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It towered in the dark sky grinning with pleasure showing fangs that dripped black blood. The village filled with screams as the demon toyed with it. Flames spat from its mouth along with the scent of burnt human flesh, and webs of silk hung all over the village. The demon's spider-body and legs with its little pricks of hair crushed buildings and scraped the walls of houses.

A castle was not far, and its gleam caught the demon's eyes. Weapons, ropes, and spells were used to stop or even have the chance to slow down the monster. It never flinched, and its laughter rumbled the sky.

On the opposite side of the castle gates, the royal family made their escape. The king quickly scuttled into the forest, leading the way. As he scurried, he held his Queen's hand. She followed without a word, but fear blazed in her eyes.

In her free arm, there occupied a quiet infant girl; watching and listening; her sapphire eyes gazed into the gloomy night sky. Tonight was the night of the full moon, but its efforts of trying to spread its light into this night were consumed by the clouds.

She remembered the fear, the stench, the demon, and the blood. She remembered everything.

Chapter One: Encounter

Three days passed and Naomi turned around and looked behind her. She could still see the smoke rising from the chimney of the inn she had stayed in exactly three days ago. Then she turned back around to her original position and looked dully ahead. The wooden entrance to the next village was in plain site.

"Okay." Naomi thought. "It took me three whole days in this forest to travel to this village when it only should have taken me about fifteen minutes."

She clunked herself in the head and walked on.

"He would not be pleased with my late arrival, that's for sure." She continued mumbling along. "But there are too many injured animals in this forest that distracted me! Let's see…there were five birds, two squirrels, and two foxes. Ah! But still, that shouldn't be an excuse…eh…should it?"

She continued fussing for a little while longer until she just let out a big sigh to ease her nerves.

"Ah, it's not going to change anything. He expects me anyway so that means I'm still going." She concluded and moved onward to finish her journey.

Before she took another step, she sensed something from her right heading towards her. As it pierced out of the bushes, Naomi purposely dodged it clumsily.

"Yikes!" She yelped as she quickly ducked and pretended to fall onto the dirt path.

The objected wedged straight and hard into the tree that stood behind her. After a quick glance of the object, Naomi realized that it was a small twig. She stood up and took a closer look.

"Wow…" She whispered in awe.

It was lodged deeply inside the tree with only a leaf poking out.

The bushes rustled behind her and out came two boys and a girl in between them. They were all around Naomi's age, but a little younger. The boy to her right had short blonde hair and blue eyes that were curious as he looked at Naomi, but they reflected something of sorrow. He wore an orange jacket with matching orange slacks. Naomi couldn't help but adore the white fur that trimmed the neck of the boy's jacket. The boy to her left had black hair and black eyes filled with a desire. He wasn't interested in Naomi so he looked dully aside. A blue shirt and khaki pants covered the boy's body.

The girl's pink hair that landed a little past her shoulders, swayed in the wind as it swept by. Her beautiful turquoise eyes glistened as they rested on Naomi. Her shirt seemed a bit of the oriental designs with its silk red color and white threads. Her short black pants were tight on her, and the three of them wore navy blue sandals. Also the same symbol was seen on the navy-blue headband they wore on their foreheads and head: a silver swirled leaf.

After analyzing them, Naomi began to reflect back on herself. Her long black hair was tied in a ponytail that perched on top of her head. Bangs covered her forehead, and some loose hair fell on her shoulders. The white over-sized t-shirt that covered her billowed in the wind, and her black shorts clung to her legs. Thick glasses covered Naomi's eyes and most of her face. Naomi's right shoulder carried a small sack full of a few items she needed. On her left arm of her biceps, she wore a pouch with several tiny pockets in a row.

"You were aiming at someone not something, Naruto." the girl said her eyes resting on the blonde boy.

"Ah, I'm sorry! But I didn't know, Sakura!" Naruto defended.

"Well, she would probably be dead right now!" Sakura argued back.

They continued bickering for a while with Sakura resorting to some violence. The black haired boy just walked off, but he didn't walk far because soon enough there was another rustle in the bushes.

Out stepped a man who was around his twenties. He wore a pair of deep, navy blue pants with bandages wrapped around his ankles and the same blue sandals. A green vest covered the dark blue sweatshirt underneath, and a mask hid his face from nose to chin. Once again, the same headband with the same symbol was seen diagonally on his forehead covering his left eye. His silver hair settled to one side and mostly eased on his headband.

The shimmer that his hair exuded caught Naomi's attention, and she admirably examined the strands. Also, his hands wore gloves, but his fingers were free. As his free eye glanced around, he scratched his head with irritation. At this point Naruto and Sakura had stopped their quarrel and had their backs turned against each other. Slowly, Naruto's expression quickly changed from stubborn anger to sorrow. The black-haired boy was found eased against a tree, waiting.

All this time, Naomi was silent and watching everything. She had to admit, it was a little entertaining and gave herself a small giggle. Then Naomi smiled broadly at her new incomers. Naruto, Sakura, and the man just looked at her.

Finally, the man asked Naomi, "Are you a traveler, Miss?"

