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Chapter 3

'David, david wake up.' He walked into the room, stepping over all the different disgarded clothes and junk lying spread out over the floor. Carefully watching where he was going he safely made it to the window and jerked the thick green curtains open. He looked back, now into the sunlit room. He wandered just how long those curtains had been closed. Either way, the room was a mess, just like David. He had went straight to bed when they got home yesterday evening, but as always his lazy son refused to get out of bed.

'Come on David.' He pulled the, what was once, white blanket off his body. He wrinkled his nose at the smell of the blankett and immediately threw it into the corner of the hurricane struck room.

David let out a pity full moan and did nothing but turn in his bed. He didn't need the blanket, the heating had heated the room up to the point of tropical climate. He was not at all cold in his boxers and white T-shirt. Duo didn't even dare to think or ask about how long he had been wearing the same boxer shirts. First things first. David needed a shower and a fresh change of clothes. He raided his closet for something decent left clean and threw it onto the bed.


'I dun wanno go to school!' Came the mumbling voice from under the pilllow, since that was where he was hiding his head under.

'Well even if you did want to, you couldn't.' Duo strictly said. Tired of these games he grabbed Davids arm and used all his force to pull him out of his bed. With a thud David fell onto the white carpet... which was overall more brown and grey now after years of not cleaning.

As soon as he hit the floor, he sat upright, looking around himself in a daze. 'Wha-what!' He looked up, surprised to see his father towering over him.

'You need to get out of bed and take a shower. I'll start clearing out your room.' He tapped his foot a little impatiently as it took David oh so long to rise to his feet, once again having a height advantage, grabbing his clothes and sluggischly making his way over to the bathroom.

Duo looked around the disaster area with his hands on his hips. He bit his lip in agony. God knows what he might find. Cochroaches... rats... yet undiscovered forms of life ?

He pulled the entire matrass of the bed. There were tears in it, it needed replacement. He threw it onto the hallway. Next was the laundry. He started gathering it, noticing that most of the clothes were ripped and torn. Great. He threw them next to the matrass, it was easier to buy new clothes. Redocarting was gonna cost him most of his savings... he might as well empty the account.

The closets where unreadable words were scribbled onto were broken apart in a matter of minutes and took their rightful place in the hallway next to the other junk. A pile that was rising rapidly.

He decided to ignore the fact that it had been one and a half hour and David had yet to leave the shower. A good shower would do him good, he kept telling himself. He knew David had no drugs in there, but to a small part of his mind it was very obvious that David was stalling... he didn't want to help.

Another half hour later he stomped his way to the locked bathroom door and bonked loudly on it.


'Hurry up would ya! I'm not doing this alone ya know!'

'I'ma comin' i'ma comin'!'

'Yeah, you better.' He mumbled softly, so that David wouldn't hear he was already losing his nerve with him. He made his way back to the room and started ripping the carpet off the floor. Thank god it was only glued to it on some places. The curtains were next to fall and then the old bed, where David had slept on since he was twelve, way too small for him, was taken apart. The junk was blocking the way to his own room, but he'd have David clean it up later on. It was his junk after all.

He found a black duffle bag, in the back of a closet that was built into the wall. He lifted it and heard rattling inside. Like... like pills rattling inside their bottles. He shook his head and threw the duffel onto the hall as well. Now the room was finally clear after three hours of intensive working. It was at least a comfort that he still had some power left in his body.

'Oh, you're already done...' David commented dryly, no sound of remorse in his voice.

'Yeah... let's go down stairs, take a break.'

'Yeah I can use one.' David said.

Duo gritted his teeth at the fact David didn't seemed to be joken. How tiring can a damn shower be! He wanted to ask. But he refrained himself. He'd do no good with it.
He silently made an omelet for the two of them and was happily surprised to notice David was eager to set to table. Maybe he was wrong after all. They ate and after the few first bites David started to talk enthousiastically about what he wanted to do with his room.

'I want white walls... the green has to go. And maybe a wooden floor, oak or soemthing? What do you think dad? Oh and a two person bed under the large window. See through curtains, no thick ones, I want sunlight at any given time. A white closet... You know, i've been thinking... maybe some art? I really like those black and white photo's, they'd go great with the new interior. '

It was expensive, but he had saved a lot in case of either emergencies or holliday. He reckoned this counted as an emergency and so what if they couldn't go on vacation the next few years. It's not like they did before. And there were only two left now... That thought was meant to be comforting, but it wasn't. While David kept on talking, his own eyes wandered to the family portrait on the wall. His little girls... His beautiful wife... a yound and innocent David. God, where did it all go? Even Duo himself looked happy in the picture. He felt some anger growing at the thought that at the time this picture was taken, David had had his first experiments with drugs... if they had noticed. If only they had seen the signs!

