Sound of Vengeance

By SoundSparrow

Chapter 5

Kin arrived at Sound by night. At the street where the orphanage stood, there was a big fire. The building was burning, from a distance she spotted Sand Shinobis burning other establishments. Kin ran towards the orphanage but an arm pulled her towards an alley.

"Kin, don't go!" it was the woman who owns the orphanage. A faint light was enough for Kin to recognize her, she didn't waste time for her nephew then.

"Nuriko-san? Where is Shinji?" she asked. The woman was with other children, Kin took some time looking at each face, but dismayed for not finding Shinji. Among them were also people whose families left them while there are also families and individuals who flocked in the alley for safety. Kin felt pity almost for all of them but she, she knew she can do something for herself.

"Kin, Shinji is left inside… the Sand Ninjas must have finished him." Nuriko held Kin's arm tight as she said the news. Kin felt worried, the alley seems to be a safe place since it was very far from the burning place.

"Why are they here?" Kin asked.

"Suna had forced some our Oto ninjas to join them in Konoha's destruction"

"Shinji!" Kin forced her arm away from Nuriko's hand and ran on the street.

"No, Kin!" Nuriko almost shouted, but she didn't try to catch up with Kin, she would if she could but a child just cried then, and Nuriko comforted this little girl who sobbed who feared the shinobis might end them.

Numerous people were running for their lives. Burning pieces were falling out of nowhere. At one side a Sand shinobi is pulling someone by its collar. The ninja's victim submitted and agreed upon joining them with their plan with Konoha in exchange for his family's safety. Some people refused to join and fought with the foreign shinobis. Other ninjas of Suna stole some of the residents' property. Blood and dead bodies started to decorate the streets turning the place from the unsafe Village to a notorious massacre.

The orphanage is still a great distance from where she is but Kin pursued her way. Kin didn't care with her surroundings, what she cared about now is her nephew. What were the stupid things she did just to come home? She won't let her efforts be wasted over nothing. It's better than to be a loser. She remembered Zaku said. She'd rather die fighting to retrieve her nephew rather than staying behind and be a coward and let Shinji burn inside.

I won't fail.

A ninja grabbed her by the arm. Kin turned her arm in his and forced the man's wrist outwards. She placed his wrist over his shoulder and bended his elbow upwards, her grab on the wrist tightened as she made her way behind him. She kicked the back of his knee and thus, forcing him to kneel. She hit his head with her knee many times and hacked his nape with a stray kunnai she spotted. Blood spattered on her clothes, and on her body. Another followed, he dodged Kin's attack and advanced towards her, he was able to miss her leg and Kin took this opportunity to stab the man on his chest.

"An Oto shinobi?" Suna ninja asked when they saw what just Kin did.

"Suit yourself!" Kin threw the kunnai and hit his neck. Area cleared

Kin would like to test herself with other ninjas but she is here for her cousin, not to fight Gaara's fellow-villagers… Gaara, could he? Her suspicion rose. She remembered him saying he'd kill her nephew Why, that psycho!

When Kin reached the building that was once an orphanage, the fire was blazing on the top parts. Kin had taken some equipment from the dead bodies she managed to spot. The amount of Sand shinobis she faced from the alley up to the orphanage increased. She didn't take them all down, she was racing with time to save the new-born baby.

Help me.

Memories of those she considered her family flashed before her. She and Zaku trusted each other. Dosu, whom she trusted her life and Meiru who entrusted her nephew to her.

She entered the burning orphanage and swiftly sped inside. She didn't have a hard time looking for Shinji. Meiru wore over him a bell which will make a sound when Kin's bell is near. Those two bells both possessed chakra which will attract each other. The building is starting to collapse, Kin knew it. Fractions of the burning ceiling almost fell on her but she was able to avoid it.

At a room of the first floor she heard the cry of a baby, and also the soft tune of a bell. She entered the room and saw Shinji in a crib, she took him in his arms. The heat made Shinji felt bad and he acted wild with the loss of comfort, he cried real loud and whined in distress. Kin made no halt in finding a way out. The room's walls were burning, the door she entered had been blocked by burning fractions of the ceiling and the floor is starting to be eaten up by the deadly blaze.

Let's go, my child. And I'm not saying it 'cause I'm much of a bitch if I'm to say it.

Kin jumped over the open window. Shinobis were running here and there and it's hard to recognize if they're from Oto or Suna. Kin didn't care, she just ran, ran for it. But now, she didn't felt tense, she was glad, glad to have Meiru's future in her arms. The shinobis, seems to be in only one side. Kin went to the isolated alley hoping to find a way out of this place.

He's here, here with me. I took him alive Meiru, can you see me?

The baby started to hush as his eyes were affixed on a stranger smiling over him. He stared at her, wondering if she's safe or not as a spot of red blood dawned over her slender figure while he, has none of that spot or flaw she has, he is draped in white clothing, wrapped in soft, clean and cozy cloth all over him. His pondering only lasted for a little while for his innocence took over and he also smiled at her and started to chuckle with the breeze he felt with the speed of her body. His arms tried to reach her face but she only repaid his eagerness with a gentle smile. He was satisfied at the least.

"Now we'll be together… I promise" Kin whispered to the baby. She planned to go back to Nuriko and the other people left without their families. She wanted to do something for them too.

Just a few more blocks and Kin is near to the alley where the survivors were. Her heart thumped with the feeling of a great accomplishment. She heard voices of shinobis but she believes she can outrun them; it's only a matter of time. Her bruises were nothing to her now, she will make it alive.

But even luck isn't with her.

Shadows occupied her view.

She suddenly found herself with fifteen ninjas surrounding her. She didn't expect the number, the army of them must have at least decreased so as there won't be a number to corner a person with a baby.

"Get off my way…" Kin shouted them off, but they only stood there as if what she said is nothing.

Kin just walked past them, almost angry at the situation. Nobody seems to have a plan to take her on but feeling bad about how things look, she started to run as the enemies might advance at her. She held the baby tight and gave out all her speed, a few meters away from the men, she was surprised her body stopped against her will. Her body was locked in position.

What the?

"You are too young to learn all about it" the light of the moon shone over the face of a familiar man's voice.

Not this asshole!