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Summary: Starfire finds a letter under her windowsill telling her to meet Red X alone in an alley. Meeting him there, she discovers his secret on accident but also uncovers way more when she gets to know the man behind the mask. -Robin, being Star's boyfriend is naturally suspicious when Star sometimes is delayed coming to missions. When he follows her one night, all chaos lets loose. Will relationships be lost or found?

The Letter

Chapter 1: The One Secret Kept

Robin looked up from the newspapers scattered on his desk to see that the alarm had gone off. "Great" he murmured, he had hoped there would be no fighting for once today. He really needed to find a Valentine's Day Present for Star; they had been together since that "Stranded" thing had happened.

It was only a few months away from V-Day, he knew that in order to get a good present for her he should order it now and plan the day ahead of time. The only problem other than the mission that he was running to was that he had no clue what to get.

-"Who is it this time?" Robin asked immediately as he ran up to Cyborg, who was standing in front of the grand computer. The rest of the team, whom was already there, looked at him a little fear in all of their eyes that Robin would be mad. "Red X" Raven whispered as Cyborg put his picture up on the screen.

Robin sighed and turned around, beginning to exit towards the T-car with the rest of his team. "Robin" he heard Star's sweet, lovely voice call him. He automatically slowed down so that she'd catch up. "Yeah, Star?" he asked, looking into her beautiful, jewel-like eyes that were planted on her rosy-cheeked face.

"What is this holiday that I found on collection of days?"

Robin laughed. "You mean a calendar?"

Starfire cocked her head to the side in confusion, he sighed it looked so cute when she did that. "Never mind. Do you mean V-day?" "There is a day to celebrate the letter of V?" she asked, shifting her eyebrows.

"Uhh…no. It means Valentine's Day" he blushed a bit, but luckily it was hidden under his messy hair and eye-mask. "Oh, the day of the word Valentine?" she was totally confused as she slid into her seat of the car. The boy wonder rolled his eyes "Ask Beast Boy, he's all about holidays" she frowned at his serious attitude. He was always determined on the mission. Sometimes it seemed almost scary at the amount of determination he has, she thought as her boyfriend entered the passenger seat in the front.

"What is Valentine's day?"


Red X grabbed the pile of money off the counter as the gooey banker; covered in one of Red X's Xes (does that make sense?) sat useless on the floor. "Sorry, Gina" he read the girls name tag and ran towards the door, only to stop in his tracks.

"Sorry, to disappoint you X, but this time-"

Robin's battle-beginning line was cut off as a giant X came hurtling towards them. "Sorry, to interrupt your speech, bird boy- as much as I'd love to hear it." Red X smirked as Robin glared at him, hate burning in his eyes. Raven cast off the shield she had put on to protect them from the giant X as Robin yelled out "Titans! GO!".

Starfire's hands automatically lit up with bright green light. Five beams flew from her hands as she flew over Beast boy, whom was now an elephant. BeastBoy charged into Red X but his attack was dodged easily as he generated away from the ground. Regenerating in the air, behind Cyborg he kicked him down, only to be punched by Robin from the back.

X quickly turned around as Robin started throwing out his combat moves. As he dodged each attack that was sent flying towards him he felt a blast of pain at his side as a bank chair came flying at him. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" Raven threw another chair at him; he did a cartwheel and moved out of the way, making the chair hit a not-ready-to-be-hit, elephant Beast Boy.

"Ouch, Rae!-" he called as he rubbed his head in pain. Raven rolled her eyes as she ignored the joke Beast Boy was now telling. "Still not funny-" she said "RAE WATCH OUT!" she suddenly heard Beast Boy suddenly shout out. "Huh?" Raven turned her head, seeing the giant X that hit her face straight on and sent her flying towards Beast Boy- and the wall.

Robin threw an electric disk at Red X as he saw Raven fly across the room and crash into Beast Boy, both of them becoming unconscious by the wall. Red X generated away from the disk which exploded near a Cyborg that was about to blast his sonic-hand. The explosion caused him to throw the attack, which hit an appalled Robin. Both Titans, falling into an unconscious mode- Starfire was the only one left.

"Robin…" she whispered, her eyes no longer had that bubbly happiness inside them, there was now flaming rage from her heart burning in them. Her eyes turned as bright as Sunlight as beams shot from them. Red X dodged it smoothly; she shot at him again- dodged. She soon began to shoot at him with rapid fire, he blocked each move. She was amazed at how he was so easily dodging the fierce attacks that she was using most of her strength for it.

Red X smiled as he flipped over to raging beam that flew towards him, he landed right in front if Starfire, that was now on the ground. She was breathing heavily; he could tell she was exhausted. He smiled that his plan was working, as he saw her drop to her knees. He lifted up her drooping hand gently from her chin, she was shocked that he was so gentle but even more shocked that he was touching her and she was doing nothing to stop him!

