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Chapter 11: I Don't Know Him

When I walked back to the Gryffindor Common room, I saw Ginny and Harry snuggling together in a small armchair by the fire. Parvati and Seamus were snogging in a darker area of the common room and Lavender was napping in a sofa across from Harry and Ginny. When I walked towards them, Ginny and Harry stared up at me and smiled. I tried my very best to smile back, but I couldn't. After my meeting with Blaise, I was pretty sad, even more than before. But there was something in his words that struck me as a glimmer of hope. He had said that Draco wasn't mad or jealous, just sad. Could perhaps that mean that he would come back to me? I sure hope he would.

Lavender's eyes fluttered open and when she saw me, she quickly sat up. "Hi, Hermione!" she said loudly, making Parvati separate herself from Seamus. A small blush stained her cheeks as the four of us stared at her.

"Hey, Hermione," she said. "So are you planning to stay?" I nodded my head and the two girls smiled. Ginny pouted and when Parvati saw her expression she said sternly, "We let you stay in the party yesterday later than the rest of the sixth Years. So don't pout now. You'll always be a 6th year so run along and go to sleep."

Her words made me laugh. Ginny pecked Harry on the lips and then left, going up the stairs to the Girl's dormitory and sulking the whole way. I suppose she wanted to hang out with me and the other two girls tonight, but since she had another dorm, she couldn't and Parvati wouldn't let her stay over. I sort of wished she could. I know I would've felt a lot better with her around.

"Okay, Hermione. Let's get going shall we?" Lavender said, a mysterious smile across her face. It made me wonder what she would do to me today. It was already pretty late and I knew tomorrow was going to be a Sunday, so I could always oversleep, but I still didn't want to do anything that would keep me awake. But then again I doubt I would be able to sleep tonight. There were too many things on my mind. Maybe a sleepover was what I need to keep me happy a bit.

"I'll get going then," Seamus said and gave Parvati a sloppy kiss on the lips. I suppose he was pretty tired. Harry gave me a long huge hug. "If you have any problem sleeping I'm right here," he whispered in my ear. I nodded my head against his shoulder and he released me, making his way up the stairs to the Boy's Dorms on Seamus's heels.

I let out a sigh and turned to the Gossiping Duo. The two were giggling again. Oh no, what have I got myself into.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we were upstairs, I took a deep breath and released it. The place was so familiar. I spent six years in this very room and just a few months of staying in the Head Girl room wouldn't erase the good and bad memories here. As I took a look around the place, I realized how good it was to be here. It brought back innocent memories. Over here I was only Hermione the know-it-all bookworm. Back in my own room in the Head rooms I was someone completely different. In that room you could smell sex just by standing near the door, but here it was just fresh feeling of innocence.

"I didn't bring anything to wear," I realized as I saw the girls take out their clothes for the night. Lavender examined me closely and then Parvati joined in. "Don't worry," the dark-haired girl said. "You're similar to my size. You're a bit short but it's all right. Except for your chest, it's larger than mine, but I'll get you one of my larger shirts or if that doesn't work we have magic on our side." I didn't really know how to react. Parvati's clothes were always a bit showy and I'm not really that comfortable in flaunting my body for all to see, except Draco, that is. But that's a different story. A blush crept up my cheeks and I remembered him.

Lavender was smirking at me. "What are you thinking about Hermione? A boy?" I snapped out of my thoughts and blushed deeper, not answering her. "Is it...that Muggle boyfriend? Or...Malfoy?"

I jerked my head up to her at the sound of Draco's name and quickly shook my head. "Oh come on, Hermione. I know he has a great body. I heard he's pretty damn good in bed too, but I haven't heard a girl shag him since the start of the year, but still he's oh so sexy. I mean look at those eyes and that hair!" Lavender swooned. "And you see him everyday. And you're sharing the same common room and I heard a there's a giant pool too that the both of you could use. Hmmm...I wouldn't mind sharing a bath with him anytime," she said giggling afterwards. Parvati was drooling and her eyes glazed over and as for me, I was trying very hard not to cry. The memories of his body, his eyes and his silky silver hair was enough to sent me begging for him that instant, but the fact I lost him was bringing tears to my eyes.

"Anyway, we'll talk about that stuff later. In the meanwhile, Hermione, here," she handed me a silky nightgown. "This should fit you." I took it in my hands and took a look at it. It was pastel pink, almost sheer nightgown that barely would reach my knees. The lace that covers the chest area was flimsy and almost see-through and the straps were spaghetti. The whole attire looked like one of those dresses that seductresses wore. I imagined a nice, cozy room with candles floating in the air and a girl in this outfit sprawled out over a bed with flowers adorning it and a guy coming closer and closer and their lips barely an inch apart...

