About this story

This is an in-depth novelization of Final Fantasy IV. Not only will there much more in the way of dialogue between the characters, but I am also adding new dialogue, new scenes, go into more depth about the relationships between the characters. I am also going to be hinting at a long and detailed history before the game begins. I am going to make it fit with my other story, currently on hiatus, titled Foundations of Ruin.

That story goes into a lot of detail about the backgrounds for Gestahl, Duncan, Banon, the previous rulers of Figaro and Doma, the Elder of Narshe, etc. I will be using additional names for characters that often weren't given the honor in the game.

My interpretations of some of the characters are also a bit different than in the game, and especially in the World of Ruin things may not be exactly as they are in the game. This is particularly true of Sabin, who is my favorite character and I think got rather shortchanged in the game as a guy who's just happy to punch enemies, but I think that clashed with his story as a martial artist supreme. Some of the other characters may also be made a bit more "adult" as they would have been were Final Fantasy not geared for a younger audience.

Dramatis Personae

Terra – the green-haired Imperial witch, with her compassion and magic power she may be the world's last hope

Locke – a carefree treasure hunter, he hides a tortured past and remains a loyal comrade

Edgar – king of Figaro, engineer, flirt, and warrior, with the manners of a cad but the soul of a hero

Sabin – heir of ancient martial art secrets and Prince of Figaro, hearty in battle and in laughter, a mighty warrior and a gentle soul

Celes – general of the Empire and Magitek knight, see seems to have a heart as cold as ice but as pure as snow

Shadow – a mysterious assassin with no loyalty but to himself, a man of deadly skills and even more dire secrets

Cyan – noble knight to the ancient kingdom of Doma, a fantastic swordsman who follows the old code of honor and chivalry

Gau – an orphaned child who survived in the treacherous Veldt, his berserker rages make him a powerful but wild addition

Setzer – free-spirited gambler who wanders the world in his airship, he hides a noble spirit beneath a veneer of carelessness and revelry

Strago – an ancient mage, one of the most powerful of those left in the world and a master of ancient lore

Relm – a carefree youth, an artist who treats the whole world as her canvas

Mog – one of the only Moogles who can speak with people, he seeks adventure away from the safety of the warrens