Red X dropped to his knees too and studied the features on her face. Those emerald eyes staring into his, well actually his mask- 'If I only I could remove this mask and let you really look into my eyes- oh how happy that would make me…'. He let go of her face grudgingly and stood. Starfire simply looked up at him, confused by his actions; she watched his muscular body turn as he reached for his gun.

"Gotta' go, baby cakes- bye" he shot the gun, causing her to faint. He generated out of the bank, taking the money with him.

Before, she had fainted he remembered seeing her sneer at the word 'baby cakes', he frowned in his hideout, taking off his mask. He remembered what he had told Robin once when he had to fight along with the Titans to save the others of the team from being vaporized. 'Why are you helping me?' he had asked 'Not everyone likes to play the big bad guy, kid.' he had said. "Especially me" he whispered, throwing his mask at the wall.


Back at Titan's Tower…

Silky squirmed out of Starfire's arms as she gazed out of her window. She sighed, and rested her head on her palm, staring out into the sunset- alone. Usually, she'd be on top of the roof, her head would be on Robin's shoulder as they enjoyed the magic of the Sunset. But, today they had had a little argument.

Silky tugged at the bottom of Starfire's skirt, causing it too fall a little. She quickly pulled it back up, blushing "Bad Silky." the little creature frowned. She frowned back at it, she grabbed him in her arms and sat upon her pink bed.

Silky gurgled as his holder stroked his slimy back. "I didn't mean to yell at you, Silky. I'm just not in the mood-" she couldn't believe what she was saying. It didn't even sound like her- for some reason she felt so down, so gloomy, so Raven.

Starfire shivered at the cold chill the thought had sent down her back. Feeling the arms around him shiver, Silky squirmed out her arms yet again and crawled off out the door. She sighed. "I truly am gloomed, like Raven." she said, half-knowing what 'gloomy' meant yet 'gloomed' she had no idea what it meant at all. She felt to a sudden urge to eat what was it called again? Oh yeah, ice cream and sulk for the rest of the Sun-setting time.

She slumped her shoulders, laying back on the bed as it made springy sounds. Starfire felt a few tears burn at her eyes as she remembered what had made Robin and her miss this oh, so beautiful sunset…

"Starfire, please tell me what happened!" Starfire flinched for what seemed like the third time that evening. Robin had been asking her all afternoon what had happened after he had fainted. He knew Red X liked her, it was obvious since the first time they had confronted him. He was being jealous, she knew, he had a right to be- but to her it felt so wrong.

"I can not say!" Starfire forced out, making Robin look at her with intense confusion and anger. "Why!" he demanded, this time she kept her mouth shut, afraid to tell him that she had looked at Red X in a way that would certainly not please him. "Star?" he knelt down to her, she was now at eye level with him as he gazed into her, searching in her sad eyes for an answer.

"Did he force you not to tell me or something?" he put a hand on her shoulder as she shook her head, bangs now over her eyes. "Then why, Star? You know that you can trust me with anything you tell me." his voice was softer but still held the rage from before in it. Starfire looked up into his eyes again, a serious expression covering her face, making her boyfriend frown.

"No, Robin." she stood, making him also stand. "This is just one secret I have to keep." "But why, Starfire!' she flinched. His rage was returning, she could tell when he had stopped calling her 'Star'. "I just can not, Robin." she whimpered, feeling hurt some how. "Don't you trust me?" his hand was on her shoulder again, it made her eyes burn with tears. "Yes, of course I trust you. Did the experience with Red X not teach you that?" the topic of Red X was back again as she shrugged his hand of her shoulder.

Robin was silent from the comment, she looked deeply into his eyes as if searching for something- but all she saw was a mask. Unlike when she had seen Red X, it seemed she saw even more than that… With that, she left Robin, leaving him silent in his room.

Starfire heard Silky scratch against the door as if asking for access outside. She quickly placed Silky out on the hallway and went back to sulk upon her bed. All of a sudden, she heard a squeaky alien wine in the hallway. "Silky!" she said immediately, she hoped that Cyborg hadn't stepped on him- AGAIN!

Rushing out the door, she searched the corridor, looking for a flat Silky. But, she found nothing but darkness and an empty hallway. "Silky?" her voice echoed spookily off the walls as she went in search for her alien friend. She asked everyone if they'd seen him, everyone except Robin who she passed in a hallway in silence, she had heard him murmur "I'm sorry. I haven't seen him.". The thing she was confused about was if he was sorry she couldn't find Silky or if he was sorry for what he had said.

She finally returned to her room to see if Silky had returned. There, in the door way her eyes grew wide as she saw her curtains flying wildly in the breeze coming from the wide-open window that she had not left open when she left. Starfire poked her head out the window and looked around, in search for a Silky that had fallen off the windowsill or something.

Starfire began to close her windows when she found she couldn't, the window door was stuck. She looked over a the hinges and saw a something white sticking out of it. With a little effort, Star pulled it out and closed the rest of the window. "What is this? It isn't mine." she looked it over until she saw a label on it reading "To the one thing more beautiful than a rose, Starfire." there was a picture of a rose in replace for the dot above the I in her name.

