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Chapter 6: Katherine's past

Katherine just sat there staring at him. After hearing his story she looked at him with now different eyes.

They both sat there looking at each other, each noticing little things about each other. And in all that while, Katherine really truly believed that this handsome, raven haired man was truly a creature of the night.

Katherine also noticed that he had omitted many things about his life.

"As incredible as your story sound I do believe you. But I know you left out many things about yourself. But I'm not going to dig around your past in things you're obviously not going to share. Alright, I tell you about my past and you will know everything about me, because I sense you are a good man in spite of you being a vampire."

"I grew up all over this state. My family and I had been living at my home for about seven years."

"My father's job had taken us everywhere but we loved it, maybe not completely but we loved it."

"My father's job was working for the government and my mother's job was as a teacher. The both liked their jobs and were very satisfied with how life was going for them."

"They had my brother then me then my sister. We were a good family the five of us."

"My father's job was a demanding sort of job. But somehow he managed to make time for all four of us. We never knew much about my father's job, except that it was classified. He wouldn't even tell us, his own family. My mother seemed to always have to time for us, she taught middle school."

"My big brother graduated from the state university and had come down from his home to spend the week with us as vacation. I had graduated from the local community college and became the city's librarian for the public library. My little sister had still not graduated from college."

"Both me and my sister were still living at our parents because its really hard trying to find a place for both of us let alone for each of us."

"Each of us helped around the house and with the bills. My sister and me, we were going to go look for a house early next week," Katherine said sadly.

"Anyways, my life was going great. I didn't have a boyfriend, he left and I never found out why. So I'm happily single. I love working as the librarian for the public library. We have a lot of books there. Old and new, just imagining the books there that share their history relax me" Katherine stopped and said sheepishly," I absolutely love books."

Marcus just smiled and continued to look at her. She saw a shadow of something flicker in his eyes but it was gone before she had a chance to examine it.

"There's really nothing more to my life except what I just told you."

"Is there something more you would like to know? After all you told me a lot about you. My life isn't all that amazing. Not compared to the life of a vampire."

"Why are single?" Marcus hadn't meant to say that but now that he asked it he really wanted to know.

Katherine was startled to know that of everything she told him, he would want to ask this question. Katherine blushed than answered, "well…like I said I'm happy just the way I am. But if the right person comes along…well you know."

Marcus just looked at her, and nodded.

In the silence that followed they just sat there in comfortable silence.

Then a room's phone started ringing. Marcus got up and answered the phone, "Marcus here."

Katherine watched Marcus while he talked to the person on the other line. Then she saw that he was getting angrier. She saw him hang up and told her, "Something's come up. I'm going out for a little while, to take care of a small problem that has arisen. I'd like for you to stay. That is if you want to."

Katherine just nodded and said, "I'd like to stay, thank you."

Marcus nodded and smiled. For some reason which he refused to even think on. He wanted to be with her a while longer. He knew that if his plans where going to work she needed to stay where he knew where she was going to be.

Marcus got his keys and left.

Katherine was left thinking on why on this world she had decided that she would stay. She just knew that Marcus fascinated her and not just because he was a vampire. Oh, but she had a lot of questions to ask him about his being a vampire and what's it like.


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