Title: Broken
Author: fickledame
Pairing/Character: Veronica/Logan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She smells of lilacs, tears, hope and Veronica.
Spoilers/Warnings: You must have watched 2x01.

He's lounging by the pool with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand, the sun beating down on his chest and a vague smirk playing on his lips as he thinks of his afternoon with Kendall. The song on the radio playing over the loudspeakers stops suddenly and he looks up curiously.

"Newsflash," a calm voice says, "a school trip from Neptune High School has ended in tragedy when the bus they were travelling home on drove over the cliff. A rescue mission is currently underway but as of yet there are reportedly no survivors...'

The glass slips from his fingers, hitting the floor and shattering into hundreds of pieces. His breathing intensifies as he puts his head on his hands, fighting back the urge to throw up.

He doesn't remember the rest of that day, a blur of empty bottles and broken grief. He finds himself behind the wheel of his obnoxious yellow X-Terra driving, although he has no idea where he is going until he pulls up by the side of the road, watching the flurry of rescue teams swarming around the cliff tops.

He sobs hoarsely while smacking the wheel with his fist as he watches a body being pushed towards an ambulance with a blanket covering it from view. It could be Veronica, Duncan, Dick or Beaver. His entire world has been wiped out. Everyone he loves, his friends. His wipes the tears away from his face angrily, starting the engine again when he spots someone standing away from the people, near the edge of the cliff, alone.

The door is opened and he walking towards them before he realises what he is doing. He stops a few steps away from them, frowning before looking back at the bottle in his hand. How much of it has he drunk? he wonders, throwing it past the person and down the cliff side. She turns around at that and looks at him, her face streaked with dried tears.

"Logan," she greets, "You heard?"

He spluttered at her words, "I thought you were DEAD!" he screamed.

Veronica looked shocked at his words, "I'm sorry, I thought Duncan would have called you, he got away earlier than me. I've been trapped at the police station until now and then I came here. I wanted to see," her voice cracks before she continues, "I wanted to see them find Meg,"

He looks at her blankly as he processes her words, "You and Duncan?" he finally said.

Veronica nods, stepping towards him, "Duncan, Dick or Cassidy weren't on the bus," she confirms. "I'm sorry you didn't know."

Suddenly he finds himself with his arms wrapped around her, relishing the feel of her breath on his neck and her heart beating against his chest. He buries his nose in her hair. She smells of lilacs, tears, hope and Veronica.

Over her shoulder he thinks he sees a girl dressed in white and green with long hair and a beautiful smile before she disappears.