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Well all I have to say is thanks for 'wasting your time' to read my fanfic. If you noticed, the fic doesn't say complete which means I'm still writing it. You can't just expect Muraki to roll over and take it like a bitch. If you truly read the manga or watched the anime then you can tell that he wouldn't. So unless your a fucking fortune teller then I don't see how you can tell me that it's not going to happen. Before you tell me to get my fucking facts straight you better get yours. If you had read the chapter labeled 'Muraki's Past' then you can clearly see that he is the uke. Not the one I'm writing for but one none the less. Having consensual sex or being raped, your still going to bottom. Being an uke does not always mean that the act is going to be pleasurable. Oh, and thanks again for reading it.

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Muraki had left with the picture in hand. He was in his old room at the house. He sat on the edge of the bed and started to think. He would find a way to get at the boy, just the problem was when; it had to be soon. The doctor knew where he was thanks to the curse running over the boy's body. It was like a life line that the young empath was unaware of. The platinum blonde smiled, he was going to use a summon to get him. All he needed was something that belonged to the kid.

There was only the curse. Muraki couldn't just go for a stroll in Meifu and get the empathy or anything that belonged to him. Summoning the boy though means of the curse would deem risky. Their minds could connect or one of their souls could get sucked from their bodies and into the other. It was a risk this timehat he would have to take to get Hisoka.

He sited the incantation and concentrated on the curse he had once inflicted on Hisoka. Before long Hisoka ended up lying in front of him on the ground. The doctor smirked to himself as he picked up the boy and left with him. Now all that is left is the memory of my dear brother.


Hisoka woke up only to find himself tied to a chair. He struggled a bit with no use. He looked around to see where exactly he was but there was not much to see. The room was dark with no windows to be seen. He tried to move again but in vain. Panic began to rise inside of him. He began to struggle against the chair trying to get out. He gave up, breathing heavily.

He tried to remember what happened to him, how he got there. He remembered having to stay over Saya and Yuma's house. He was in his room on the balcony waiting for the girls while thinking how things could have been different if he was stronger. If he never split up with Tsuzuki during their case, none of this would have happened. Now he was stuck in this place with no way out.

Now there is no way to get to Tsuzuki, the young empathy thought as he sat there. He sat there hating himself for everything. He felt as if he could curl up in a ball and die. No! I had nothing to be sad about; Tsuzuki was in a worse spot than me. If I get depressed there will be no way to help him.

He sat there contemplating what he would do the moment his capture made their presence known.


Tsuzuki woke up several hours later after falling asleep in the tree. The sun as going down and in the next hour it would be dark. His neck was sore from lying in the same position. He sat up and stretched his arms over his head. The bird on his chest flew up in his face and scared Tsuzuki. He fell out of the tree and landed on his back.

He sat up rubbing his back and looked up. The shinigami saw the bird hopping up and down on a tree branch above him. He made his way up to his feet and looked towards the house. There were no lights signing that Muraki still wasn't home yet. He sighed and walked back to the house. The bird flew over landed on his shoulder then pecked at his hair. Tsuzuki laughed as he continued to walk inside.


I know it's short. I know that in one chapter I said the bird couldn't fly then in the next he could. Well the only way to explain that is that the bird was magic. No I don't have a real reason behind it but the bird will now be able to fly.

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