I shook out of my thoughts as Parvati waved a hand in my face. Blushing some more, I held out the dress all the way out. "I am NOT wearing this," I said.

"Oh come on Hermione. It's just a nightgown. It's not like a guy is gonna waltz right in now and shag you to death. It's just us girls," Lavender said as Parvati giggled in the background. I weighted the light material in my hand, shrugged my shoulders and walked behind the curtain and undressed pulling the flimsy clothing over my head, letting it fall on my body. The top around the chest area was pretty tight and since it was made for Parvati who was a good three inches taller than me, the length wasn't too short and stopped right at my knee. I walked back to Parvati and Lavender who were already dressed in their nightclothes. Parvati was wearing a light blue long gown that had pretty flowers embroidered around the hem of the neck and Lavender was wearing a pastel green dress similar to mine. At least I didn't feel left out.

Lavender eyed me up and down approvingly but when she noticed my chest she smirked and took out her wand. "Wow Hermione, you were blessed with large breasts." I blushed at the comment and after Lavender uttered a charm and pointed at my chest, the material loosened out. Parvati smiled at me and transfigured her stuffed teddy bear into a bed for me by the window and I plopped myself on it, drawing the sheets to my chest. Giggling, the two girls followed my lead and turned off the lights afterwards leaving a single candle lit. I was relieved they didn't start to do other stuff. Last time we had a few other girls come over for a sleep over, they attacked me with curlers, straighteners, mud masks and all sorts of stuff for a make over. I guess the girls were too tired or maybe they just given up on me.

"So Hermione, did Neville kiss good?" Lavender asked bluntly. I was taken aback by her question. Neville? Kiss? What the hell was she talking about? Then I remembered the dare that ruined it all. "Not too bad. I've had worse," I said wincing as I remembered Krum's kisses. They were always wet and sloppy and his tongue was just gross. And then I remembered Ron's abusive lips and shuddered. Yeah Neville was a lot better than them. "I think he had experience," I told them. "He seemed as though he knew what he was doing."

Parvati and Lavender exchanged looks. "Well Ginny and Neville did go to the Yule ball together in the forth year. I suppose something happened then."

"But she was only thirteen," I said, but then shut my mouth. There were girls loosing their virginity at age thirteen, so this would be nothing compared to that.

"So he was good?" Parvati said.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I wasn't really into it," I said truthfully.

"Why? Is it because you were thinking about someone else?" Lavender asked me. Her blonde hair caught the light of the flame from the candle and was slightly giving off a gold hue. It was really pretty and it kind of got me jealous considering my very bushy brown hair...if you could call it hair. But then her words rang through my mind and I blushed again and was happy for the darkness of the room that was concealing my pink cheeks.

"Well...yeah," I said truthfully. I guess I was too tired to lie.

"Oooo. Who was it?" Parvati asked, leaning forward, propping her elbows on her bed and resting her head on her hands.

My hands were beginning to fidget and then I just couldn't take it anymore, the lying, and the secrets...everything. "A boy," I said, a smile playing at my lips. "No, wait," I said remembering Draco's soft lips, calloused palms and gentle fingers, his large manhood in all its glory. "No, a man," I said dreamily.

"Who?" Lavender asked, moving forward. "Is it a teacher?"

I snorted and then burst out laughing. "Just because I said man, doesn't mean he's old," I told them. "No, he's our age. A very sexy man," I said.

"What's his name?" The two of them asked at the same time.

"Just someone..." I said, drawing sighs of frustration from the two girls. "I can't really say...seeing as I don't really know him," I said. And it was half the truth. Sure I was sleeping with Draco but we never talked about anything other than sex or schoolwork. I didn't know him at all except for some of the hints I got here and there, and his habits and other trivial things like that. I never really knew him at all. Never talked about what his interests were, or his family and his hopes and aspirations. Nothing. In fact, I was like every other person here. I don't know the real Draco and maybe if I didn't kiss Neville, I would of known him a lot more right now seeing as to how much he was opening up to me after he told me he was in love with me.

"Oh," the two said, disappointed. "So, you just met him?" Parvati asked.

"Yeah, you could say that. We met at a Muggle bar and a few other places during the summer," I said. It was half the truth, so I wasn't really lying.

"Did you guys..."

"Yeah. Every time," I blurted. I mentally smacked my head for letting this information spill but at least they don't know his name.

"Is he that Muggle boyfriend of yours?" Lavender asked.

"Yeah," I said remembering the fib I told everyone in the beginning of the year. "But I don't think we'll be together anymore," I said and suddenly I felt my eyes stinging and deep in my vocal cords was a huge, embarrassing sob that was just getting ready to spill through my mouth.

