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Written by: Trinilee Greenleaf

Title: Words do hurt

Summary: When a friend speaks words in anger to you, they don't realise how much they have just hurt you. A young elfling finds out just how much words can hurt.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own any Lotr characters. Except Legolas! Sigh no I unfortunately don't own him either. But I might soon. If I can just prove that I am a descendant of Tolkein. evil laughter

Authors Note: This is a fic based on my own experiences; everything that happens is basically what happened to me. Although, my 'friend' did not go through what Tynen went through. She had no reason to say the things she did.

Author's Note: There is a lot of elvish in this chapter so I am bound to make some mistakes so please don't flame me for them or anything, just point them out, and I'll change them.

Authors Note: Legolas is 13 in human years

WARNING! I have been told that tissues might be needed for this chapter. Only might though!


Saes – please

Echuio – wake up

Saes pen dithen mellen nin, saes lasto I lam nin, tolo dan na ngalad. Non hiraeth glawar nin, non hiraeth – Please my little beloved one, please hear my voice, come back to the light. I am sorry, my sunshine, I am sorry.

Ada – father

Im faniant gen – I failed you

Ion nin – My son

Ech bell thalion – you are strong

Alfar thalion – not strong enough

Lor, boe hebi I vellas lin. Avo gosto, nathon sí achen – Sleep, we need to keep your strength up. Do not worry; I will be here for you

Hannon le – Thank you

The trees kept on guiding the twins, waving their branches to show in which direction they should go, sticking out their limbs to stop them from going the wrong way. Once, Elrohir fell over because a tree had lifted up a gnarled old root to show them that they had missed the right turning.

Eventually, the trees all stopped as the twins came upon a clearing. And it quickly came apparent why. Looking up in horror, the twins ran forward.


Sitting there in a tall oak, clearly unconscious, was Legolas. He was bleeding heavily from some unseen injury and the blood had collected in a large puddle beneath the tree he was in.

Elladan stood by the trunk of the tree, whilst Elrohir shot up the tree to where Legolas was.

Tapping the elfling's face gently, Elrohir tried to wake him. "Legolas? Legolas, echuio! Saes echuio!" The twin's efforts were unsuccessful.

Elrohir then scanned Legolas' lithe body in order to find the source of the bleeding. When he found it, he wished he hadn't. Clutched limply in his hand, was Legolas' small boot knife. It was stained with the coppery coloured liquid, and it was obvious that the knife had been used to create the short, deep gash on the prince's wrist.

In a shaky voice, Elrohir called down to his twin, "'Dan, I-I'm c-coming down."

Elladan jumped at the fear in his twin's voice. "'Ro? 'Ro what is it? What's wrong?"

Elrohir didn't answer, despite the worry and anxiousness that laced his brother's voice. Instead he gently gathered Legolas in his arms, and climbed back down the tree.

When his feet hit the solid ground, Elladan was by his side immediately.

"'Ro, what-" Elladan's sentence was cut off by his violent intake of breath. "He didn't-?"

Looking to his brother in askance, Elladan nearly cried with horror. Why? What could have happened to him that was so awful that he would have had to resort to this?

Swallowing around the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat, Elladan spoke in a shaky whisper, "W-we need t-to get him b-back to the palace."

Elrohir nodded, and the two of them ran silently through the forest, their own tears mirrored the cries that could be heard from the trees all around them. Cries of fear, that their Prince had been lost, lost to grief.

The moonlight shone through the gap in the curtains, and a patch of it highlighted the smooth and gentle features of the sleeping prince. His room was empty now, apart from his father, who sat silently by his son's side, praying to the Valar to bring his beloved Greenleaf back to him.

It had been a huge shock to see his son being carried back to the palace like he had. The twins knew nothing about why his son had done what he did; only that he had, and that was almost too much for them. The King had sent them to bed not less than an hour ago to try and get some sleep. They had not left Legolas' side since they had brought him back nearly two days ago now. They had not slept, they had hardly eaten, Thranduil would never forgive himself if something happened to them too. He had promised Elrond that he would look after his sons, like his friend always did for Legolas. He would not fail them like he had failed his son.

Shaking himself out of his self-condemning musings, Thranduil continued to try and bring his son back to him.

'Saes pen dithen mellen nin, saes lasto I lam nin, tolo dan na ngalad. Non hiraeth glawar nin, non hiraeth.'

It was then that the events of the past few days finally became too much for Thranduil. Leaning his head forward until it rested upon his son's cold, still arm, Thranduil wept.

"Ada?" The weak voice rasped from the bed, "Ada, why are you sorry?"

His head shot up so fast that Legolas was afraid his father might have broken something, "Legolas?" he whispered, as though it was just a dream. But when he realized that it was real, Thranduil smiled so wide that Legolas again feared he would break something.

"Oh Legolas! I have been so worried about you," and Thranduil hugged his son to him.

"Ada, why are you sorry?" Legolas asked again when they had broken apart.

"Im faniant gen ion nin, im faniant gen."

Legolas shook his head, "Nay ada, It is I who failed you. Non hiraeth, I-I just didn't know what to do, it hurt so much…it hurt so much," Legolas broke down like his father had mere seconds ago. Wrapping his arms tightly around his son, Thranduil cried into Legolas' hair, whilst Legolas cried into his shoulder.

Father and son stayed like this for a long time, until Legolas finally found his voice again.

"Ada, are you mad at me? For being weak?"

Startled by the quiet question of his son, Thranduil gently pulled Legolas away from him so that he could look into his son's bright blue eyes.

"You are not weak Legolas, ech bell thalion."

"Alfar thalion," Legolas whispered, bowing his head so that he would not have to look at the anger that he was so sure he would see his ada's eyes.

Thranduil put his forefinger under his son's chin and raised Legolas' head until he was once more looking into the those beautiful eyes. Legolas nearly gasped at what he saw. There was certainly no anger there. Fear, worry, concern and relief, relief because he was alive.

"Oh ada!" and Legolas once more, threw himself into his ada's embrace.

Wiping away Legolas' tears, Thranduil pushed the elfling slowly back against the pillows. "Come now Legolas, Lor, boe hebi I vellas lin. Avo gosto, nathon sí achen."

"Hannon le ada," Legolas yawned as he settled back against the fluffy pillows behind his head.

"For what Greenleaf?"

"For everything," Legolas whispered as he drifted off into sleep.

Legolas recovered quickly with the help of his father and the twins and his many other friends. He and Tynen however, did not speak to each for the next 50 years. Tragedy pushed them together much like it had pushed them apart. When Tynen's father died 50 years later, protecting one of the elven villages outside the palace walls, Tynen finally found it in him to apologise.

Tynen sailed to Valinor not long after that, to join his father and his dear mother who already awaited him there.

I Veth

(The End)

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