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Chapter #1: I'm in love

"So what are you doing tonight" Stacy asked Torrie over the phone while, Torrie was sitting at home eating junk food and watching TV. "Oh that's what I wanted to tell you earlier, John is taking me to meet his parents for the first time tonight" Torrie said excited. "Torrie that's great, so I guess you and John are getting pretty serious" Stacy asked being happy for her best friends, " Stace what do you expect we have been dating for over 8 months, I say its about time" Torrie said turning of the TV walking over to her closet to find something to wear. "So what time is the dinner" Stacy asked. "He's coming at 8:00, so I have about an hour an half" Torrie said looking at her clock that read 6:30. "So I better start getting ready talk to you later Torrie said hanging up the phone after Stacy said bye.

After hanging up the phone Torrie was trying some outfits on to see which one she should where.

Torrie was still trying on some things, when her cell phone ringed, and it read baby with hearts rotating around it. Automatically Torrie smiled because she knew who it was, her boyfriend John Cena. Torrie picked it up. "Hey baby" Torrie said greeting the man of her life. "Hey! What are you doing?" John asked the women of his life. "Nothing, just trying to find something to where tonight" Torrie responded getting frustrated because she couldn't find anything. "Torrie just be yourself, I mean you could just where jeans and a t-shirt and my family would love you all they care about is your personality not the way they dress" he said trying to make her feel less stressful. "You think " Torrie asked looking at herself in the mirror. "That's how I fell in love with you' John said. Torrie's eyes widened in shock.

As long as John and Torrie had been dating they have never say they loved each other. They didn't know how the other would respond so they just ignored those three words.

"Um John you're in love with me" Torrie asked John over the phone. John just remembered what his own last words were and hesitated. All of a sudden there was a knock on Torrie's house door. "Fine timing" Torrie said in her head as she went down stairs to answer the doors still waiting for John to say something.

Then she opened the door and smiled at what she saw. It was John, and he finally spokeā€¦

"Um yeah, and I mean it I'm in love with you Torrie Wilson"!

Chapter #2: Torrie's response!