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Celebi's Revenge


Celebi woke in the Pokemon Center and found himself with bandages on his body. He was at first curious as to why he was like this. Then he remembered the match that he lost. He cried sorrowfully. He had lost the one chance to avenge his master. Overwhelmed with misery, he quickly threw off the covers of the bed. He then used his psychic powers on the bed, lifted it up and threw it at a nearby window. The glass of the window shattered into a million pieces. He then flew out the window and flew away from the Pokemon Center as fast as he could.

He soon came to a stop. He then discarded all of the bandages he was wearing. He looked at the body of his that was now revealed in the reflection of a nearby river. He saw that he now had two scars on his face, one on each cheek, that extended to his mouth. He also had multiple wounds on his body, all of which would heal in time. However, he knew that he would be forever cursed with the two scars he saw on his face.

After getting a good look at himself. He then flew away from the river. He later came to a stop at a cemetery. It was nighttime and rather dark, though he really didn't need to see where he wanted to go. Besides, he was able to make himself partly nocturnal, and could see only if moonlight was present, which it was. He flew around the cemetery and stopped at a certain tombstone. It looked like any ordinary tombstone, but this one he seemed to know.

"My master," he thought to himself. "I'm sorry, I could not avenge you."

He was not alone. There was another pokemon present. The ghost like being floated near Celebi. When the ghost got near, Celebi looked over at her. He saw that she had no arms or legs. It was as if the ghost that was floating next to him, was a girl in a dress that covered her arms and legs. The ghost also had a red pearl necklace on. He then knew that it was a Misdreavus that was floating next to him. He then saw something different about the Misdreavus that suddenly shocked him. He saw a scar present on that went across the right eye. He was then pretty sure that he knew this Misdreavus.

"Misdreavus!" Celebi said in surprise.

"Celebi, I've missed you." Misdreavus said.

Celebi then gave her a friendly hug. Misdreavus couldn't help but giggle at his greeting.

"How long has it been Misdreavus?" Celebi asked once they broke the hug.

"Too long!" Misdreavus answered him.

"I haven't seen you since the day our master died."

"Same here!"

"What have you been up to since then?"

Misdreavus couldn't help but smile at her friend. They had known eachother since the day they met. In fact, since that time, Misdreavus has had a secret crush on Celebi, yet she was always afraid to tell him that. As silly as it may seem, even ghosts have their own share of fears.

"Well, ever since you ran away that day, I have tried to move on. I did meet this nice Haunter," She said, which made Celebi worry a bit.

In truth, Celebi also had a crush on her, yet he was probably just as afraid to tell her as she was to tell him.

"However, it didn't work out. I ended up dumping him." She finished, which made Celebi give a quick sigh of relief.

Misdreavus noticed, and thought that maybe there was a little something in him. She then decided to find out what happened to her friend.

"So, what has happened to you since I last saw you?" She asked.

"I've... I've been trying to avenge our master since. Whoever it was that killed our master is probably dead by now. I tried to go back and save him, yet every time I did, it was the same result. I get knocked down, and before I can get up, our master is shot. I then decided it was best to avenge our master, even if it seemed impossible. My travels soon brought me to a stadium, where I had recently entered the competition for an amazing power. With it, I knew that I could avenge our master."

Misdreavus was kind of getting interested. "Go on."

"However, I was stopped by a powerful pokemon."

"Who was it that stopped you?" She asked, wanting to help him get the revenge she knew he wanted.


"Who was it that stopped you?"

Celebi saw that she wanted to help him. "Mewtwo! The most powerful pokemon I have ever come across."

"We'll stop him! We'll do it together. Remember, I hold the move that can defeat any pokemon, even if I go down in the end."

"That's right, you hold Destiny Bond."

"Together, we will make all humans pay for what they did to our master. He deserves revenge!"

Somehow, Misdreavus knew what he was thinking.

"Since it was humans who took him away, it will be humans who will suffer for our loss."

"With you, there's no way I can lose!" He then brought out his hand. "For our master?"

She then brought a braid of her hair down and put it on top of his hand. "For our master!"

---End Prologue---

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