Naomi smiled and replied, "Yes I am, sir. I've traveled from the Town of Crystal, Chrysalis, to this village. Well, I'm hoping that this is the Village of the Hidden Leaf, Konoha, and from the looks of your headbands-"

"You came from the Town of Crystal? Chrysalis?" Sakura interrupted and started inspecting Naomi.

"I've always dreamed of that town! Is it wonderful like they say? Are there crystals everywhere you look?" She asked with excitement.

The man pulled Sakura away and apologized for her behavior.

"Well, I've never really seen this side of her, and yes, this is road will take you straight to Konoha."

Naomi nodded and then slowly uttered, "Eh…I don't know your names…I think."

"My name's Haruno, Sakura!" Sakura blurted out. "It's a pleasure to meet you!"

"Wow, Chysalis! I can't believe it!" Sakura's Inner Sakura exclaimed.

Naruto smiled and said proudly, "I'm Uzumaki, Naruto and I'm going to be the Hokage of our village!"

At this, Naomi's eyes sparkled behind her big glasses and she smiled cheerfully. They all turned to the black-haired boy who didn't say anything and perhaps wasn't planning to.

"That's Uchiha, Sasuke." Sakura said. Then she jumped next to Naomi and whispered into her ear. "All the girls like him because he's so popular and cool! Oh, and he's cute, wouldn't you say so?"

"Let me guess, Sakura, besides all the other girls, you like him, too?" Sakura backed away blushing, and Naomi laughed.

"Yeah, that's Sasuke alright." Naruto muttered under his breathe.

The man lifted his hand off his head and introduced himself.

"I'm their teacher, Hatake, Kakashi." He looked Naomi up and down and continued, "What's your name, Miss?"

Glancing at everyone, Naomi said, "My name's Irunaki, Naomi. Well, it was really great meeting you guys, but eh...I kind of...need to go now."

Naruto smiled and gave her a thumb up. "Sure! Come on! Let's go back in the village, Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi scratched his head again and said, "Ah, I guess so, but we're not going into the village. Remember, you're still on training."

They all agreed and quickly led Naomi to the wooden entrance. On the fifteen-minute way there, Sakura asked Naomi many questions about Chrysalis. To her surprise, Naomi was amazed to find how much Sakura knew. Besides the amount of questions Sakura unloaded onto Naomi, the guards at the entrance also asked Naomi several questions.

"I guess this must be a reason why Mr. Kakashi wanted to lead me here. Some of these questions these guards ask are…a bit hard to answer." Naomi thought. "Well, it's just the way they ask them."

She took the sack from her shoulder and dug her hand inside. It wasn't long until she found what she was looking for. A small wooden board now sat in her right hand, and she handed it to the guards. After taking a glance at it, the guard's eyes suddenly enlarged in awe. Quickly, they gave Naomi back her pass, and said, "This way." The big doors creaked open slowly, and they gestured their hands toward the village.

What stood before Naomi amazed her. The village was full of people bustling here and there. There were many unique buildings crowded together, and a large circular building rested in the back of the village. On the other side, there rested Hokage's place where the he would live and hold meetings.

"Welcome to the Konoha." One guard said after noticing Naomi's face.

Kakashi didn't take a second look back at the village since he knew the appearance of his hometown. What really bothered him was Naomi's pass that she still grasped. It was the same for Naruto, Sakura, and even Sasuke. They were all looking questionably at it. When Naomi came out of her wonder, she glimpsed at the four that stood on each side of her. Then she raised her hand and showed the curious four her pass.

The wooden board had Naomi's name carved in it, but what glimmered everyone's eyes was the center of the board. There sat a beautiful piece of crystal in the form of a diamond. Naomi slowly rocked her hand back and forth causing the crystal to glisten in the sun, and all the while, she smiled. She stuck it back in her bag and walked into the village giving a hearty farewell to the four.

"Thank you for everything!" Naomi called out to her newly acquainted friends.

"Don't mention it." Kakashi answered with a smile beneath his mask.

Sakura wanted to say something. She wanted to show how amazed she was with the crystal, but its beauty captivated her, and she remained quiet. Naruto saw Sakura's reaction, and he could tell that she wanted that crystal. He wanted to somehow get it for Sakura and maybe, just maybe, she would like him if he retrieved it. Sasuke's feelings were hidden, but he sensed Sakura's want for the crystal.

Just as the doors were closing, and the new friends were separating, Naomi talked with a guard inside. She asked if he could help her find her way around the village, and he happily agreed. The loud creaking eased and the doorway became narrower and narrower. Kakashi turned and began leading his students away. Just then he heard Naomi ask,

"Eh…could you show me where the Hokage is?"

At that, Kakashi stopped and turned his head. From that angle, he could see that the doors had closed.

Naruto saw this and asked, "What's wrong, Kakashi-sensei?"

There was a moment of hesitation before Kakashi said, "That girl is going to see the Hokage." Confused, Naruto just stared at him.

"Naruto, I want you to know, even though you've made a friendly encounter with someone, they are still not to be trusted." Kakashi finished.

Then he sighed and said, "Come on, we need to continue with the training."

"Ah! You're too suspicious, Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura blurted. "I mean she's form Chrysalis!"

Shaking his head, snow-haired teacher laughed quietly to himeslf as his students followed close behind.

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