'Dad, dad?'

'Huh, oh, what?'

'I asked what you thought.'

'It sounds great.' He said honestly, though he hadn't heard half of the story. 'Well then, we better go shop.'

The rest of the day was spent shopping for the stuff they needed for Davids room and some clothing to start with. Duo was proud of himself to find a cheap, though fake, wooden floor, but it did look the part. They bought paint for the walls, new curtains, a bed and a matrass and a large closet that will soon keep all of Davids new and fresh clothing. Duo was even more proud of himself when David didn't mind at all to help. Because the shopping had taken them all day they grabbed a bite at MacDonald and David was forced to sleep on the couch. David complained about it and duo was tempted to say: Aren't you used to sleeping on the couch by now? But he bit back his tongue just in time and for the first time since years he finally had a peaceful night of sleep.


'Yes, yes and when can you bring it? Today, oh that's fantastic thank you!' He hung up the phone with a little smirk on his features, he was scared to death when suddenly a voice said:

'Who was that?'

It was just David. Duo turned around. 'I asked for a large container to stuff all the crap in we ripped from your room.' Note that he said we instead of I. He had began learning to think of what he said before he said it. 'Great. It'll be here today?'

'Yes, we also still have to buy brushes. Forgot those yesterday.' He sheepishly said and set down a plate filled with simple bread with jam in front of his son. He watched carefully, looking for any signs that he might not have changed at all. But he did not mind and stuffed his face with it. Duo smiled, he couldn't help. He was getting what was left of his family back on track.

'Well, why don't you go buy the brushes and I'll load the junk into the container as soon as it's here. It'll save us some time.'

Duo nodded, stirring his tea. 'That's a good idea. They'll be here in two hours. I'm gonna take a shower.' He said, taking the last sip and leaving for the bathroom.

He took a long time washing his body and even after he was done he stayed under the spray for a while, just enjoying the warmth, not only from outside, but also inside. Maybe, if David was okay again, the judge would allow him to see his other children. How Hilde had her way when it came to blaming him for what happened to David he still didn't know. He didn't look forward to seeing that selfih woman ever again. Maybe he was wrong for blaming David all those years of the faillure of his marriage. Though it did deliver the final blow, he did not believe anything could have saved his marriage. Though wonderful in the beginning, Hilde and He had just grown apart... it happens.

Finished with his shower he got dressed and said goodbye to David. Before he left he snatched his cellphone off the counter. He still had to do something. In the car he put on handfree and dialed, waiting for it to be picked up he rounded a corner and was then forced to stop by a red light.

'Patricia Earnest.'

'Patricia, this is Duo.'

'Duo, where were you last night? You know, we do not appreciate it that you miss so many hours.' She said, sounding really irritated with him.

'I'm sorry Patricia, there was an emergency last night.' That was all he said about it, he wasn't going to get into the details, he was trying his hardest to forget. 'And maybe it was for the better.'

'Can I count on you being here next week?'

'No, that's why I called actually. To... resign.'

'Why? What has happened?'

'I just don't need it anymore. David and I have started anew.'

There was a long sigh and he knew exactly what she that.

'It isn't like that and it won't be like that. He really wants to change!' He defended.

'Duo, you've heard the other stories from the other parents... You do realise that... he might just be using you...' She sadly said.

'He isn't.'

'Duo be reasonable. Remember the story of Martha and Stuwart. He was just using them. Pretending that he wanted to change while all he wanted was a new car. And they gave it to him! Giving him that car was like giving him his death, now they don't know where he is. With the use of his own car who knows in which country he is by now!'

'But I'm not giving him a car! We're just redecorating his room. A fresh start.'

'Redecorating his room? So he can wreck it once again?' she sounded so disappointed in him.

'Patrica, I'm not coming back, wther you like it or not. David needs my undevided attention and by going to you he might think, like before that I am betraying him.'

'So he has power over you?'

Duo rolled his eyes 'What? No!'

'But you just said you're not going because of how David will feel about it. That is power Duo. Children on drugs manipulate. You need a sponsor.'

He was about to hang up but the 'You need a sponsor' made him rethink. Sponsor, that sounded like getting money. Maybe he could get a fund from the government? This room was costing him a lot. 'a sponsor?' He asked curiously.

'Yes, a sponsor. Someone who has been through this already and can give you advice. You can help each other.'

'Oh, that kind of sponsor.' He couldn't help letting disappointment get into his voice, but Patricia paid it no mind.

'Come next friday and-'

'I'm not coming Patricia.' He insisted. He had made up his mind about it. She couldn't change it.

