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Chapter 1: Being together

"Torrie sweetie are you ready yet" John yelled from the bottom of the stairs waiting for his girlfriend Torrie to come out of the bathroom so that they can start driving to the next destination where raw had a live event. I'm coming Torrie yelled back. Torrie and John had been together for almost a whole year and they already lived together. They hooked up 4 months after Torrie divorced Billy.


Torrie was storming through the hallways backstage at a raw event she really upset and mumming I hate him so much over and over she didn't want to talk to anyone and she couldn't talk to one of her best friends Stacy because she was on smack down and to wrapped up with Randy and Trish was to wrapped up with Marc (Tha trademarc-John's real cousin) in planning their wedding. When she turned the corner she bumped into someone and fell to the ground "watch-it" Torrie said before she got a chance to see who it was. She got up and dusts herself off. "Yo I'm sorry the man said. Torrie recognized the voice and looked up, Oh! John I didn't know it was you Torrie said; That's okay John said looking the lovely Torrie Wilson up and down, John always liked her and her sense of style. Torrie was wearing white long low-rider jeans, a red one-strap top, a golfer hat and her hair was curly, and she had on red high-heel sandals. "What are you lookin at " Torrie asked noticing John looking at her. "Nothing"! John answered quickly and an a little guilty, "You just look amazing" John said with a smile. "Oh! Thank you" Torrie said with a smile; so why are you so cranky today, Torrie frowned its along story, John looked at his watch and said I have time. John and Torrie were always open arms to one another.

So Torrie begin tell John about how she went home on a one-day break and saw Billy Kidman (her husband with another women).

After telling John the whole story Torrie began to let tears fall down her face after trying to let them hold back but she couldn't John could tell she was really hurt, so he gave her a hug. They hugged for a while and when they came out the hug they were face to face and looked in each other eyes then out of nowhere they kissed each other.

And the rest is history!

(End of Flashback)

John was sitting down on the couch he was wearing his usual 3 quarter jeans, a patriots jersey, and a Word life hat. Torrie finally came out of the bathroom she was wearing a strapless pink and white von dutch top and pink long tight low-rider jeans with pink and white Reebok classics and her hair was crinkled with a pink and white von dutch trucker hat.

"Ready" Torrie said coming down the stairs. "Its about time" John replied with an attitude but was being sarcastic. "Shut up" Torrie responded hitting John in the chest playfully.

(One hour later)

John and Torrie was one hour on the road, John was listening to his CD and rapping along while Torrie was text messaging someone on her phone.

"What are you doing" John asked

"Nothing" Torrie responded suspiciously

But John didn't notice as his favorite song on his CD was coming on.

"This is nice" John said happily

"What" Torrie said flipping off her phone for a while?

"Being together" John said with another smile.

"Yeah" Torrie said with a half- hearted smile because she filling guilty because she was talking to someone she should not have been talking too.

"Yeah" Torrie replied again;

"Being Together"!