Disclaimer: I do not own Serenity or Firefly. But I am in love with the man who does.

Summary: Jayne wakes up to find Kaylee in his room, looking for something that only he can give her.

Notes: I'm going Firefly fanfic crazy since seeing the movie. My third story in three days. It was just nagging me to be written, what can I say? Takes place right after the movie with SPOILERS for the movie.

She Came to My Bunk

After the feds backed down, after we threw the reavers' corpses out to the trash and fixed up the ship all nice and tidy again, things 'came a whole lot different. Wash was gone and so was the preacher. We was down two men and everyone got all quiet like. I don't much get it. Where I come from people don't mope around in the corner when a comrad gets put in the ground. We move on with our duties and go on to the next job. Least that's what I suggested to Mal, but he just looked at me funny and said that we was taking a few days rest before doing any more heisting.

So, that's what I did. I snuck off to my bunk and took a rest. I was right in the middle of a good sleep when she showed up. She startled me and I tried to reach over for good old Vera, but when I saw that it was only little Kaylee I unstrung a bit.

I asked what she was doing here, but I kinda figured it had to do with the gorram doctor. She looked like she'd been cryin. No one makes little Kaylee cry, not if I can help it. So I offered to take Vera for a walk on down to the doc's bunk and give him a good talkin' too, but she said no. Too bad too, woulda been fun.

She sat down on the bunk, but I kept standin'. With our past, getting too close on a bed didn't sound like somethan I should being doin. Not that I didn't want to 'course, but sometimes what a man wants and what's best for him are opposites. If Mal knew she was even in my room again he would throw me out into space. Sides', Kaylee was different then other women, she made me feel different. All fuzzy like.

She was talking to me. She talked about the doctor and how he'd said one thing and then said another thing later on. Somethan 'bout sex. Took all I had to think of the doctor touchin' her at all. Made me all green and such. She said he'd changed his mind about her. Gotta say I felt a bit relieved, but seeing her all cryin and carrying on made me want to blow the hwoon dahn's head off.

I walked over to Vera and ran my hands over her, thinking of what I wanted to do to the gorram doctor right then. Then she called my name. She said it differently, in a way I hadn't heard in awhile. I turned around, knowing what I would find. She was looking at me with those eyes. Gorramit if I couldn't resist those eyes! I felt all of them familiar fuzzy feelings coming back. I swallowed a lump in my throat and watched her; she looked so small sitting there on my bunk. That's what had started it all, way back years ago. First I just wanted to protect her, then I wanted to do everything else to her.

"Gorramit Kaylee." I said, but I couldn't yell at her. "Why you gotta be so gorram pretty?" She smiled at me and shrugged. It made me want to scoop her up in my arms and kiss her like mad.

She looked at me and she was cryin again. "Why you gotta make me feel so pretty, Jayne?" She touched the bunk with her hand, just a little bit. It was enough.

So I sat down on the bunk, with little Kaylee.

Gorramit, if I was gonna suffocate in space least I could do was love a woman first.