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Chapter 20

Permanent Curses

Harry woke up in St. Mungo's and started to thrash on the bed. In seconds Draco was by his side, embracing him. "Everything will be alright. The Ministry has dispatched every Auror to capture Pansy and rescue Elaine," Harry could notice how Draco's voice quivered. "By the way, Harry, while you slept you looked like Larissa, but when you woke up you transformed into Harry again."

"What?" Harry looked at himself and saw that he was indeed a boy, but he wondered why he had looked like his girl form while sleeping. "That is not possible, a girl while asleep and a boy while awake?" Harry felt a headache coming on and right then Dumbledore entered the hospital room.

"Harry, I'm glad you're awake. There is a serious problem with the curse now. The curse Miss Parkinson placed on you is the opposite of the one Mr. Malfoy did, but it wasn't the correct one to fix the previous curse. Now you have two curses and they are out of control. For the girl curse seems dormant and flourishes while you slumber, but soon it will start trying to take over your body again, competing with the boy curse and that might be disastrous. You'll start changing from boy to girl and girl to boy constantly."

"I don't care about the bloody curse, sir! I just want my baby back!" Harry started to cry. "I want her in my arms again." The boy placed his arms as if he had a baby cradled in them and sobbed. Draco simply trapped him in his arms again, not knowing what else he could do.

"Harry, the curse is important too. If both curses start competing the strain of so much transformation magic might kill you."

"What do you want me to do then? What the hell can I do?" Harry yelled at Dumbledore.

"We have a possible solution. We have to perform an incantation ritual so that the curses won't compete with each other. The result might be that you'll be able to switch genders at will instead of having the curses on a rampage," Dumbledore answered. "They can't be removed though. Both curses are permanent. Going back into your original male form wasn't supposed to be a curse, but now it is."

Harry swallowed all the information, but he was still distraught with thoughts of Elaine. "Elaine needs her milk every three hours, she needs her nappy changes, attention..."

"Calm down, Harry," Draco said. He wouldn't free his lover from his grasp at all, but at the same time, he felt just as devastated as Harry. He had to keep his calm in order to be of support to his Harry.

"I can't calm down! I have to get Elaine back! If something happens to Elaine I think I'll die!" Harry was wheezing and Draco rubbed his back trying to comfort the black haired teen.

"Every Auror is searching for Miss Parkinson, Harry. I will be joining them now, but remember. The ritual must be performed as soon as possible. I wanted us to do it tonight. Are you up to it?"

Harry shook his head. "Just the thought of not having my baby for a whole night is frightening, sir! I won't be ready for anything until I have Elaine with me, safe and sound!" The boy then lifted his eyes as he saw Dumbledore leaving. "I will join the Aurors too!" he told Draco.

"You are in no shape--"

"Don't you dare give me that, Draco! I was pregnant when I rescued you and killed the snake freak! Nothing will stop me from searching for my daughter when my body is physically fit." Harry trembled, but there was determination in his bright green eyes.

"Alright. We'll get our daughter back, together," Draco affirmed as he extended his hand to Harry. Harry produced a sad smile and grabbed Draco's hand, letting the blonde help him out of the bed.


Harry and Draco went to an Auror meeting. Some Aurors were looking for Parkinson, but the baby's parents needed to know the clues the Aurors had so far about where the young witch had fled. In minutes, they learned that all the clues revealed that Pansy Parkinson had Disapparated with Elaine and Apparated in Hogsmeade. From there, she had apparently gotten into Hogwarts territory somehow and had penetrated the Forbidden Forest.

Harry thought he would faint when he heard the place to which the Ministry had traced Pansy. "The Forbidden Forest? The Forbidden Forest? Is she bloody mental?"

One of the Aurors answered that question for Harry: "Unfortunately we do believe that girl is out of her mind. That was the reason she was cleared from many accusations against her in the first place."

"We should have pushed the accusations more forcefully," Draco said. "My mistake was to pity her."

"No time to dwell on it, son," another Auror said sympathetically and Draco nodded.

"Are we going to enter the Forbidden Forest then?" asked Harry hopefully and many of the Aurors frowned.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was also there with the Aurors replied: "The Ministry has many problems with the Centaurs from that forest. They won't reason in any way and that might turn out to be a problem if many Aurors were to suddenly invade the forest."

"Do you mean to say that you're going to wait until she comes out?" Harry asked incredulously.

A female Auror intervened. "The whole forest has been surrounded ever since we tracked the fugitive into it. If she comes out, she won't be able to escape. We can assure you that."

Harry was furious. "What if her plan is to kill herself along with my daughter? What about that? I will not wait outside of the forest like an idiot! I'm going in!"

Shacklebolt placed a hand on Harry's shoulder that the boy brusquely pushed away, but the Auror spoke still: "I will enter with you if that's what you wish."

