This is a story I just recently wrote I hope you like it.

Chapter #1: The worst news ever.

Torrie and John were walking home from school laughing and talking. They were the best of friends; they were partners in crime when one of them got in trouble the other made it their mission to get in trouble also so that they can stick together. They lived next door to each other in West Newberry, Ma. The both of them were fifteen and freshmen in high school. Even though they were freshmen they were really popular, but again they were all ways bad.

"So do we have any homework tonight?" John asked Torrie as they turned the corner. "Yes plenty. "Do you ever pay attention in class" Torrie asked John with a laugh. "You have a lot of nerves Torrie Wilson" John said out loud with a smile. "You don't pay attention all the time either "John said to Torrie. "Oh yeah, then how come I know the homework for tonight" Torrie asked John with a clever smile. "You were just paying attention at that time" John said to Torrie laughing. "Okay, Okay so maybe I don't always pay attention but I do get better grades Torrie said smiling at John. "Oh yeah! Your C's and D's to my D's and F's" John said as him and Torrie just laughed.

John and Torrie finally reached their house. Torrie and John never said good-bye to each other because that would seem like they would never see each other, so they would just walk into their own house and wait to see each other the next day.

John always had a crush on Torrie. He just loved her down to earth attitude not like the other phony girls at their school but he didn't think she felt the same way so he just kept it to himself.


Torrie laid in her room on her bed listening to this hip-hop CD John let her borrow when there was a knock on the door so Torrie stop the radio and rushed down the stairs and when she opened the door it was a cop. "Um can I help you" Torrie asked. "Are you Torrie Wilson the cop asked looking at his note pad". "Yes" Torrie said hesitated. "Can I come in the cop" asked Torrie. "Um okay Torrie said hesitating.

The cop took his hat off as he entered her home. "I am afraid that I have some bad news" the cop told Torrie. "What is it" Torrie asked worriedly. "I'm afraid that your mom has been in a terrible car accident" the cop said.

Torrie hoped up from the couch and said "is she okay, I need to go see her" Torrie begin panicking and walking around trying to find her jacket.

The cop put his head down and said" I'm afraid we lost her".

When Torrie heard this news her world just completely fell apart.

Torrie in her mom were really close. Torrie fell to the floor and started crying as the cop just comfort her. "It can't be, it can't be" Torrie really broke down. "This is the worst news ever" Torrie said beginning to cry even harder.

"The worst news ever."