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Sound of Vengeance

By: SoundSparrow

Chapter 1

Kin's head was still slightly painful when she woke up at the hospital bed of Konoha. She glanced at the window to see a very dark sky, the wind was strangely cold and the moon shone fully.

She sat up, rubbed her eyes and looked at the time... 10:30pm. There is no chance of staying alive if I stay here, Konoha might kill me, on the other hand, I might get killed if I go back to Orochimaru... what now? She worried at this matter and stared at the white blanket that covered her lower body.

Just a little while, the door creaked open and a figure of a little girl entered the room. She gave out a sad smile to Kin as she went nearer and sat at the chair beside the bed.

"Meiru! What are you doing here?" Kin asked almost angry, she didn't expect her younger sister to come at this time of night, her sister was always afraid of the dark.

"Kin-san... Orochimaru came to our house..." Meiru said lowly.

"And?" Kin was surprised. Orochimaru, coming to their house? He can just say it to her rather than passing it to her younger sister.

"He told me what might happen to you... if you didn't win and enter in the final match of the Chuunin Exams... I was afraid of what might happen to you so I came here..."

"What might happen to me?" Kin wanted to know, Orochimaru never told her. Meiru took a deep breath.

"You're... gonna be used as a sacrifice for his plans..." Meiru answered.

"When did he tell you?"

"A week or so after you left" she answered.

"And you just told it to me now?" Kin punched the table beside her.

"It was just after I gave birth to my son... I'm sorry... and he told me he's gonna kill me if I tell you" Meiru apologized.

"Damn, I knew it, how's your child?" Kin asked now calming down.

"I left him in the orphanage and gave it under the care of the owner... he'll be fine there. I'm sure about it. " she assured her older sister. Kin went quiet and thought about her sister's condition, she knew early childbearing was commonplace in Hidden Sound, she was lucky she wasn't one of them who have early responsibilities in life, mostly being left by the men. Meiru was very pretty at the age of thirteen, though Kin didn't bother about it. Many boys became her younger sister's suitors, different kind of boys, poor, outlaws, rulebreakers, strayboys, even the rich, willowy lads but Meiru chose one of Kin's classmates, the boy who accelerated two grades but was sent to war five months after he graduated. Meiru cried the whole week when she heard he died on the frontline and was kicked out of their home when their father learned she was pregnant. Kin, who was at the same time pissed off with their father let Meiru come along with her. They sold little bells for almost seven months until Orochimaru came and promised a better job. Promises... they're always nailed.

"I know you'll give me a beating like dad used to do when he learned I fail in exams... but I want you to listen to me, please Kin" her sister begged. Kin noticed her sister is not crying, mostly, if Meiru takes the blame she will cry but Kin never thought her sister would look at her straight in the eyes.

"Speak" Kin commanded.

"I'll sacrifice myself for you" Meiru said.

"No" Kin closed her eyes, and thought about it deeply, Meiru needs to have a better life than her, Meiru has a son.

"Why? There's nothing wrong. I slept with boys, cheated and even stole some money just to buy food to give my offspring nutrition, do you think I deserve to live?" Meiru concealed.

"It's my fault. I knew what you were doing all along, you slut. But I never gave it attention. Go back and take care of your child" Kin commanded then stared at the dark sky again.

"I know it's your fault, now fix it" Meiru now said in a tone of commandment.

"Aren't you gonna regret this?" Kin asked.

"I know my death won't be a waste. I promised on his grave we'll be together after I give birth to my child, I want to be with him..." Meiru's eyes sparkled and then she smiled at this thought.

"Any last words?" Kin asked.

"Tell his brother to take care of you" Meiru said happily.

"His brother? Dosu? Count me on that" Kin smiled and gave her sister a hug.

They decided to change their clothes now, they both wore Kin's clothes, the one in the Chuunin exams. The two girls look exactly alike, the hair, the body figures, the face, even their legs have the same lenght, except that Kin is a little taller that's why Meiru didn't have difficulty in fitting in Kin's clothes

"The forehead protector" Kin handed her forehead protector Meiru, who wore it over hers.

"Hurry up. They may see us" Meiru said.

"Right" again, Kin hugged her sister and as they bade farewell to each other, Kin left the room and started her search for Dosu, she didn't know where to start but her feet is taking her somewhere else, Kin was thinking of what to say to Dosu, she will tell him to stop being under Orochimaru and start a new life, perhaps to take care of their siblings' child and work for the better.

Damn them, washing someone else's clothes without permission! Kin said inside of herself rather irritated as the smell of her clothes started to enter her nose, she really hated the smell of fabric conditioner in her clothes, the odor was sweet and bugged her nostrils, she prefers the smell of blood, that suites her better.

A little while longer, she found herself at the front of a door which will lead her to the topmost part of the building. She didn't know if DOsu is here, but something inside her tells her she must do it.

Kin felt that someone is at the other side, she really didn't want to open it but she creaked it a little and saw something that made her want to scream loud.

Dosu was swallowed by the sand mercilessly, and at the farther end she saw the known monster of the Hidden Sand. Sabaku no Gaara in his merciless smile and his green eyes giving her the chill behind her spine.

"I know you're there, would you like to go next?" she heard his voice clearly, he must be referring to her. Kin never backed out on a fight, fear isn't in her vocabulary, she will fight this monster.

"The next one down might be YOU!" Kin blasted the door open and gritted her teeth, ready for battle.

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