"I'll enter too," Draco said although his features looked pale as he remembered his Forbidden Forest experience in his 1st year in Hogwarts.

"We have no problems with some people entering," said the female Auror. "What we have to avoid is too many Aurors entering at the same time so that there won't be animosity with the Centaurs that might lead to unnecessary fighting."

Harry was able to understand the witch's point, but no one would stop him from entering that forest to get his baby back.

Less than an hour later Harry could see the great amount of Aurors everywhere. They did look like an invasion and he almost laughed bitterly. Why hadn't the Ministry ever moved the Aurors like that against Voldemort? Although Harry was sure that many of those wizards and witches weren't Aurors. Instead, many of them were volunteers there to prevent Pansy Parkinson from escaping.

Harry entered the Forbidden Forest with Draco, Dumbledore, who joined them as they arrived, and Shacklebolt. Only four were allowed to enter and originally Lupin wanted to go with them, but Dumbledore had replaced the werewolf.

Harry took several deep breaths as they started their journey into the depths of the Forbidden Forest. They walked as carefully as they could, not wanting to alert anything, but the afternoon sky wanted to darken on them. They kept their slow pace, hoping that Miss Parkinson hadn't gone too far into the forest.


Pansy had Elaine and the baby wouldn't stop crying. She had nothing for Elaine, not a bottle of milk, not a nappy, nothing at all. The baby was hungry, in desperate need of a nappy change, and cold, but Pansy didn't understand any of that. She spoke to the baby: "You wretched thing! The only reason why you're still alive is because you are his baby, his baby... Oh, my Draco! Why did you have to go and make babies with bloody Potter when you had me? I could have given you sons and Potter gives you a fucking daughter! The Malfoys need an heir, not a little tramp girl! Stupid Draco! STOP CRYING LITTLE FUCKER!" The two-month-old's wails were starting to get on Pansy's nerves. She got up from where she was seated and continued her walk into the forest. "At this rate someone will find us, little bitch! Stop crying already!" Pansy lifted Elaine and considered sending the baby flying against the nearest tree, but then saw a tiny lake, like others she had seen before during her walk. "Look what we found, little bitch! We just found the place where you'll be buried forever!" Pansy cackled as she prepared to submerge the baby in the water, but an arrow passed behind her and was imbedded into a tree's trunk. "What was that?" she asked aloud as she stared at the arrow in disbelief, and then turned around.

"What are you doing, human? You humans sure are beasts if you drown your own offspring," the centaur called Magorian said harshly and more centaurs came and surrounded Pansy.

"So humans are beasts?" the girl replied. "Then what the hell are you? You are the ones that are beasts from the waist downwards!"

"How dare you?" the centaur named Bane asked.

"Just let me finish my job, alright? I'll leave your stupid forest afterwards!" Pansy retorted rolling her eyes. She was about to try drowning the crying baby again and Magorian approached her.

"Stop that at once! We dislike humans, but we won't tolerate you killing a helpless and innocent creature before our very eyes!"

"I'm doing humanity a favor, and Draco too! I'll get rid of this little freak that is between him and me, then I'll get rid of bloody Potter for good! Draco will be mine and no one will stop me from gaining what I want!" Pansy answered as if it was the most logical thing.

The centaurs came forward and Bane forcefully removed Elaine from Pansy's arms. "We won't tolerate such cruelty!"

"Give that little bitch back! Give the freak back!" Pansy's eyes were red and bulging while she yelled.

"Are you her mother?" another centaur asked.

"Do you think I would drown my own child? Of course I'm not that thing's mother!"

"STOLEN!" a centaur exclaimed and the other repeated the same word.


Pansy started to get very nervous and got her wound out. "Avada Kedavra!" she exclaimed. The curse hit one of the closest centaurs and he fell to the floor paralyzed, but not dead.

At that another centaur tried to approach her, but she said: "Incarcerous!"

The centaur was immediately bound with invisible ropes and the others were furious. Pansy had attacked two of them already. They prepared themselves with their bows and arrows to kill Pansy, but a voice yelled: "STOOOOP!"

The centaurs looked back and there was a black haired girl, a blonde boy, Dumbledore, and Shacklebolt. The person who had yelled was the black haired girl and Pansy stared at her and laughed maniacally. "Potter! At last! I see that you changed into a girl again, but who cares anyway? Avada--"

"Efflo Consummo!" Draco exclaimed extremely quickly before Pansy could finish chanting the killing curse. The spell Draco cast hit Pansy and she exploded into many pieces. Even the centaurs were horrified by the macabre scene and stepped back. Draco himself was trembling and couldn't believe what he had just done, but Dumbledore placed a hand on his shoulder.

Shacklebolt whispered. "It's alright. It was in self-defense and it wasn't one of the forbidden spells anyway, although it's the first time I've seen it work like that... Did you put something else into the spell?"