Lavender, being the girl staying closest to me jumped out of bed and sat next to me, drawing me into her arms and I cried again. "There, there, Hermione," she said soothingly.

Parvati climbed off of bed and came closer to me too, patting my back slightly. "I'm sure you'll get back," she told me. My crying didn't last long because I guess I was all dried out.

"So what happened? Why won't you be together anymore?" I heard one of the girls ask.

"Because of the dare," I blurted.

"The dare? But how would he know about it?"

"You know how Draco and Blaise came? Well, it was them. They'll tell him," I lied.

"But how do they know your boyfriend. He's a Muggle."

"Well not really. He's a squib," I lied again. "They know each other and my boyfriend told them to keep an eye on me," I said, saying yet again another lie. "That's why Draco beat up Ron that day and that's why he got all mad yesterday," I said. Since I already made up a lie, might as well clean up all the rumors by setting this one up. At least that way they won't join my name with Draco's anymore and it would still stay a secret.

"Oh you poor thing. That's why you're so glum today," Lavender said, releasing me from her friendly warm embrace and getting back to her own bed. I dried the tears that were hanging on my cheeks and watched as Parvati went to her bed too.

"So," I said in the most cheerful voice I could muster. "What about you and Seamus," I asked Parvati. "Is he any good?"

I could see a dreamy smile on her face as the light shown on her. "Yeah. He's all right. Pretty thick..." she gestured with her hands and started giggling. My eyes widened at her blunt comment as my memories went back to last night when we were dancing.

"What about you, Lavender? You're not single, are you?" I asked, my previous thoughts about Draco disappearing to the back of my mind.

"Yes and no. I'm seeing this guy in Hogsmeade on and off," she said, after her giggling subsided.

"Ooo. How old is he? Is he hot?"

"Hell yeah! Sexy tight ass and huge...you know what I mean...and he's 21 working in The Three Broomsticks."

"Older men," I said dreamily. "How'd you meet?"

"On our first Hogsmeade trip. He was hitting on me the whole day and when I said I wasn't interested, he went over to Pansy. That just got me mad as hell so I went over to him and kissed him and he took me to his room in the back for a quick shag."

I grinned at her and then yawned. "Next time we go to Hogsmeade, you better introduce me to him. Does he have a brother?" I asked playfully.

"Hmmm..." she pondered. "I think he does. I'll ask him when I meet him next time."

"All right..." I said, not knowing how to respond. Another yawn interrupted my thoughts. "I'm sleepy. Good night then," I said, dropping my head to my pillow.

"G' night," I heard the other two girls say. After a few seconds of sheets rustling, there was silence and pretty soon, the steady breathing of the two girls could be heard in the darkness. The candle had diminished and now the only light there was, was from the crescent moon of the sky from the window. I thought I saw something move in the sky, but then I figured it must be a bird or something and my eyes closed as I drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I woke up due to an insisting noise that seemed to be a knuckle on glass. My eyes opened and when I lifted my gaze to the window I saw a figure there sitting on a broomstick. His head was covered with the hood from his black robes. I was afraid at first. I thought it was a Death Eater that came to get me, but when I sat up on the bed and crawled towards the window with my hand tightly clutching my wand, I noticed the man's cool silver eyes. I'd know those eyes from anywhere.

It was Draco.

I quickly opened the window and stared at him, not believing my eyes. Draco, Draco here, at my window so late at night? The breeze from the early January night blew through making me shiver, the coldness and also Draco's presence made my nipples ripple and harden and for the moment I remembered what Lavender told me. 'Its not like a guy is gonna waltz right in and shag you to death.' I realized how true her words might actually turn out to be.

"Draco?" I whispered.

"Hermione," I heard him say making my heart skip a few beats and my stomach flutter. I just loved his voice. It was so cool and icy, yet somehow warm and sexy at the same time.

A tear trickled down my cheek and I felt Draco's hand come up to my face and cup my cheek brushing my tear away with his thumb. "Don't cry," he told me gently and I blinked back my tears.

"Draco, I'm sorry. It was just a..." I began to say but he silenced me with a finger on my lip.

"No, I'm sorry, Hermione, for overreacting. I shouldn't have done that. You were right. I don't deserve your love."

I shook my head. "No I don't deserve yours, Draco. I'm sorry," I said flinging myself in his arms. He wrapped his around me, the heat from his body warming me up.

"I guess we both were wrong. We love each other and we have to be with each other..." He took me to arms length and I shivered again as the wind blew against my almost naked form. He noticed my attire, a smirk playing at his lips, and then drew me back in his arms, warming me again. "Will you still be mine?" he asked, stroking my back soothingly.

I nodded my head against his chest, inhaling his sweet erotic scent. "I always was," I said, removing the hood from his head, releasing his silvery hair from their dark confines and I admired how his perfect hair shone with the light of the moon glittering on it. I moved my head forward, letting his lips brush against mine.

