YYH Know Your Stars

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--Chapter 1: Yusuke Urameshi--

Yusuke walked onto the stage only thinking that he was going to break a rule and that was his goal. He sat in a chair in the middle of the stage not expecting it to collapse underneath him.

"Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars..." The voice of all doom said as he always did.

Yusuke looked around his head and saw the little stars "Hi little stars" he managed to say before he fell over because his head hurt. Though he was oblivious to what would happen next and make his head hurt even more.

"Yusuke Urameshi... He kissed a llama when he was 5..." the voice said purely enjoying the torment to come.

"What!" Yusuke yelled as he sprang up. "I never kissed a llama! Now Kuwabaka might... BUT NOT ME!"

"Whatever. Yusuke Urameshi... The llama he kissed was really Kuwabara in a llama suit..."

"WHAT?" yelled Yusuke and Carl Wheezer (who was conveniently located back stage) in unison. Yusuke continued speaking while Carl rambled on and on about llamas. "Ok ok. First... Kuwabaka loves kittys not llamas. Second... I already told you! I DID NOT KISS ANY STINKING LLAMAS!"

Yusuke continued fuming and the voice continued taunting. "Yusuke Urameshi... He once had a huge fight with Keiko when he was drunk..."


"You just can't accept the fact that my plan is better than yours." Keiko said calmly.

"Is not!" Yelled Yusuke.

"Is so!" Keiko retorted.

"Is not!" Yusuke yelled back.

"Is so" Keiko said calmly.

"STOP IT! STOP IT! CAN'T YOU SEE THIS CONSTANT FIGHTING IS TEARING US ALL APART?" Kurama yelled. There was a short pause before Hiei spoke up.

"That was cool, Kurama. I really believed you for a second." Hiei said sounding very out of character.

End Flashback

"Well yeah. That happened. But I sweat to drunk I wasn't god!" Yusuke said... Slurring most of what he said.

"Yusuke Urameshi... He might have not been drunk when he fought with Keiko but now he is!" the voice exclaimed.

Yusuke managed to say one slurred sentence before he passed out. "I'm making egg toast for the squirrels mama!"

"Now you know Yusuke Urameshi..."

"I like Elvis halls" Yusuke said before he passed out again.


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