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When Celebi woke up, he looked around to see that he was no longer at the makeshift cemetery, but in a makeshift bed. The bed was incredibly large. Whoever owned it probably was quite a big pokemon. Misdreavus then came into the room.

"You're awake!" Misdreavus said, giving Celebi a hug.

Celebi pushed her away. "What's going on? Where are we?" He asked.

"Ah, I see you're awake." Said a rather gruff voice, which came from a very familiar Snorlax. The one that Celebi met when he reacquainted himself with Mew.

"Hey! I know you!"

"Yes! I warned you to stay away from Mew." He said as he sat down in a rather large chair right next to Celebi. "That Mew is one tough pokemon, especially with that husband of hers around. I once tried to eat Mew, and let's just say that she beat me as if I was a piece of fruit, despite my high defense capabilities."

"Yea, I can tell. Without my capabilities of seeing into the future, there's no way I would stand a chance against her."

"You only made things worse for yourself when you stole her child. Tell me, why did you do that?"

"It was because I wanted to get revenge on Mewtwo. He stole my chance to avenge my master."

"You were once a tamed pokemon?"

Celebi let out a sigh. "I was once owned by one of the most kind-hearted human beings in the entire world. He was very talented in his knowledge of pokemon. He understood that, after he caught me, that I really hated being inside a pokeball, so he let me enjoy the world outside with him. He was a great and wise trainer. He even found ways to help his pokemon overcome their weaknesses in battle. When he started with me, he helped me withstand the coldness of ice. We Celebi can't last long under ice, and he understood how long I could handle it. Yet, everytime I strived to push further to make my master proud of me. I was soon able to withstand even the coldest temperatures out there for many hours. We were about to begin my training of withstanding the heat of fire, when suddenly, he came!"

"Who came?"

"I don't know. It was too hard to recognize his face. He was hidden in the shadows. He wanted me. He was probably one of those pokemon collectors who just wanted to sell me for high profit. I made him know that he wasn't going to take me without a fight. Boy was that my mistake! He soon took out a pokemon of his own and had it attack me. All I heard was a gunshot, and I saw a smoking gun coming from the stranger. I knew then that he had shot my master. I used my psychic powers to blow him away. I got rid of the stranger, but sadly, my master had met his end. The bullet struck his heart, and took his life away. Worst of all, he died right in front of my eyes."

Misdreavus let tears fall from her eyes, hearing the sad tale.

"How sad!" Snorlax said.

Celebi continued his story. "I later found out who the killer was. I saw it on the news in a town at one time, and I recognized the face of the one the police had caught. It was indeed the guy who shot my master. I believed that he would get the death penalty, and that justice would be served for my master. However, they only ended up giving him a life sentence in prison. Worst of all, he died before he could be charged with murder. I then hated humans! I hated them not just for killing my master, but for also not giving the justice that was deserved. I wanted all humans to pay!"

"Whoa! That's cold!"

"I knew that I didn't have the power I needed to make humans pay for what they did to my master. I decided to find a way to get that power. I had recently joined the Pokemon Super Bowl in an attempt to get the power that was locked away many years ago. Sadly, I failed at the hands of Mewtwo. I have been plotting revenge since."

"I don't think you'll take my advice, just like you didn't when I warned you to stay away from Mew, but I suggest that you let go."

"Why is that?"

"Think about it! The guy is now dead, and knowing your species, you probably tried to go back in time to correct it, right?"


"Yet, you weren't able to. Some things cannot be changed. Sometimes, things are meant to happen for a reason. Even you have your limitations of changing the past, right?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I bet your master would want you to let go and live a normal life, even with such a heavy burden." Snorlax then got up to leave. "Just think about that, okay? You'll be glad you did."

Snorlax then left the room. Leaving Celebi and Misdreavus alone.

"What are you going to do Celebi?" Misdreavus asked.

"I think I'll take his advice this time and just let it go, though it would be quite hard, but he's right, my master would want that." Celebi answered her.

Misdreavus just gave him a smile.

Celebi was soon at full strength and left Snorlax's house with Misdreavus.

One night, they were enjoying each other's company during a nice walk. Celebi soon had an important conversation.

"Misdreavus, I've been wondering something." Celebi said.

"What is it?" Misdreavus asked.

"When we met again, how come you wanted to get revenge on humans as much as me?"

"Same reasons as you. Killed our master, and didn't give him justice."

"Wow! And even after all this, you still love me?"

"Of course, silly! I don't think I could ever hate you, even though there are times I badly wanted to."

Celebi then worked up the courage to ask her something. "Misdreavus..." He said, stopping in his tracks and looking at her.


"I know this is kind of an awkward moment, but I really want to ask you something very important."

"What is it?"

He then took a blade of grass and a small flower with his psychic powers and made a ring out of them.

"Will you marry me?" Celebi asked.

"Oh, Celebi..." She said nearly in tears. "Yes! I will marry you!" She said, hugging him.

They soon got married. Celebi was able to tell his tale about his master's death to Mew and Mewtwo, and Mew did end up forgiving him, despite how hard it was for her.

They then lived quite a good life. At least for now.

---End Epilogue---

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