"Sit on the broom," he told me as he scooted back, leaving room for me to sit in front of him.

I hesitated. "What if Lavender and Parvati notice I'm gone? And it's cold," I added as another cooler, more forceful wind blew by.

"Don't worry. They won't wake up if you come with me. Just trust me," he said, moving his broom forward so I could easily climb on board. I bit my lower lip and went on it.

"I'm afraid of heights, so please stay low," I told him as he wrapped his arms around me. His robes were opened, so when I leaned into him, he wrapped the both of us in it. As my almost bare back touched his own, a pleasant shiver ran up and down my spine. His shirt was unbuttoned so I got to feel the curves of his hard chest and stomach. The contact made me tingle with desire and I wanted to make love to him right there.

We flew around in the night sky. It was a starless sky with only the moon smiling at us to give us light. We flew towards the Quidditch field, the wind blowing against my face making my nose redden and my eyes sting with the cold. I must have left my wand back in my bed after I went over to hug Draco so I couldn't cast a heating charm on me. Speaking about charms, what if we got caught? Draco must have thought of the same thing for he took his wand out of his pocket and cast an illusion charm on us so that only we could see each other and anyone else who might be out this late at night looking out the window, would see nothing but the sky and the forest beyond. He also put that heating charm I was thinking about.

We were flying a bit faster and I gripped on the broom tighter, my knuckles almost turning white. At least I wasn't cold anymore, I thought.

Throughout the whole ride, we didn't speak to each other at all and I admired the scenes and the silence. My stomach made flips every time we picked up speed but after a while I really liked the ride and the speed and loosened my death grip on the broom. Draco must have sensed my grown confidence so he picked up speed and we flew faster around the court and back near the castle to an empty, secluded area void of any windows. We slowed down and then stopped fully, just hovering in the air.

And that was where the two of us had sex, in the air just him and me. At first I was hesitant. I mean who wouldn't be? We were 50 feet in the air on a thin piece of wood. My fear of heights was still there and I was scared I might fall. But one kiss from Draco just blew the fear away and next thing I know my back is resting on the thin ebony wood of his Darkwing 3000. It was a new kind of broom that matched the speed of the Firebolt but was a bit better at balance. And I guess it was true because as we were rocking together in the air in the brink of ecstasy, the broom was rocking too but not once did I tip over and fall.

It was weird, having sex in the air, the wind blowing against my bare body and his cool lips on my skin. What was even more weird about it was the fact we were doing in on a broom and if the charm wasn't on us right now, everyone would seen us shagging in the night sky.

After we got fully dressed again and headed back to the window to the Girl's dorms, I thought about this whole situation a bit more. The other strange thing about it was the spoken agreement we had. We didn't speak, just those few words in the beginning and that's all. I should've asked him if he was sad like Blaise told me. I should've tried to explain more, but no all we do is have sex and it's done. We're back together just like that. Not that I'm complaining but it just makes me wonder what kind of relationship I have with him.

Sure we loved each other, but this love wasn't like ordinary love. I didn't even know Draco. He's so enigmatic, never letting out his true feelings and me, I was an open book, and I knew Draco knew me more than anyone else, including me. He was pretty unpredictable too. I never would have thought he'd be out my window and we'd get back together so soon. At first I had thought it would be all over. But I guess he's more understanding than I thought he was. And I'd never would have imagined shagging him on a broom so late at night. But then again I should have seen this coming. We always have sex. Talking came later, it was always just sex first and after we had it, I would be too submerged in bliss to even speak. I didn't even get a chance to talk to him. I didn't get to say sorry fully and explain. We just had sex and it was like this silent understanding. We spoke to one another not through words but touches. I really like that, and it's amazing we could have such a understanding between each other but I couldn't help but feel that something's missing. Now, I didn't just want to have sex, I wanted to know him. Make our sex worthwhile.

Our love is perhaps only based on sex, or maybe its just infatuation like I always thought it was. I realized I couldn't go a day without shagging Draco and maybe the same applies to him and that's what always brings us together. Whatever it is, I'm glad we're back together and now I'm the happiest person alive. And it was weird too. I thought I'd lost Draco forever but here we were in the sky having just had sex on a broom.

So I suppose this whole break up was temporary after all and this relationship might just last longer than I thought it would. I know there are a few obstacles on our way but we'll get through it all.

Well at least I hope we will.

But still the fact he always keeps his feelings to himself was nagging my mind. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to read his mind. I wanted to be with him, but in order to do so, we'd have to share our minds, not just our bodies. We've been in this physical relationship for over 6 months and it was sad...

...It was sad that I didn't know him at all.

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