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A/N: The setting is in modern times. In a big city, and vampires exist, but they only show themselves to certain people, if either you're friend or foe.

Katherine is a woman with black wavy hair, and really blue eyes that at times can look like violet. She is 5'2. She is medium weight. And has a temper that she always keep in check.

Katherine's POV

Chapter one-

Katherine was walking down the side walk after work one cool night to her home when she heard sirens behind her. She turned around and saw fire fighter trucks racing down the street and around the corner.

Katherine had a really bad feeling. She felt goosebumps all over herself and she felt a really bad chill go through her.

She started running towards her home to see if everything was okay. But when she got there she devestated and horrified. Her home was burning down and she was very scared that her family might be there. It was already 11:45, she knew that everyone should have been already home by now.

She knew that it really wasn't safe to be wondering around this late at night.

She only walks from her work and back because it only three blocks away from each way.

She saw that there already firefighter trying to stop the fire from spreading to the other houses on each side of her home.

Katherine started crying when she saw her home burning down. She started to pray that her family had all gotten out safely. She ran to her home trying to safe her family, but someone grabbed at her from behind.

"Let me go! Let me go! I Have to save them they're still in there! Somebody help them! I have to go get them! LET ME GO!" screamed Katherine.

"Stop it lady you'll only hurt yourself. It's too late."

"NO!" said Katherine,"there's still time let me go!"

But Katherine knew deep down it was hopeless. She lost everything precious to her home she grew up in, her family, and all her possesions . She saw her memories of her, her family flash before her eyes.

She saw herself at different ages. She saw her older brother and sister teasing each other. She saw herself and her brother and sister playing together while her parents watched television next to them.

She couldn't believe that she lost everything in one day.

She then started crying into the arms of the stranger who held her back from saving her home, her family, her everything.

She felt the stranger say he'll take her to his place. She didn't even disagree. She was in too much pain.

So she and the stranger got into his car and left for his hotel.

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