harry and the boy, now girl, flinched as he was suddenly reminded of Gilderoy Lockhart.

"I feel comfortable with Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape looking for cures, but thanks for your concern anyway."

"How modest!" Prof. McDowell tried to touch Harry, but the teen blocked the man's approaching hand. The wizard didn't look offended at all and just grinned at Harry again.

An hour later Harry was dressed in Muggle girl clothes provided by Hermione Granger, with his own school robes covering the female clothing. He couldn't believe he was wearing female underwear too. His scar was hidden under bangs of black hair, his hair being now almost waist length. If the cure wasn't found soon, Harry knew that this was going to be a long and horribly painful school year.