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Written by: Trinilee Greenleaf

Title: Words do hurt

Summary: When a friend speaks words in anger to you, they don't realise how much they have just hurt you. A young elfling finds out just how much words can hurt.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own any Lotr characters. Except Legolas! Sigh no I unfortunately don't own him either. But I might soon. If I can just prove that I am a descendant of Tolkein. evil laughter

Authors Note: This is a fic based on my own experiences; everything that happens is basically what happened to me. Although, my 'friend' did not go through what Tynen went through. She had no reason to say the things she did.

Authors Note: Legolas is 13 in human years

Chapter 1

Running, as fast as his little legs could carry him, he did not care to look where he was going. The trees all tried to stop him. They held out their branches to him, trying to catch him, calm him, but they just could not reach him.

He couldn't believe that Tynen had said what he had! He was his friend and had been for nearly all of his short life. For him to turn round and say that to him was…heart-breaking.

Tears streamed down his face, blurring his vision.

What had he done to deserve such words? Why would he say such things? Why…unless they were true? Is that really the reason? It's true?

These thoughts ran through his head almost as fast he was running through the forest. Finally slowing to a halt some hour or so later, the young elfling climbed up into the tree that stood nearest to him. Pulling his knees to his chest, Legolas cried.

An hour ago…

"Tynen! Wait for me!" Legolas ran after his friend who he had just seen at the borders to the forest. His friend didn't wait, didn't even turn his head to look at him. When the golden-haired Prince caught up with him, he asked Tynen why.

"Why!" Tynen stopped suddenly in his steps, "WHY!"

Taking a step back from his friend, Legolas struggled for words to voice his confusion.

"Tynen I-"

"You what!" his friend exploded at him.

"Ty' what's happened?"

"My ada is lying in the healing wing, that's what happened!"

"Oh, Ty' I'm so sor-"

"Sorry! You're sorry! Why should you be sorry? My ada nearly died trying to protect your ada, so why should you be sorry?"

Legolas shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. His ada? His ada had been coming back from a trip to Lake Town. What had happened? They must have been attacked! And Tynen's ada had tried to protect mine?

Tynen's father was a member of the Royal Guard. Legolas remembered now that he had been a member of the party that had ridden to Lake Town with Thranduil.

Trying to calm his friend whose fists were clenched in fury, Legolas spoke gently, "Ty' I had no idea, I really think you should calm down. Your ada will be alright, the healers will make sure of it."

But it was no use, "CALM DOWN! Don't you tell me to calm down princeling! You know, this is all your fault anyway!"

Legolas blinked, alarmed. His fault? Where had that come from?

"If you hadn't of burnt those papers, your ada wouldn't have needed to go to Lake Town and my father wouldn't have had to go with him!" Tynen was shouting into his face now, with Legolas stuck where he was, his back pinned to the tree behind him.

The papers? Legolas' eyes widened in realisation. His father had been teaching him about the things that Legolas would need to do when he was older as Crown Prince; Legolas had many duties that would need doing.

Looking over petitions for help from the surrounding settlements was one of them. Whilst looking over a plea from the men of Lake Town, Legolas had accidentally knocked over a candle and the paper had gone up in smoke.

Not wanting a war on his hands, Thranduil had gone to Lake Town three days ago to get another copy.

So this was his fault then?

"I don't even know why they bother to teach you anything you know Legolas! You're worthless! A piece of filth that no-one cares about! They only do it out of pity for you anyway. 'Aw, the poor thing! He's been through so much in such a short time,'" Tynen grabbed the front of his tunic and hoisted him off the ground a couple of feet. Although Legolas was not short, Tynen was a couple of years older than him, and so much taller and stronger too. "You're a waste of space Legolas! Why don't you just do us all a favour huh? And disappear! I don't care how you do it, just do it soon! I wouldn't care if I didn't see you for the rest of my life! And I'm sure nobody else would either!"

Dropping Legolas to the ground, Tynen stormed off in the direction of the healing wing, no doubt to go and visit his father.

Trembling slightly with uncontrolled emotions, Legolas tried to stop his eyes from welling up with tears. Staring at his friend's retreating back, he turned and ran off into the forest.

An hour later…

Still sobbing into his knees, Legolas thought back on his friend's words.

'You're worthless!'

'They only do it out of pity…'

"You're a waste of space!'

Taking the small knife out of his boot, Legolas watched as the sun played on its surface, mocking him with its glorious light.

Maybe he would do them a favour…maybe he would….


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