Star blushed at the compliment that she read, she opened up the letter and a rose seed fell out. She picked up the seed in confusion and read the note attached to the envelope. She read it to herself silently:

Dear one person more beautiful than a rose,

I have your worm. But, just because I have taken your precious pet doesn't mean that I mean bad. I will willingly hand him back without a fight. But, I will not fight if you come alone. If you do not- then I warn you, the rose will not only be as red as blood but so will your little friend here. I'm sorry if it sounds like a threat, but it really is an invitation. Come by 8 pm.

I hope the rose grows to be a beautiful as you are,

Red X

PS- Come to the address below-

Starfire's eyebrows furrowed at the word "Sorry", 'At least he is!' she hmphed in her mind. She stared at the note, then the rose seed. She grabbed the seed and went downstairs towards the garden. She took up some soil from the flower patch, took an empty flowerpot from the storage closet, and grabbed some water from the fridge. When her rose was all set up for living, she locked her door and took off into the night 'Remember, it's not to see him- it's to save Silky'.


Cyborg knocked on Starfire's door. No answer. "Star, it's time for dinner-" he heard nothing but scary silence, he tried to go in but a mechanical voice said "Access Denied". Cyborg sighed "Fine, dinner will be on the table if you want some." with that he left in confusion. 'Maybe I should ask Robin…'.


Joey Wielder pulled off his gardening apron and waved to his grandmother, who was sitting at the front desk waving back. He smiled at her cheerful face and walked out onto the street. He smelled a bright pink rose that he was twiddling in his fingers and started to whistle. He patted his pocket which was filled with secrets as he walked, patting to the beat of his whistle.

He turned a corner trying to find a certain spot that he had picked for a special something that was going to happen. First, he stopped at the park where he planted a rose seed he had been saving in his other pocket. "Every pod has it's own match" he smiled at his comment and walked back to his apartment.

Upstairs, he saw his grandmother putting her coat away, she must've just gotten back from the flower shop. Joey smiled again as she walked off to go cook dinner. "I'm going out, gram! I'll be back later-" he shouted from his room where he had just hidden something from his deep pockets.

"Alright, honey! I'll leave your food in the microwave for you to heat up! Be back by eleven!" she yelled back as he closed the door behind him. Exiting the apartment building, Joey quickly ran back to the park and stopped in his tracks seeing a beautiful girl literally land in the park entrance. 'Oh, crap!'.

Joey ran into a stray alley near the park entrance and quickly began fiddling with his clothes.


Starfire looked around her surroundings in the dark, her only light the moon that was shining against the lake in the park before her. "Silky?" she called into the night, hearing nothing in return. She sighed and looked at the note again. "Maybe it's the wrong address?" she began walking down the street, looking back and forth for address 1278 Ginger Ave (if that's a real address- sorry!).

She passed number 1279, she sighed and headed back the other way. As she passed, she saw something flash white in an alley way. Walking backwards, her eyes widened. There stood a muscular boy with creamy, yet icy blue eyes and glistening black hair that was a bit spiky in the front stood there. Her jaw dropped as she saw what the boy was wearing and what he held.

In the boy's hands was a white mask that looked IDENTICAL to Red X's mask and his clothes were EXACTLY Red X's clothes. The two teens stared at each other in shock and it seemed like forever before they could shut their jaws back up to their lip.

"Hello, Starfire."


Cyborg asked Robin to talk with him after dinner. Everyone except BB had been quiet during dinner, he had attempted at making Raven laughed which she only turned down with a shut-up-I'm-eating glare. Now, that it was after dinner Cyborg stood now with Robin outside the living room.

"What's up, Cyborg?" Cyborg's eyebrows furrowed at his dull tone. "What happened with you and Star. I know that has to be why she didn't come to dinner. I heard you yelling at her down the hall.". Robin looked up at his friend with guilt in his eyes. "She just couldn't tell me…" "Tell you what happened?" the boy wonder nodded solemnly.

"You asked her if she trusted you?" "OK, now how do you know all this?" Robin demanded, feeling something un-right with all these free answers coming from Cyborg. He smiled innocently "BB was a fly, I think you smacked him down, but we heard the story". "You guys really don't understand the word privacy, do ya'?" Cyborg only smirked.

"She does trust you, Robin. But, why did you ask all those questions? Don't you trust her to think nothing went wrong?" he put a hand on his shoulder. "Yes, but if we both trust each other why can't she tell me!" he demanded angrily at Cyborg, his temper was beginning to bubble up in his head. "Maybe she just couldn't." Robin looked at him, square in the eye, now. "You should understand that if you trust her. Now tell me again, Robin." he leant down to look at him at eye level.

"Do you trust her?"

Robin opened his mouth and then shut it, unsure of what to say.

"I don't know, Cyborg. I really don't know."


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