'Please Duo, you need help. David has been digging your grave and now you are helping him! He's-'

He hung up. Shy was it so hard for her to be optimistic! She saw things just so black and white. For some families it did work out, if only they had faith in it!

His semi-good mood ruined he stomped into the stores and ripped some burshes in variable sizes off the shelves. He made a round through the shop, picking up a few more thing like light switches. He paid for them, the cashier giving him a strange look while she physically pulled away from. Sitting back as far as she could. He hardly noticed her being so 'scared' of him. He thought that shower had made him look a lot less scarier. Though the bags were far from gone.

He looked at himself in the reflection of the glass door. Taking a second look, he concluded that he didn't at all change as much as he thought a few months ago. He looked quite normal again.

'Have a nice day sir.'

He snorted and took off, only calming down once he breathed in fresh air.


He oulled up into their street and smiled as he saw a blue metal container on the sidewalk in front of their house. David was just throwing in what was left of his closet. He even waved as he saw his father nearing in the car.

He hid his shock and all the other overwhelming feelings flowing through his as he got out.

'Worked hard?'

'Yes very. I was determined to be ready before you got back.'

He gave him a pat on the shoulder and they walked back into the house where they changed into old and ragged clothes. Since David didn't had any(more) he had to borrow some of Duo. They started painting over the ugly mint green walls with crisp white paint. It was silent, but not uncomfortable. The only sound was that of the rollers and brushes whispering over the wall.

When done it was already nearing nightfall. Duo fixed them a simple lunch and they ate in Davids room, not caring about the penetrating stench of the trying paint. And, if Duo would be honest, he didn't mind watching said drying paint all night, if it meant sitting next to his son, who softly talked to him about nothing important.
But that was interrupted by an unsuspected visitor.

'I'll go get it.' He said as he heard the doorbell ring. His son mumbled something about going to watch a football game up in his fathers room.

He opened the many locks on the door he had bought after hearing Lindsay and Heero's story. He pulled the heavy door open, frowning at who came into view.

'Hey.' Came a monotone voice.

Duo looked back, he could hear the faint sound of his television up in his room. 'What are you doing here.' He hissed.

Heero gave him a blank stare, then slowly raised one eyebrow. 'Patricia sent me. She said I was sponsoring you.'

Duo put his hands on his hips, clearly agitated 'Well did she now? I never asked for that.'

'You don't have to, in the group, Patricia decides what is best for you.'

'what is best for me? Things are finally going well with me and my son and what is best for me is having you over, giving me advice! No offense but you'd be the last person on the planet I'd ask for advice.' He stated, though he did regret his words a bit. It was Patricia he was angry of, not Heero. 'I'm sorry. Patricia is being really pushy, since I stepped out of the group. I didn't mean what it said.'

'Yes you did.' Heero looked passed him, at the stairs behind him?

Duo turned, but thank god David was not there.

'It's okay really, you shouldn't apologise.' Came the same emotionless voice. Heero turned on his heels and walked back to the street over the stone path Duo had laid in his garden many years ago with his own bear hands. Most of the plants he had also put there himself had died. He made a mental note to replace them as soon as they were done with Davids room. A new start meant a new start and that meant no dead plants in the garden.

He watched Heero retreat with a nagging feeling of guilt as he watched him step into the middle-budget red car. He swallowed as he saw the scratches that were in the red paint, some of them were dirty words and he had a guess about who put them there. He closed the door before Heero took off.

'Who was that?' David just rounded the corner of the hallway and walked down the stairs.

'Someone lost, just asking for the way.' He mind swiftly supplied. 'So, nobody really.'

'Oh, okay. Wanna watch the game with me?'

Duo smiled widely. 'Yes, I'd love to.'

'Want a beer too?' David asked as he walked into the kitchen.

'No beer.' He closed the door of the fridge David had just opened. 'For either of us.' He grabbed two cans of coca cola, handing one to his son.

He sighed as he looked at it, but gave him father a small smile and then opening it, taking a long gulp as he walked over to the couch to fall onto and flipped the tv on. The first blank screen quickly showed the green grass and the players in colourful shirts as they were running after the ball that was coming dangerously close to a goal.

'Oh!' David called as a player in a green and red T-shirt shot, but missed the goal by an inch.

He flopped down next to him, but wasn't really paying attention to the game. The last thing that interested him right now was football. Patricia was still in his mind. The woman and the others at the discussion group had helped him a lot. Though maybe they didn't realise it. But if he went back, he'd admit being defeated and that Patricia was right, which she wasn't. He was smarter then she gave him credit for. He knew what he was doing.
With that he nodded to himself, pushed the thoughts away and slowly fell asleep on the couch while his son was cheering and calling besides him, excited about something for one of the first times since he had gotten on drugs.
He knew what he was diong. Things were gonna be okay...

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