Draco was silent, but not everything was over. Harry, who had changed into Larissa as they had journeyed through the forest, wanted her baby back. "That baby..." she pointed at the baby crying in the centaur's arms, her whole body quivering. "She is mine..."

"Prove it!" Bane replied.

Larissa carefully approached the centaur and extended her arms and Bane gave the baby to her. The baby had cried a lot and her eyes were very puffy. Not caring that she was surrounded by men and centaurs, Larissa exposed one of her breasts and gave it to the hungry baby. The baby came before her dignity. At first, Elaine wouldn't latch as she was so desperate, but Larissa pressed her nipple between two fingers and as the flow of milk entered Elaine's mouth the baby started to suck hungrily. In seconds there was silence as the baby's wails were now gone.

"We will let you leave the forest, but you have an hour to do so." Magorian said with his eyes fixed on a bitterly smiling Dumbledore, then the centaurs started to disappear behind trees, leaving the scene. As Pansy had attacked them, they really didn't care about her death.


That night Larissa decided against the ritual. She decided to wait until the next day. During the night, she changed into Harry again, but at least during the night she wasn't breastfeeding.

The next day Snape made her drink a strange potion before they started the ritual. The ones chanting were Dumbledore, Snape himself, McGonagall, and even the teacher that had been their Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher that year in Hogwarts, Ralphus McDowell.

Harry, who had been Larissa all morning, but in the afternoon had turned again into Harry, waited patiently as his ex-teachers chanted the spell that wouldn't remove the girl curse, but would alleviate the situation of changing between the two forms.

It took two hours for the ritual where Harry had to drink two more potions before it would be completed. Everyone was exhausted after the ritual, but kept glancing at Harry, expecting him to transform into a girl, demonstrating that the ritual had been a complete failure. It didn't happen. During the evening, Harry was still Harry, but he was under observation in Hogwarts' hospital wing. Elaine was also there with Harry. Ever since what had happened, Harry wouldn't leave her out of his sight no matter how many times Draco reminded him that Pansy was very dead.

At nighttime, Dumbledore finally confirmed that the ritual had been successful, but now came the final test. Harry had to learn how to switch between the two permanent forms and decide to stick with one and use the other like an Animagus would use his or her Animagus form, occasionally.

It took Harry an hour to concentrate enough to change into Larissa and half an hour more to go back to being Harry. After that, it became easier for him to switch between both genders. During all that time Narcissa, who was also present as witness, looked on the verge of fainting like before. She was still having a very hard time accepting the truth about Larissa McGonagall/Dursley and Harry Potter being the same person. Still, she had assured Draco that she would get used to it eventually.

The time came for Harry to choose a 'permanent' form. Draco told him that he wouldn't interfere in the final decision. He had already told Harry his preferences before.

Harry went silent as he thought about it, considering everything. It was almost funny. When he had been turned into a girl, he wanted more than anything to be himself again, but now that he had to choose between genders he didn't know what to do. He knew that he could always switch between them, but he still needed a semi permanent form. In the end, he decided to choose the form that was convenient for Elaine and elicited surprised gasps and expressions when he finally announced: "I'll remain as Larissa, at least for now. She needs a mother and I'm still breastfeeding during daytime. Maybe in some near future I'll decide to be Harry again permanently, but for now... I'll be a girl."

Draco hugged Harry and in the middle of the embrace, he felt how the body between his arms changed, but he didn't care. He loved his Harry or Larissa without the gender being an obstacle. Harry and Larissa would always be the same person no matter what.

The Ministry approved a wedding even when many wizards and witches were against the idea saying that it was wrong, even if Harry Potter was to remain as a girl. In the end, everyone accepted it and just one month after the curse had been softened into a manageable one, the wedding was held. It was a private ceremony, as they didn't want the whole wizarding world in it. The invited people were the Weasleys, the Grangers, and everyone who had been close to Harry or Draco in one way or another. That meant that Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were also there.

Blaise Zabini was sent to prison after a long trial where his mother tried everything in her power to have the charges cleared, and the same happened with Theodore Nott; although Nott was only sentenced to be in Azkaban for two months while Blaise's sentence was two years.

In the days to come Draco would always remember how he had changed Harry Potter's life forever with what was supposed to be a prank for a boy to grow boobs. Sometimes when he was by himself he still laughed about it. He knew that he would always be the young man that had made the wizarding world's savior, Harry Potter, to be a 'boy gone girl'.

The End.

A Note in case of confusion: The reason why Harry/Larissa stopped the centaurs from killing Pansy was 1. Because at the moment he hadn't located Elaine, and 2. Because if the centaurs had murdered a witch that would have brought a lot upon themselves from the Ministry of Magic. Hope this clears any possible confusion that might arise as it is not explained in this last chapter.

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